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41 Bleep V 1 Comment
42 Buster's New Friend

Love that episode. buster makes a new friend that's been distracting him from some project and arthur soon become jealous!

43 D.W's Bleep

D. W accidentally learns a swearword

44 Fern's Slumber Party

To Be Honest, Fern is my favorite minor character.

Such a fun plot with character development. - milmcgirl

45 Happy Anniversary
46 Hide & Snake
47 Rhyme For Your Life

I love it that's why I voted for it

V 1 Comment
48 Arthur's Faraway Friend
49 D.W. The Picky Eater

I'm a picky eater like DW - Ihateschool

50 Arthur's Underwear

This is my favorite Arthur episode! I even read the book and started to laugh!

51 Bats In the Belfry

I think so because it is cool learning about his life and stuff that can happen if you don't take care of cuts.

52 The Last of Mary Moo Cow

I like this episode a lot because it shows how you feels when a T.V. show that you like goes off the air. I think that the ending of the episode was the best part. I thought that it was cool when DW got to go see where Mary Moo Cow used to air. I also liked when DW made her friends sign a petition.

53 The Agent of Change
54 Unfinished
55 To Eat or to Not to Eat
56 Best Enemies
57 Read and Flumberghast
58 The Great MacGrady

This episodes really handles cancer well in a way kids will understand.

59 The Last Tough Customers
60 The Squirrels
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