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41 I Won't See You Tonight Part 1

In my opinion still their best song, plenty of emotion pouring out of it, the only thing that lets down the song is it's drumming. The solos are awesome.

Absolutely insane song. Such a powerful solo that is easy to learn (thank God) yet it has the same feeling of accomplishment as learning the afterlife solo

This solo is touching way beyond any other solo

42 This Means War

This is a really good song and solo but in my opinion "nightmare" is the greatest song and solos ever. The beginning is the best intro to a song EVER

43 Higher

This is an amazing solo although short. You guys should really listen to it.

44 Eternal Rest

Syn literally got voted as one of the fastest guitarists because of this song, you know... And not only it's fast, it requires great skills to play this too.

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45 Blinded In Chains
46 Not Ready to Die

Zombies theme song turn guitar solo? It has my vote. The song I think also has another great instrumental if you prefer that one - AutoFrost

This song is awesome, but I think this is more a riff than a solo... - Olive855

47 Welcome to the Family

This is definitely one of the best songs by A7X... Surprised its not already on the list as I'm writing this. Great vocals, great lyrics, great build up, great riffs, great solo... Need I say more?

This the best band's song!
I knew Avenged through this one and am so glad I did
and it's still my number one!
welcome to the family
love you Avenges yeah!

48 Planets V 1 Comment
49 Chapter Four (Demo) V 1 Comment
50 Warmness on the Soul V 1 Comment
51 Sunny Disposition
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