Top Ten Best Things About Despicable Me 3 (2017)

It's been about two months since Despicable Me 3 was released in theaters, so I decided to how this list of the best things in the movie.

The Top Ten
1 Balthazar Bratt

Balthazar Bratt, he is probably the best character in the whole movie, as well as the best anthologist in an animated movie! Yes, I am serious, the best animated anthologist in an animated movie! How could you not instantly love this funny guy, yes, his catchphrase was cringeworthy as hell but he is such an interesting character, he has an interesting and kinda sad backstory, he has the coolest gadgets you could want in a movie like this, This shows he is the best villain to appear in any of the DM movies! Plus let's not forget that he has the best final battle in the franchise!

2 It had the best final battle in the franchise

This is the best Final Battle in the franschie! The first movie had Gru and Vector up in the sky, they didn't really fight each other but it was really entertaining scene, in Despicable Me 2, we have the El Macho and Purple Minions vs. Gru, I must say, that final battle was the best final battle in the franschie until this came, then we have Minions, sorry, but that movie had the worst final battle in the franschie, Kevin turns into a giant and destroys London and Scarlett shoots a rocket in Kevin's mouth and he yet survives? That's stupid, but then DM3 came, and it had the best final battle in the franschie, it felt much more real that the other battles, Balthazar has his giant robot, destroying Hollywood, and I like the fact that Balhtazar Bratt dosen't just die instantly, he is strong! It took maybe 15-20 minutes about to defeat him! This is definintly the best final battle in the franschie!

3 All the sub-plots

Out of all four movies, this had the most sub-plots, first we have the most important, Gru's relation ship with Dru, this is the most serious of the sub-plots and you can see that they clearly tried when making this! It keeps your interest! You just want to watch on! Then we have Balthgazar Bratt's sub-plot, maybe not exactly, because it shares the sub-plot with the Dru and Gru sub-plot, but still interesting, then we have the minions sub-plot, since they didn't want to work for Gru anymore, they became villians and they got in prison, maybe the least interesting sub-plot, but stilL interesting, then we have Agnes' sub-plot where she is hunting a unicorn because she heard thatuni-corns stil live, and then of course she wants one, then we have the last sub-plot (which is the only sub-plot I dislike) which is the Margo x Nico, yes, Margo has got a love-interest agian, but I'm glad she didn't want him, we can all blame Lucy for having this sub-plot, but whatever, it was still great that they had sub-plots!

4 Michael Jackson's "Bad" is in the movie

Who would have thought the greatest singer of all time would h ave one of his songs in this masterpiece movie? Wll, who knew? And I am certianly glad that this song were in the movie, since it's probably my favorite song by him too! It sadly only is at the beggining, but the beggining was just mind-blowing with this song!

5 Dru Gru

Dru is the second most interesting character in the whole movie and the most devoloped, he starts of as a clumsy brother who wants to be just like Gru and ends up pretty unclumsy, he even stole Gru's airship and painted a D on it and removed the G! He is just as hilarious as Balthazar Bratt, maybe not better, but funnier! I don't see why people hate him? Why? The fact that people even say the minions are better makes just no sense whatsoever, sure he was clumsy, but we are all clumsy sometimes! Even Gru, or me!
Well, but as far as this goes, Dru Gru is the second most interesting cahracter in the movie!

6 The dance scenes

All the dance scenes in this movie are hilarious, especially the first one in the begiging, Balthazar just yells "DANCE fight! " and they start, then we have the one at the end where Balthazar Bratt actully references Donkey Kong, now I like that! Though I found one sin there, Balthazar Bratt is right-handed and his keytar is for right handed, but when Gru takes it from him, since Gru is left-handed, the keytar suddenly beacomes left-handed too, apart for that, the dace scenes in this movie are hilarious!

7 "Lights, Camera, LASER!" - Balthazar Bratt

This was probably the best line by Balthazar Bratt, it was in the final battle when Balthazar Bratt was about to laser the Hollywood out of the world, he first says this line, and god is it both good and it fits the movie very well. Favorite line from the whole movie!

8 It's unpredictable

There was tons of shocking and unpredictable moments, and all of them were satisfying and enjoyable, like when Balthazar Bratt disguises as Lucy Wilde and reveals himself for the girls, I was like; "what just happened? " It was just so satisfying, or when Dru steals Gru's ship at midnight and paints a giant D on it, I mean that was just so unpredictable! And yet it's so hated?

9 Tons of funny references

Thewre was this "finding nemo scene" in the movie in the beggining, then we had Dr. Nefario who had acidently freezed himself in carbonite, clearly a Star Wars jokes, then we have a yin-yang referance in the middle of the movie, and yeah, there are more funny jokes in this movie!

10 We got to know the characters more

We get to learn Gru has a twin brother, we learn that his father Robert Gru was actully a legendary supervillian known as the bald terror. We get to learn that Marlena wanted Dru instead of Gru, but she got second pick! We also learn that Margo is twelve years old in the movie, see?

The Contenders
11 The animation has a lot of personality
12 Bratt's weapons are incredibly creative!
13 Gru Felonius Gru is the main character of Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, and Despicable Me 3, alongside Mel and a minor character in Minions.
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