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21 Arthur's Big Hit

Arthur hits D.W. bEST EPISODE EVER! Even better, Binky punches Arthur too! :D Hands down, a great episode.

My personal favorite Arthur episode. And one of my favorite cartoon episodes to be honest. - ashduck

I like Arthur but I hate this episode - Ihateschool

22 The Chips Are Down

The Green Potato Chip D.W. thinks is poisoned. - Hernandez1614

I like this episode. Not my fave though

V 1 Comment
23 Brother Can You Spare a Clarinet?

This episode is hilarious it shows that anyone can make it work!

24 Arthur vs. the Very Mean Crossing Guard

Very funny and makes everyone's day

25 Arthur Meets Mister Rogers V 1 Comment
26 The Boy who Cried Comet
27 Prunella Gets it Twice
28 D.W. Gets Lost
29 Arthur's Almost Boring Day V 1 Comment
30 Arthur Writes a Story
31 Arthur Goes to Camp
32 Attack of the Turbo Tibbles
33 Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm
34 Pet Peeved
35 Desk Wars

It's the domino affect how everyone reacts to the heat and one thing leads to the other and at the ends it's complete chaos that eventually gets resolved. Everyone s personality shines and everyone has an important part in the episode especially George.

This should definitely be higher.It had such a good plot and I still enjoy it! - milmcgirl

36 That's a Baby Show

I watched a YouTube poop where the Dark Bunny was changed to Family Guy and Love Ducks was changed to My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - Ihateschool

37 Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest
38 Big Brother Binky

This episode is great and everybody should vote for this one. It's about when the Barnes family go to China and adopt a baby.

39 Bleep V 1 Comment
40 Arthur Makes the Team
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