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1 Seven Samurai Seven Samurai Product Image

This is one of the greatest movies ever! A total epic and should be #1 and much higher on greatest of all time list!

One of the best movies from Akira Kurosawa

Toshiro Mifune is a complete tour-de-force as Kikuchiyo in one of the best movies ever made.

There's a reason I just upvoted all of akira kurosawa's movies

2 Oldboy Oldboy Product Image

The plot twist, The emotions, the quotes, the atmosphere and the screenplay everything was great
One of the best vengence movies of all time 100%
My favorite korean movies and It was the one that made me respect and dig korean movies
If only it hasn't a sex scene (I just don't like sex scenes in movies so I can freely suggest them to my familly)

The fight scene alone (all choreographed and no cg or bs camerawork) sets this film apart. Adaptations of manga (generalize that to all of literature) onto the screen can all learn from this film. Overall a cult classic, highly underrated when taking into account how little known it is internationally.

This is some mind blowing stuff.. Exceptionally sick and you would love every part of it... Realistic... Weird... AMAZING

Engaging from start to finish. There is no other movie like it. Great acting, great story, and great directing.

3 Inang Yaya Inang Yaya Product Image

.. Aside from the noble story, the inspiring story really touches hearts of Filipino and anyone else who knows how to love a beloved one.. By appreciation...

One of the greatest Philippine Movies.
Maricel Soriano ,the lead actress is one or I should say the greatest actress of her generation.

Really inspire and less stress.
I love it! Please vote this. and this a filipino movie.
I love the filipino movie its very comedy

Nice Characters. Many can relate with the movie. It is one of my best movie ever seen. Superb. Very Good.

4 Ikiru Ikiru Product Image

Watanabe here reminded me of my grandfather.

5 Battle Royale Battle Royale Product Image

The best thing about this film is not the daring, unflinching, unapologetic, raw brutality or the courage it took to make. The best thing is that this film forces you to ask yourself what you would do if you had to kill (perhaps some of those closest to you) to survive. Would you cower in fear? Would you trust in others? Or would you forsake everyone and carve a path of carnage through them? That question and the way each member of the ensemble cast answers it make this an incredibly important film.

A modern classic... It neither perverts the novel nor eclipses it; the two are equally thrilling versions of the same basic premise, but with very different themes. The Hunger Games sucks compared to this.

Great movie with awesome characters. The movie is very violent and twisted, but it's nothing that bothers me. Definitely a must-watch, especially if you've read the manga or novel!

Battle Royale is the most sick, twisted, evil, horror movie ever. An amazing movie.

6 Kung-Fu Hustle Kung-Fu Hustle Product Image

The great Stephen Chow, like watching exaggerated live anime but it doesn't look cheap. LAugh trip

It makes me happy whenever I watch this movie.. I love stephen chow

A great comedy with eye catching computer works!

Not chow's bet movie, but his best known movies

7 Akira Akira Product Image

Hands down, BEST Anime film of all time and likely the most influential. This movie broke Anime to the U.S. and is the main reason we enjoy it so much today!

Maybe the best animated movie of all time, and way a head for its time. Wicked picture, story and soundtrack! Just an all time great movie.

8 Tokyo Story Tokyo Story Product Image
9 Late Spring Late Spring Product Image
10 Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Product Image

its a household name and a great movie

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11 Princess Mononoke Princess Mononoke Product Image

Should be closer to one, better than most of these annoying kung fu flicks. I love everything Miyazaki (also like Spirited Away and Nausicaa)

Miyazaki's film... Its all I can say

Another Miyazaki masterpiece

12 Rashomon Rashomon Product Image

Directed by the great Akira Kurosawa, this may be the first movie to tell a story by showing different versions of the same event, as different characters saw it.

Only intelligent people choosing this. Maybe that's why it so less

13 Enter the Dragon Enter the Dragon Product Image

All time classic movie featuring the legend Bruce Lee.

14 Love Exposure Love Exposure Product Image

4 hours of awesome scenes, I love that it has every slice of life, Love,Comedy.Religion,Friendship,Family and Lust.

15 Grave of the Fireflies Grave of the Fireflies Product Image

One of the best film animation I have ever seen

This is the must watch movie, I would rate it 9/10.

One of the saddest anti war movies ever made

Best animation movie

16 Hero Hero Product Image

Great film starring Zang Ziyi. If you loved the famous trilogy of Zhang Yimou you're gonna love this.

17 The Human Condition III: A Soldier's Prayer The Human Condition III: A Soldier's Prayer Product Image
18 House of Flying Daggers House of Flying Daggers Product Image

It is strikingly beautiful; the bamboo forest is by far the most outstanding viewing in the movie. The actors are very interesting as is the culture.

Intense and beautiful. I love visually striking movies and this is one of the best I've ever seen. Ziyi Zhyang is always stunning!

One of my favorite movies of all time. Visually pleasant to watch

An all-time favorite. A beautifully made work of art.

19 The Life of Oharu The Life of Oharu Product Image
20 Sepet
21 Sholay Sholay Product Image

The greatest movie ever seen in Bollywood. Also Sharukh khan stared Dil wale dulhaniya le jayenge is another greatest movie in India.

22 The Sentimental Swordsman The Sentimental Swordsman Product Image
23 Ugetsu Ugetsu Product Image
24 3 Idiots 3 Idiots Product Image

One of the greatest movie I've ever watched. This movie moved me most, and also the Amir Khan's production, "every child is special."

Best ever movie in the history of Indian cinema... Hats off to Amir khan..

Deserves the first place

This is wonderful movie.

25 Himalaya

A must watch movie... This movie will change the way you look at this world in a very wonderful way. An epic movie that unfortunately did not receive Oscar. However, I am not sad it did not because I undoubtly believe tat this movie just goes beyond Oscars. Amazing movie. Great soundtracks. A very amazing fact about the movie is tat the main character in the movie did not even know he was actually being shot for a movie as he was a just a simple illiterate old villager.

One of the gr8test movie of all time

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