Best American Pool Players

Who do you think is the best American Pool player? Only American Pool, no Snooker.

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1 Efren Reyes - The Magician

Out of this list, Efren is head and shoulders above the rest. He has got to be the all around best player ever to have played the game. Where Earl would probably get the 9 ball as an individual sport, Mosconi the 14.1 individual leader etc... Efren would be all around champion.

Efren revolutionized how the game is played at the highest level, that's why he is the greatest. He is arguably the greatest kickshot and safety player all time. His ingenuity at the pool table is what makes him so entertaining to watch. During his heyday he was undoubtedly the most popular figure in the pool scene and to this day many refer to him as the Greatest All-Around Pool Player the game has ever seen. Reyes' impeccable shot selection and excellent cue ball control is mindbogglingly ridiculous to witness. No other player in recent memory has been able to duplicate his mastery of game and achievements at the pro avenue. But most of all what separates him apart from his contemporaries is his humility and respect that people simply gravitate towards him as he embodies the truest form of a world class phenom, legend and gentlemen of the sport.

Reyes was The One who teach the world how to play pool, no one else. When he went international, the players who thought that they were already at pinnacle of pool playing technique suddenly became amateurs.

Efren Reyes greatest ever that played the game. When he started playing everyone had to rethink the way they were playing. Efren started a whole new way of playing. He is great champion and sportsman mild manner gentleman.

2 Ron Dooley

Ron "just like that" Dooley is the best money player I've seen

Trick shots all over Facebook and you tube

In my opinion THE BEST!

Seen him run many racks over 100 and great trick shot artist
Billiard instructor also
8 ball champion!

3 Shane Van Boening

Will go down as the greatest pool player ever. Efren was the greatest until SVB came along.

Best in the USA as far as I'm concerned. He's proven this by being atop the money won board.

Best ever? My nod goes to Mosconi. Too bad there's no time machine for them to match up.

Great player

No one on this list could beat Shane at any billiard game. The real test is a deep race, no one on this planet would even challenge Shane. Believe me offers have been presented... Ask the Greeks!

4 Earl Strickland - The Pearl

I got to play against him when he came to the pool hall I grew up in. He was paid to come play exhibition games and players could pay muny to play against him race to three. My father had him 1-0 after running the first rack and then missed a few balls into the 2nd game. Earl stood up and then ran out the rack. He then broke and ran out the 3rd game beating my father 2-1. Nobody else won a single game. It was 1994 when he was ranked #1 in the world. he's a world class player and a great guy as well.

From what I saw he is the very best.

Ernie is a extremely strong player in central Virginia

Ernie is very tough player. But he is a short stop. Bank pool is his game

5 Johnny Archer - The Scorpion

Johnny the Scorpion from Georgia is an amazing player and definitely a role-model for many aspiring players in this sport. - georgefemic

The best.

Not just one of the best players of today but also an amazing person to the fans.great guy

Recently I met that legendary guy in Thetford Mines, Québec,
And he signed my cherry wood hand made cue case.
I was very honored to discuss with him and he will be back in may
For the "ARCHER CUP"and I hope he will win the tournament.
Good luck Johnny!

6 Mika Immonen - The Ice Man

Mika Immonen, the Ice Man from Finland is one of the most talented players in this sport. With his amazing technique and stroke, he is in the high end elite. - georgefemic

I love his game I learnt a lot from him

Aggressive style of offensive game

7 Francisco Bustamante

One of the best ever players to hail from the Philippines. His monstrous break and dexterity combined with his humbleness is what makes him appealing to the public. Bustamante has the credentials to back up his claim as the second most popular figure coming from the Philippines and in my opinion the 2nd best player all time in the country right after the greatest himself, Efren Reyes.

One of the best ever. Very powerful break. His unique stroke. A World champion

Another legend from the Philippines! - georgefemic

Smooth as silk

8 Darren Appleton

Great player Fantastic

He never gives in. He is mentally strong, he doesn't know when he's beat. He will get even better with time. A legend in the making.

Easy Darren has come in and won everything he is the new Efren beating all those americans on their home soil at their own game

Darren is a pleasure to watch. Smooth stroke and quality cue ball control. Very humble guy as well.

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9 Alex Pagulayan

Fantastic player and very entertaining. Every tournament he enters he is in the final eight almost guaranteed

3 time Canadian Snooker Champion as one on this list could ever do that.

The most entertaining and talented individual the sport has ever seen. This small guy is the most dangerous player when it counts the most. He has had numerous titles under his belt namely, the US Open 9 Ball Championship, World 9 Ball Championship, and the first ever player to hold titles in all disciplines in the annual Derby City Classics (9-ball banks, 9-ball, one-pocket). He is the third most popular player coming from the Philippines and one of the best ever to played the game of pool.

I consider Alex to be one of the best right after Efren due to the way he plays the game. He's a good all around player but don't let him have fun, keep him frustrated because once he starts to enjoy the game that's when he becomes unstoppable. If only he would dedicate his self to the game more he can surely become the next Magician.

