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Matthew Staton "Matt" Bomer is an American actor. He made his television debut with Guiding Light in 2001, and gained recognition with his recurring role in the NBC television series Chuck as Bryce Larkin.


Matt, Matt, Matt, I love you. Your sexy voice alone does delicious things to me and that is before I even look at your perfect beautiful face and incredible body. Matt just oozes sex appeal and no other actor even comes close. He always has been and always will be Christian Grey in my mind. He was born to play this role, everything about him just screams CG. Those full, perfectly formed luscious lips, his nose, his jawline, his hair, his sexy walk, even his mannerisms and the way he cocks his head to one side and runs his fingers through his hair. Come on, fifty shades team, you must see that Matt is the only real Christian Grey.

When I was reading the book he was the one I pictured in my head. I didn't even know him, then I saw the fake trailer on the Internet with Matt and Alexis and I thought it was perfect, Even better than what I was imagining in my mind. Matt not only is Handsome and a total Grey, he is also a great actor, watching him in white Collar it's fantastic. I really hope Matt could play Christian Grey.

Matt bomer is the perfect actor to play Christian grey, he is a very talented actor and he would pull Christian grey off, a treat, oh yes matt bomer is very easy on the eye an he is such a lovely kind and caring man as well. I will always support matt bomer xx - melanie.blagden

After reading the 50 shades trilogy I found a list of "potential" Christian Greys along with their photos online. I flipped through the photos and suddenly stopped and admired the photo of a strikingly handsome man with a brilliant smile, gorgeous eyes and sexy hair. I thought, "BINGO! -we have a winner, but who is this? " The caption next to the photo read, "Matt Bomer. "

Talent, personality, ultimate male beauty... This is Matt in a nutshell. The guy has it all, and totally fits the description of Christian Grey from the books. I have no doubt he would be able to fulfill the role without a hitch!

Matt Bomer is the sexiest man to walk on this earth. He has the most beautiful eyes. He is brilliant actor in white collar. Matt would be No1 to play Christian Grey. He has the perfect body, walk, allure, smile, eyes, perfect in a suit or no clothes.

He is the only man that actually looks like the man that is described in the book! Not only that but he's also an incredibly talented actor with the sexy voice, body, persona to match.

Matt Bomer is perfect in everyway. You only have to look at him to see his Christian Grey. Id fall to my knees for this man. His so hot and sexy. You only have to watch white collar to see his Christian Grey.

Off course Matt Bomer have to be Christian Grey! He has everything to play that role! And he just doesn't look good in suits, he looks good within just a jean & t-shirt too! :) And please don't forget.. Maybe some people think that he's too old to play Christian Grey but he can easily & he looks younger ;) By the way he's got a real image of a CEO! :) Love him so!

Ok.. I'll say this I haven't read the books but know enough about them. I admit only Matt Bomer and no one else can be called the "adonis" or "the epitome of male beauty". Plus he is a damn fine actor. I'm his huge fan and want to see him on the big screen as a romantic lead.

Matt is perfect for the character, he's such a dream, he deserves this, he looks young and serious at the same time, I read the books thinking that he was Christian Grey.

Matt Bomer is every girl fantasy, I think he'll do s great job playing Christian Grey, he is the best in every way and he matches with the book description very well! I can't imagine any other actor playing C.G. but Matt Bomer!

Matt Bomer is the only one who fits the description of Christian Grey perfectly. He has the same hair & eye colouring & the perfect mouth, nose & body. Every time I re-read the FSOG books, it is Matt that I imagine as CG!

As others have mentioned, Matt has the total package to play Christian Grey as portrayed in the books. Striking good looks and serious focused side to come through as control freak CG. No others actor comes close. Ian isn't tall nor robust enough to look like muscular Guy who works whenever someone or something pissing him off. Which is quite OFTEN.,

Matt Bomer is the perfect. He's very sexy. He is just like the description of Christian in the book of E.L. jAMES. I would do everything to see him play the role.

He is the very illusion og CG. I don't believe anyone else could do justice to this role and lets face it... This man is gorgeous. Those eyes and that stern look makes me want to be with him in the redroom of pain!

All the actors in this list are handsome, charismatic and so on. But Matt is in a league of his own. Combine all the best qualities of each of these contenders and then raise them several notches... That's when you get Matt Bomer.

HE is the perfect one to play Christian Grey. I will watch this movie only if Matt Bomer plays this part. I would definitely love to see Matt on the big screen playing Christian Grey. In every way he defines Christian Grey.

He has the perfect look, perfect emotions... He could be very edgy yet very soft and of course, super sexy. I could care less about his sexual orientation in his private life... That's why it's called acting. In my opinion, no one else even comes close.

Matt is the only one who can play Christian Grey! Visually beautiful, sounds beautiful, physically beautiful! , Matt is destined for a big role in a movie and this is it!

Matt bomer for Christian grey even before I found out about him I already painted a picture of Christian in my head it looked just like matt he has the hair the eyes those beautiful blue eyes laugh out loud

He is perfect. He has the copper hair and the gray-blue eyes. He has experience from magic mike. He can sing because christian grey can sing. He is just perfectt. He so amazing at acting. He is everything like christian grey.

He's the whole Christen Grey package! What a great actor, you could not go wrong with Matt Bomer for Christen Grey.

Matt is the one and only Christian grey he's hot sexy and pure perfection and he's got experience from magic mike if he's that good at that imagine him as Christian grey pure sexyness

There is no one like Matt Bomer for the role of Christian Grey. When you read Fifty Shades and you imagine Christian Grey, he looks like Matt. No else to say.