Biggest Problems with the Lego Ninjago Movie

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1 It Tries Too Hard to Be Cool with Kids

To be honest I think it actually is more grown up. The show is cool but the movie is modern and has an older age range. Well the movie was 2017 anyway and the show was 2011. Its supposed to be funny and anyway it has more famous cast

For some reasons the ninjas are in... highschool?"

2 It's Another Lego Movie

I like lego movies. Usually full of LOADS of humour and fun without being cringy or bland, yet still have some emotional moments. I Want to see the lego batman and ninjago movies but haven't yet.

I like The lego batman movie and the lego movie, but lego ninjago? Will they ever take a break from the lego heroes stuff?

We didn't need a LEGO movie in theaters to begin with. Let alone THREE others.

3 The Jokes
4 The Characters Aren't Interesting

More character development in the show. The main characters are very bland, Garmadon is not very evil like in the show, and Wu is basically the only good character in the show. The ninja aren't that powerful like in the show; especially Lloyd, who has "Green". Lloyd should have Energy instead. Energy is cool and powerful, while "Green" is just stupid and useless.

There's no character development. At least in the show there is.

5 It Doesn't Live Up to the Trailer

I expected more characters from the cartoon to be in the movie.

Most of the scenes in the trailer weren't even in the movie!

6 Betrays the Show's Versions of the Character's Personalities and Appearances

The show's characters were ones that we literally grew up getting to know! I've been watching Ninjago ever since the pilot special episodes came out back in 2011 - back when I was 16 - and anyone else who has been with the show since then, agrees that the characters are really well-done. They are each complex and different with personalities that complement as well as stand out from each other. But in the movie, all of that was thrown away. The characters were completely rewritten and redesigned, trying to get a new group of kids interested in the franchise. However, all it did was shoot itself in the foot. The LEGO Ninjago movie is pretty much a sham, and I typically find that anyone who really loves and enjoys the show doesn't really care for the movie that much. They really ruined all the characters, but especially Jay, and he's my absolute favorite character. So glad that the characters are back to normal in the show again! The only good characterization that came out of this was Sensei Wu. I'd LOVE to see Jackie Chan play him again!

7 It's Plagiarized

Ninjago was already by the Lego company.

8 Some Stuff Isn't Lego

How is that a bad thing? This list honestly just sounds like you took every little thing from the movie to nitpick about.

Between this and the characters, I found the sorest thumbs on the hand

9 It's Too Rushed
10 It Has Cringe Moments
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11 It’s Made to Sell Toys

Outrageous! A LEGO movie being made to sell toys, I have never heard of such a heinous crime!

The only thing on the list that actully deserves to be on the list.

The time that this came out I saw the toys everywhere it was annoying as hell

12 Teen Stereotypes

No they don't! Nya is Kai's sister and hangs out with him but Kai also hangs out with the others therefore Nya became their friend.

13 It's Overrated

Overrated does not mean bad. It means it gets too much attention. You really need to get a dictionary to learn the meanings of words

Overrated does not mean bad. And TLNM isn't even that overrated anyway. It has a 54% at Rotten Tomatoes.

Didn't you say ninjago was an alright show?

14 Meowthra was the only good character in the movie

Only the new villain in the Ninjago movie. He's my favourite although I hate cats.

15 The Beginning
16 The Only Good Character is Sensei Wu
17 Lloyd’s Face
18 It's Made by Warner Bros

Warner Bros made Looney Tunes, the greatest cartoon ever, cause without it, most of what is in animation wouldn't exist.

Looney toons. Animaniacs. Batman. What's your deal with Warner Bros?

So? Warner Bros is a good studio.

19 The Movie Focused on Lloyd
20 No One Watches the Cartoon Anymore

I Stopped watching it after Lloyd became a evil ghost and all these crap pirates.

The movie is not bad. Although the show is WAY better.

BRUH. Are you saying I'm a nobody? Harsh. I watch this all the time, same does 3/4 of my high school.

21 It's Childish
22 Bad Messages for Kids
23 The Action is Hard to Follow
24 Nya got more screen time and was focused on more than Jay

Isn't that a good thing? No sexism?

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