Best Australian Idol Winners


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1 Damien Leith

Damien is one of the only idol winners that can sing anything. His voice is a gift, a talent unexplainable. We hear airplay on the radio of many of our Australian artists, but I truly believe he is under-rated and his talent, the voice, is being missed by so many. He has been Australian idols landmark, discovery of something extrodinary. Something extra, extra special. If we don't give him a go, many will miss out on the opportunity to hear him in years to come. That's a huge loss to our Australian music Industry. Back him Australia.

Damien has a voice that is amazing and transports you into another atmosphere. His spine tingling falsetto wow is something one should hear to understand the versatility of this multi talented and gifted entertainer. He always makes time for his thousands of fans and a nicer gentleman you will never meet. Why radios do not play his music is one area that baffles us all. good luck Damien and you deserve to win.

Because he is the most multi-talented of all the idols - singer, songwriter and author of two fiction novels and lots more writing to come. Yet he is the most under rated! everyone in the music business will acknowledge his talent yet he can't get radio airplay! I don't know what it is, his music is so perfectly suited to the station I listen to but they won't play Damien's music. And, oh that voice!

Damien has such a beautiful voice that he is able to pull of many varied styles of singing. I was lucky enough to talk to him on a few occasions and he is so lovely to talk to. A really genuine person and not big headed. He can sing notes so high it is incredible. With all the other things he can do that someone else has mentioned, I think he is the most talented of all the Idols. He even hosted a TV show.

2 Guy Sebastian Guy Sebastian Guy Theodore Sebastian is an Malaysian-Australian singer and songwriter. He was the first winner of Australian Idol in 2003, and a judge on Australia's The X Factor from 2010 to 2012 and then again in 2015 and 2016.

Oh come on, Guy Sebastian is a far better singer than Damien Leith and is far more SUCCESSFUL than Damien will ever be... and I'm not a big fan of Guy. Damien Leith's voice is extremely ordinary. Runner-up that year, Jessica Mauboy is also far more successful than Damien.

3 Stan Walker
4 Casey Donovan
5 Kate DeAraugo
6 Wes Carr
7 Natalie Gauci

Felt bad she was in last place so decided to throw her a vote, but Guy Sebastian is clearly the best winner. - survivorfan989

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