Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2018


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21 Halloween
22 Maze Runner Death Cure


23 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2
24 X-Men: Dark Phoenix
25 Early Man
26 Han Solo: A Star Wars Story

Same thing as solo a star wars story - riki1234

27 Maze Runner: The Death Cure
28 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
29 Toy Story 4

This movie has been delayed to 2019, instead we'll have The Incredibles 2 in 2018

This movie was delayed to 2019, then to 2020! - micahisthebest

30 Mission: Impossible 6

Now, I know Avengers Infinity War is my most anticipated movie of 2018, but I'm certainly excited to see this film than any other movie of 2018. The only reason I want to see this, is that both Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation were amazing and Tom Cruise's stunt were great, and I'm looking forward to Fallout after I saw the first official trailer. What really surprises me is that Tom Cruise is actually the best action movie star and the map. Even if we see Arnold Schwarzenegger as the best one, he just walks around shooting bad guys in Terminator. But Tom Cruise doesn't even use green screen for the stunts. In Ghost Protocol, we feature the Burj Khalifa stunt which was one of the most iconic and dangerous stunt that an actor did in movie history. Until Rogue Nation came out with the plane stunt, and the 16-foot drop where he had to hold his breath for 6 minutes. With these, I'm excited to see his new stunts in Fallout, and I'm excited to see the movie. This should be ...more

Clark Kent from JL? Check. Maverick from Top Gun? Check. Plot is to save the world from bad guys? Check. Amazing action and thrills? Check.

31 The Post
32 Wreck-It Ralph 2
33 Molly's Game
34 Pacific Rim Uprising
35 A Wrinkle in Time
36 Sicario 2: Soldado
37 12 Strong
38 First Man

I really want to see this movie, because it's going to be Damien Chazelle's first movie that isn't centered around music! It will be about Neil Armstrong. I have a lot of faith in this one! - Phillip873

39 The New Mutants

UPDATE: Delayed To February 2019 - JPK

40 Untitled Dragon Ball Movie
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