10 Ronato Alcano


Watched him beat the 10 ball ghost on a 10’ (Bigfoot ) diamond, and it’s not close

The Contenders

11 Ralf Souquet

Very composed and tactical

Top notch player and a great guy.

12 Thorsten Hohmann

Great player!

The best of all of them in today's games. Almost a sure thing to win the Straight Pool Championship every year

A great person as well as great pool player.


13 Willie Mosconi

How this guy isn't number one is beyond me. 526 shots in a row 15 time world championship and made legendary pool player Minnesota fats look like an amateur!

Who else has run 526 balls?

The greatest of all time watch him play in Brockton Ma in the 60's.

Willie best ever

14 Skyler Woodward

A cool young man. I just saw him play Hixson Tennessee. He was nice to everybody

Having just won MVP in the Mosconi Cup 2018, this youngster is moving on up the ladder. I hope to see him in the top 10 soon!

He is awesome

Skyler is the best all around guy. Started as a junior and still show his appearance at the junior leagues for the kids. In my opinion Sky is the limit for this kid.

15 Mike Sigel

For Sigel not to be at the top of the list is absolutely inexcusable. He is the best player of all time and no one could touch him in his prime.

Mike (Captain Hook) Sigel is without a doubt the greatest nine ball player ever in my opinion. Besides being the greatest player, his talking and bantor duing his matches is awesome and entertaining. I've been playing for about 20 years now. He was and is my favorite of all time. His instructional tapes inspired me when I first started playing and (The Captain) will always be my favorite player EVER! Thank you Mke Sigel for all the great matches that I've had the privilege of watching.

Simply put the all-time best

Yes he's the best in the late 80'S

16 Mike Dechaine

Mike Dechaine is one of the strongest players in pool in the world at the time. The fact that he's number 14 on this list is literally insulting. How many times have we watched him not only beat, but literally own many of the people above him on this list? I mean he drives Earl Strickland crazy because he can't beat him. And I'm sure some of you going to say the same things that Earl says, take away the jump cues and let's play on the ten foot table with no side pockets or some imaginary game that doesn't exist. Well the reality is that's not the game and that's not the game everyone else is playing either. How mini mosconi Cup appearances has he made in the last 6 years? Him Shane Van boening and a couple others are the strongest American players in the world bar none.

One of the best players today

I played with Mike, as cocky and arrogant as he is, he is the most gifted I've seen, completely natural, if I didn't know better I'd think he had telekinesis controlling the balls with his mind... and at his age.. I believe he'll eventually climb the chart to #1

One of the best pool players to this day

17 Ronnie O'Sullivan

Not enough people here in the states know him or can appreciate how talented he really is

#1 Snooker player in the world, and probably the most talented pool player of today.

He has by far the best natural talent with a cue... he is far superior playing snooker than any of these names on the list. He doesn't really care about pool. You Americans watch his 5 minute 147 on youtube and you will see how good he is.

Ron O'Sullivan is amazing and is #1 in today's time

18 John "Omaha" Shuput

Best bar table player of his generation! Tons of heart!

I saw this guy in personally run 14 racks of nineball for $200 a game in Paducah, KY. I think he should be moved up big time.

19 Dennis Orcollo

Fundamentals are super strong. He has no fear, he knows he going to make the ball.

Best Money player in the world currently.

Best player on the planet ought to be on the list.

On any given day!

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20 Jayson Shaw

Let's let Fargo rate order the players they got a way closer grip than this joke of a list.

Massive respect for this players talent.
Put on a very good show at the 2017 Mosconi Cup in Las Vegas
beating Van Boening - coming back from 4-2 down to win 5-4.

He is a very explosive and passionate player - fun to watch, firey
guy, see the cue throwing incident at Mosconi or the 14.1 Championship
where Earl and Jayson get into it - very entertaining :-)

21 Nick Varner

Absolutely one of the best! It's a thrill to watch him.

The goat

If nick isn’t one of the greatest players of all time then everyone here must not know anything about pool. Also came straight from my home town of Owensboro Kentucky so he’s a talent for sure


22 Daryl Peach
23 Louie Roberts - 9ball

The most talented run-out artist to ever play 9-ball, two-shot-roll-out. Daring and charismatic to be sure. An all-time great.

Most of you were not there when the show was over that was what when the true came out the true gone fighters come in to there own the real magic began it was a sight to behold I was there my name is holly

Louie had the best stroke of anyone to ever play the game.

One of the best to EVER play the game... EVER!

24 Buddy Hall

The best.

In my opinion he is the best 9 ball player of all time and woody Wallace and him was team every to play game pool game

Racked for this phenomenon at Guys and Dolls in Shreveport in big money games against Billy Incardonna and Jimmy Mataya. He slaughtered them heads up and then gave them a big spot and took more money off of them. Got so bad that when Buddy would break the balls and they were wide open Incardonna would just have me re-rack them and concede the game as opposed to watching Buddy slow play them all in one by one. He used to give Louie Roberts the 7 ball as well. And...Louie didn't like it.

