Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2020

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Godzilla vs Kong

Put this on number 1! Everyone in the entire world is looking forward to seeing this. A fight between 2 of the most iconic monsters happening. And the winner is Godzilla. #TeamGodzilla

Not into Godzilla.

You need to watch all the Godzilla movies, I recommend all 35 movies. But only the good ones

Bad got pushed to 2020...but for the best. Because it’s facing 3 movies that have terrible Marketings (NTTD, Black Widow and Soul) in the same month and they’re trying to destroy the best Cinematic Universe. Pushing it to May is probably for the best, we still have a lot of films coming out after GVK, like Mothra’s Solo Movie.

This has to be the best movie ever! It deserves to be titled: “movie of the century”! Be most importantly, I think Godzilla and King Kong should team up instead of fighting.

Black Widow

It's too bad Black Widow got delayed due to the COVID 19 virus pandemic. Nuts!

I just don't get why so many films get different release dates due to the coronavirus. Hollywood, make up your mind already!

Here we go again, Marvel. I can't wait!

Wonder Woman 1984

I like Marvel more, but I love Wonder Woman! Please make this movie come out early!

Stupid coronavirus made so many disruptions. Oh, well. Wonder Woman 1984 is delayed. Grrrrrrrrr

New Order Blue Monday. 1980s synthesizer song.



Kill all Singaporeans with coronavirus

Sonic the Hedgehog

Who the hell actually thought this movie was gonna be as good as it ended up being?

This Movie is not what I was expecting at all I thought it was gonna suck (but in a good way) but man was I wrong this movie is amazing. Every Character was funny especially Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik and the end credits scene got me super excited for a sequel
10/10 best movie of decade and probably will be for a long time.

I saw it yesterday. It was actually really good in it's own right.

This movie was amazing. Every character was great especially him carry as Dr. Robotnik/Eggman

Green Lantern Corps

Lee Hsien Loong should lick his own smelly hairy balls


From the studio that brought you Looney Tunes and The Dark Knight Trilogy, Warner Brothers will release another film. Tenet. This film will be released. In theaters.

I hope this is another masterpiece like the dark knight memento inception and dunkirk

Tenet is an action thriller film that will include Robert Pattinson from the forgettable Twilight saga. I am not too sure if the movie Tenet will either be rated R or PG-13. We'll just wait and see.

Christopher Nolan's upcoming movie starring Robert Pattinson.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3

I have loved every Denis Villeneuve I've seen,I'm sure this one will be excellent too.

Super excited

Avatar 2

It's gonna be mediocre and unoriginal,just like its predecessor.

Number 1 please. Avatar is such a beautiful film.

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Top Gun: Maverick

I just can't wait to see this film get released in theaters. This is a sequel to the 1980s classic movie Top Gun made from Paramount Pictures. Paramount is famous for movies such as Transformers, Jack Ryan films, Mission Impossible, Star Trek, GI Joe, Beverly Hills Cop, Brady Bunch Movie, and Spongebob Squarepants.

Top Gun Maverick is another movie taking place in the 21st Century. There's roaring engines of Naval jets so loud it screams the need for speed. Tom Cruise is back as a pilot ready to fly faster and take out the enemies with his wingmen here to help him. Intense dogfights will be included on the battle between opposing military forces.

It might end up being another unnecessary sequel but the cinematography is top-notch,the movie will look great.

Indiana Jones 5


The New Mutants
Trolls World Tour

Everyone on the entire website should check this out.


This movie is actually okay.

This makes the live action movies look BEAUTIFUL. [and I'm pretty sure I didn't that last word right]

OH BOY, THE CORONAVIRUS IS STILL THERE. This movie isn’t coming to theaters anymore. I heard it’s coming to our home. I hope it’s good, so it had better not disappoint. I’m not sure if I was right.


I can't believe Disney actually cancelled this,it looked amazing.

Venom 2

#1 all da wae

Night on Bald Mountain
Birds of Prey
Last Night in Soho

Edgar Wright's new movie. It's gonna be awesome.


I don't care what Disney fanboys say this movie will prove that pixar just like animated movies in a nutshell are going downhill

This movie looks like a Zootopia and Monsters Inc combined, but with fantasy characters and a completely different plot. I love this.


The French Dispatch

It's Wes Anderson,enough said.

A Quiet Place 2


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