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1 Smile V 1 Comment
2 My Happy Ending

Better than smile, smile is horrible did you see that she tried to make her Bright than it became horrible

3 What The Hell
4 Complicated

I like the way avril and her friends crash the mall

I am so sorry to the person who commented I like the way Avril and her friends crash the mall I meant to like your comment,not dislike.

5 Rock N Roll

This needs to be higher! "Rock N Roll" had it all! Lobsters, Car Crashes, Cameos, Drunk Dogs, Kissing, a homage to "November Rain" and BEARSHARKS! Vote Rock N Roll! - Only_Octi

6 Hot

Easily the best...she's so hot in this. - FOB2012

7 Sk8er Boi
8 Girlfriend

I love that music video, because it tells a story, not like "when you're gone" or something like that.

V 1 Comment
9 I'm With You
10 When You're Gone

Sad and I love it and it's relatable for me. - HannaJeanette

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11 Here's to Never Growing Up
12 Nobody's Home

It's so sad and I love it. Sometimes it even feels relatable. - HannaJeanette

Best song with best music video

13 Don't Tell Me
14 Let Me Go
15 He Wasn't
16 Give You What You Like
17 Losing Grip
18 Wish You Were Here
19 Innocence
20 Goodbye

This Is Her New Video At 2012

Her Music Video, Its Stripped Down And Real.
I Hope You Like Her New Music Video.

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1. Smile
2. Rock N Roll
3. What The Hell
1. When You're Gone
2. What The Hell
3. Give You What You Like
1. I'm With You
2. Hot
3. When You're Gone

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