Most Annoying Zombies In Plants vs Zombies 2

The Top Ten

1 Octo (Big Wave Beach)

Unlike wizard, the octopi don't disappear when he dies. And he's much faster than the wizard

Launches octopi that bind your plants, making them passive until it is destroyed.

The worst! He can disable so many plants quickly. Hate him!

Its worse then wizard.the plants DON'T come back

2 Wizard (Dark Ages)

A sheep-forming Dark Ages zombie? Get outta here.

Can highly agree. He takes forever to kill because he's usually behind another more stronger zombie. Also, why is he so overpowered.

These things will turn a good defense of plants all into sheep until your defense gets so bad that you might as well not have any up. Your plants can't even kill the sheep or do anything about it, you can't even plant over them. You just have to wait for the wizard to get hit by a lawnmower or a cherrybomb. - Gminus

He turns your plants into sheep and they only turn back when the wizard gets killed.

3 Weasel Hoarder (Frostbite Caves)

This is a chicken hoarder. With half the speed. and FORTY TIMES THE HEALTH. GET OUT OF HERE!

The chicken dude is awful. After 3 hits he releases chickens that are weak but SUPER FAST! If you are in Big Bad Butte and chickens are in a lane without a mower, GAME OVER! The weasel hoarder is just like the chicken dude, except it's in another world, it's a girl, and it's minions are tougher. SO BAD!

Picture the Chicken Wrangler, but make it stronger and has stronger minions. Hence, you get the Weasel Hoarder. This things are nightmares on endless mode.

And also, PopCap likes her. The FC Part 2 was completely about her! She's ugly, everything is ugly...

4 Jester (Dark Ages)

WHY? Why does he leave a massive hole in my defense? He can deflect so many types of projectiles, almost 4/5 of all plants in the game! And don't try using CITRON against it! He also comes from the worst world in the WHOLE game, dark ages.

Right... I had so many problems with Dark ages day THREE because of this guy...

Super annoying. Medium Toughness, fast speed and the ability to deflect almost ANY type of projectile without taking damage. WORST ZOMBIE EVER.

Ughhh. Hate this zombie so much! It did give me fume shroom and it took me like 30 minutes+ to figure out how to beat this. I was so dumb, didn't realize fume shroom is actually here for this.

5 Explorer Zombie (Ancient Egypt)

He could burn any plant, But cold attacks can extinguish his torch. But in vase breaker he is hard to kill.

6 Tomb Raiser (Ancient Egypt)

An Anubis dude who spits out bones. I hate how he acts like a dog!

7 Gargantuar Prime (Far Future)

Lazors, Bug Bots, and tons of health. Oh my. Luckily a Criton with Plant Food kills them instantly.

8 Imp (All worlds)

The only annoying one is the Bug Bot Imp. They're stronger than other imps and there is usually a ton on the screen. Good god the Blover came back in PVZ 2.

These things are so weird. In Far Future, there is an ambush where tons of Bugbot Imps fall down! Good thing you get a Blover.

9 Bull (Wild West)

Bulls can be stopped using E.M peach

Tough and fast then slow, he launches his rider, who is an IMP!

Weaker Gargantuar that fires the imp way further.

10 Pianist (Wild West)

Crushes plant with piano. No!

He's slow but tough, and his music makes zombies switch lanes! NO!

The Contenders

11 Newspaper Zombie (Modern Day)

This zombie in pvz1: Probably the weakest in the game.
This zombie in pvz2: AAA the zombies ate your brains!

Eats literally everything in less than 2 seconds when angry, be sure to keep a keen eye on them.

Becomes angry when newspaper is broken!

12 King Zombie (Dark Ages)

I HATE HIM SO MUCH! Why? Because he kills a imp... I mean look at that imp its sooo cute. :3 But King Zombie make village zombie into a knight zombie, that another reason is that
what is that coming out of his mouth his food or puke. I just hate that king Zombie!

All Imps are chibis :3

13 Surfer (Big Wave Beach)

Surf his way to your plants, then when you finally kill him, his surfboard kill one of your plant and lock the spot until you kill it!

He makes weird sounds when surfing, then wipes out on land and crushes a plant! So rude of him!

Yes, He's more annoying than Octo.

14 Pirate Captain (Pirate Seas)

He sends his super fast parrot at you to steal your plants.

15 Swashbuckler (Pirate Seas)

In the Pirate Seas, this one is WILY. He swings towards where there is just a sunflower, no offense or defense. Hate him!

Actually, now that I found that the zombies had set patterns, I see they were meant to do that.

16 Disco Tron (Far Future)

It's a twice as annoying version of the Disco Zombie.

Out of all robots, this one is the most horrible. As soon as it enters, it starts a disco party that summons disco jetpacks! It's so annoying!


17 Chicken Zombie (Wild West)


Do the second Wild West bossfight and you’ll agree with me.

" run at full speed across three or more lanes of your lawn "
" even though their fragile to me the person that created them... I don't know what they were thinking"

18 All-Star Zombie (Modern Day)

WAY too fast. Basically a dolphin-rider zombie with the toughness of a buckethead and the ability to insta-kill plants! The speed of chickens too.

Tackle straight to your defense! Touchdown!

I one ded boi

19 MC zom-B (Neon Mixtape Tour)

Destroys too many plants at once.

I hate when he swings his mic because it can damage nearby plants when his rap jam plays... THIS GUY IS SO ANNOYING WHEN YOU HAVE A NEARBY PLANT...

20 Rodeo Legend Zombie (Wild West)

Picture the regular bull, and then make it faster, tougher and make smash the first plant it encounters. And you get the Rodeo Legend. He is by far the worst zombie in any world expansion. But the worst part is that after he throws his rider, he takes a few steps forward, starts charging AGAIN, smashes a plant, and repeat. On a scale of 1 to 10, he is at -8/10.

21 Excavator Zombie (Lost City)

Digs plants and block projectiles. Damn it.

22 Ra (Ancient Egypt)

I disagree, same thing as skull zombie in Lost City but with less health and plant burning ability removed

Steals your sun! You get plants with that!

23 Balloon Zombie (Modern Day)

He flies above your defenses, and it takes forever to destroy his baloon! And that's not all! He walks and eats so fast after!

24 Glitter Zombie (Neon Mixtape Tour)

They protect zombies behind them and instantly kill plants they reach.

25 Prospector Zombie (Wild West)

These things don't even try to eat your brains. They just jump over your plants and eat them all from behind. They serve no purpose other than be annoying. - Gminus

26 Turquoise Skull Zombie (Lost City)

Steals your sun and then shoots a blue laser that destroy multiple plants in lane! OH NO!

27 Torchlight Zombie (Ancient Egypt)

It's even worse than Explorer Zombie. He's faster and stronger. I really HATE him, UGH!

28 Jurassic Rockpuncher (Jurassic Marsh)

Almost have a health of a Gargantuar and punches a plant leaving a damn scorched tile which can't be planted. Good thing is Primal Wall-nut doesn't leave a scorched tile when destroyed by this bitch.

29 Relic Hunter Zombie (Lost City)

This dude has the health of a conehead and just swings past defenses like Tarzan.

30 Rally Zombie (All Worlds)

Basically a more agressivr flag Zombie. Higher health, more speed and chews plants like an angered Newspaper Zombie!

31 Camel Zombie (Ancient Egypt)
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