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21 Ugetsu
22 Sholay

The greatest movie ever seen in Bollywood. Also Sharukh khan stared Dil wale dulhaniya le jayenge is another greatest movie in India.

23 Tokyo Twilight (1957)
24 Moon Child
25 Himalaya

A must watch movie... This movie will change the way you look at this world in a very wonderful way. An epic movie that unfortunately did not receive Oscar. However, I am not sad it did not because I undoubtly believe tat this movie just goes beyond Oscars. Amazing movie. Great soundtracks. A very amazing fact about the movie is tat the main character in the movie did not even know he was actually being shot for a movie as he was a just a simple illiterate old villager.

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26 3 Idiots

Best ever movie in the history of Indian cinema... Hats off to Amir khan..

One of the greatest movie I've ever watched. This movie moved me most, and also the Amir Khan's production, "every child is special."

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27 Raid, The: Redemption V 1 Comment
28 Early Summer
29 Fearless

one of the greatest movies i've ever watched. - lovingkit

Honour till death m/

30 Infernal Affairs

Andy lau and tony leung give a stellar performance here.
Their relationship is worked out very well.
It's one of my favorite Asian movies.

31 Azumi
32 In the Mood for Love

This is a masterpiece of movie-making art! The combination of superb acting, enchanting music and expressive cinematography makes In the Mood For Love one of the best movies ever.

It's a wonderful movie, if ou don't see it yet, urry, it's marvelous

33 Ong Bak

Tony Jaa is the next big thing - louiethefly

34 A Crazy Little Thing Called Love
35 Once Upon a Time in China
36 Raise the Red Lantern

First and Best from Z. Yimou - Gaspar

37 Return Of The Sentimental Swordsman
38 I Not Stupid Too 2
39 Monsoon Wedding
40 The Cup
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