That's how good The Rifleman was!


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25 Justin Bergman

Great player

26 Jim Rempe

My favorite pool player. Best incredible shots.

The best I've ever seen. I've seen the most incredible shots and the majority come from this man.

This ranking is a joke. One of top 5 nine ball players ever and for a 5 year window the best in the world. I know at one time he beat #1 Reyes in some tournament finals & semi- finals.

29th is a slap in the face top 10 ten at least just for the fact had could play anygame extremely well

27 Tony Chohan
28 Rodney Morris - The Rocket

Rodney the Rocket Morris, fast player as the nickname suggests ;)! - georgefemic

Best cue ball control and patterns with fast play

Great player. Great composure and dresser.

Best from Hawaii. No doubt

29 Allen Hopkins

Clearly one of the best money players of all time against anyone.

One of the best friends I had when we played at HI CUE BILLIARDS ON Raway Ave. N.J.

30 Jean Balukas

She inspired me to play pool and should be in the top ten players ever along with Allison Fisher in the top five

Best woman breaker ever That makes her best player.

31 John Schmidt

His 626 should bump him up quite a bit.

ALL disciplines

One of “America’s” Greatest.
John Schmidt’s (Mr.400) stats speak for themselves.
No other player in recent history has accomplished his recorded/verified feats in 14.1 (Straight Pool).
Currently 4 runs over 400 (400/403/407/434).
He also has historic wins in most billiard disciplines.
In my opinion, he’s one of the best underpromoted players still competing.

32 Wu Jia-qing

Strong rotation player, I consider him a favorite(world class field) in 10 ball cause of his strong break/

33 Rudolph Wanderone


As they say "ignorance is bliss".

Absolutely top notch "Phenomenal" bank player.

Hall of Fame

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34 Allison Fisher

I used to watch Allison play when they had the wpba classic tour on television. I say she is the female Efren Reyes

She is a machine, and I rate her #1 certainly of the women, and would have her higher on the list of all players

35 William Hoppe

One of the very best ever.

All time great in billards

My dad racked the balls for Willie in Jacksonville, IL, when he was a kid for 10 cents... early 30's. What an unknown privilege!

To be gone for so long pays tribute to a true master. He used to play on a table mounted atop an auto, but in a tournament was THE man to beat, and they couldn't!

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36 Ralph Greenleaf

#1 says the 2nd greatest pool player ever Willie Mosconi. Ralph Greenleaf taught Willie a lot about playing Straight Pool. According to Willie, 15 Time World Champion...never matched by anyone else...said that Ralph Greenleaf was the best that he has ever seen...the Worlds Best Ever!
T. Tyrone Corbin, Richmond, Virginia.

Willie Mosconi referred to Ralph Greenleaf as the best. So what does that say? Not many people know about him, but those that do would have to have him in their “top3” I think.

My father, Richie Zemon, was a money player during the Golden Age of pool and was asked to play exhibition games against current world champions when they came to New York City. He said that the greatest player by far was Ralph Greenleaf. He was the only player my father knew who could run 125 and out consistently on a 5x10’ table with the pockets cut tight.

Ralph Greenleaf was the Babe Ruth of he's not on here, I have no idea

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37 Tony Watson

One of the fastest players with incredible ball pocketing ability.

Tony's high gear in his late 20's is the greatest I've ever witnessed. Just ridiculous.

Best gambler that's not a pro

I have played tony and can say for a fact one of the best

38 Luther “Wimpy” Lassiter

Wimpy always made the game look easy he was truly a natural

Luther was the greatest and great human being

39 Eddie Taylor

The Knoxville Bear. World Champion HOF

40 Ronnie Allen

Saw Ronnie Allen play in Johnson City, IL where all the top 50 to 75 players in the World meet to gamble (1963 - 1971) when there was no money to be made in tournaments unlike today. Allen would spot people balls in One Pocket, or give them the 7 or 9 in 9-Ball. He would also challenge anyone to go outside and fight - they could use the butt end of the cue he would use the shaft. One of the best hustlers ever.

The guy who invented power one ronnie miss ya

41 Semih Saygıner


42 Raj Hundal

'The best doo-rag wearing pool player of all time! '

43 Niels Feijen

Most solid consistent player I've ever seen an yet still no one has realized may be the best in the world playing 9 ball with his great break an precision with the cue ball

44 Derek Leonard

Derek Leonard other wise known as Chew. He is a pool shark and can out hustle most anybody. He beat someone out of big money with his children there, dad First right?


45 Keith Bennett

A great player think he should be raked better

46 Billy Incardona

The goat-awesome announcer - Tnusbaum

47 Warren Kiamco
48 Markus Juva

Black bear :-)

49 Pan Xiaoting

Greatest female player ever

50 Ruth McGinnis

She was the best female player ever. Watch her videos fantastic at trick shots.

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