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1 Pompeii

Of course this is a brilliant song but I think it's like with Imagine Dragons... it's their most famous and mainstream song therefore people vote for it but there some other songs of theirs that I think are WAY better.

Best Song EVER.
It's about a city built in the wrong place
And the eruption of a volcano torn it to pieces!
Watch on YouTube NOW!
Also please look at the Krazy Kats Remix from
Clouded Sounds - World10s

Really really good song with a rich compose of melodies.
A song that you must listen...

Best Song ever

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2 Laughter Lines

This song would have been no1 if they have put a video on this one.. its way better than pompeii to me so this song became underrated and pompeii become over rated.. This would have also been a billboard hit.. especially that violin part and the spooky tune.. we will sink into this master piece.. GREAT JOB!

This song is everything that make Bastille amazing. The tune, the vocals, the lyrics. You can't find music like this anywhere else. The line just before the chorus where Dan's sings "as you he-uh-uh-uh-eld me duh-uh-uh-uh-own, you said..." literally makes your eyes widen with awe. Unbelievable good.

Sounds like the killers mixed with Coldplay mixed with amazing! I would vote for oblivion but this is more underrated. Plus these are some of the best lyrics of 2013. One of my favorite songs on one of my favorite albums (its on the extended edition of bad blood. )

I did not expect this to be #2, I didn't realise it was so popular, but I'm SO HAPPY IT IS! This is such a beautiful song with a great tine and vocals and is their best song. Much better than Pompeii!

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3 Icarus

Really -. - the only reason that Pompeii is at the top is because it's overplayed on the radio, its good but Icarus is way better

This was the song that introduced me to Bastille and it will always have a special place in my heart. Despite the fact its about a boy who died it's always made me feel so happy, because I know that great music like the stuff Bastille makes is out there.

Best song..! You just cannot match its quality...! Bastille rocks..!

Every single song of Bastille is a masterpiece, but Icarus surpasses everything

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4 Oblivion

This really is the MOST beautiful song ever, bastille have done an amazing job at this, such a gorgeous melody - voice of an angel Dan

This should be right at the top. It's amazing.

The lyrics are incredibly thought-provoking and simply mesmerising. Oblivion should definitely be at the top of this list.

This song gives me chills, it's so beautiful. Its haunting melodies and quiet message leave you breathless and shivering all over. Perfection.

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5 Flaws

Absolutely amazing song, the tune and the words-Enough said my absolute favourite song, should be number 1!

By far one of the best, better then Pompeii should be #1

Amazing song.. Amazing Lyrics.. Much better than Pompeii


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6 Things We Lost In the Fire

Amazing song! The vocals are simply amazing and it is soulful and catchy at the same time! It's definitely barely behind Pompeii for me

Brilliant song. I believe it should be in the top three, along with Pompeii and Icarus. Just my opinion though. These are all really great songs. - sammyjay

This is really really good song came out 2013

My favorite Bastille songs are Pompeii and things we lost in the fire

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7 Of the Night

This is #7?!?! It should be #1! Don't get me wrong, I love Pompeii, but Of the Night is a much better song and video! The buildup is perfect and Dan Smith's voice sounds so emotional and real! The video is gritty and dark and fits the theme of the song perfectly! Get this to #1 ASAP! - Spark_Of_Life

This Song is awesome! I simply love its starting.. should be in top 3 at least

This was good I love this

Awesome song

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8 Bad Blood

Fantastic song of all

It has all the amazing elements needed for a good song, plus it has seamless transitions; the beginning sounded like EDM, Bastille turned it into rock. Plus it just sounds great. Can't stop listening to it!

The best song by Bastille! Wicked bass line, awesomely simple yet perfect drum beat to compliment the vocals n bass, and the wicked little mini-roll puts it WAY over the top.

La musique la plus 100% Bastille

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9 Laura Palmer

Such a good song especially since it's about the character Laura Palmer from the show Twin Peaks. Brilliant show and song to go with it. watch the show!

Absolutely great, it made my day

This needs to win. Icarus and Flaws were my favorite and then I heard this and I don't even listen to anything else

The best song

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10 Get Home

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11 What Would You Do?

Wow, this song is very underrated. It makes me want to cry every time, and it disappoints me such a beautiful song is only at 14. Deserves to be somewhere in the Top 5 at LEAST. - PiercedVeil

Such an awesome song with a great message. Needs to be more popular!

This song tells such a great story that really asks the question, "What would you be willing to do to protect the people you love and yourself? "

Yes it's a cover but it's a stunning song

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12 Daniel in the Den

Not many artists can turn a well known bible story into a song so hats off to the boys for that. This song is so heart warming and should not be eighth

It's crazy because people say dan is not Christian but he's writing songs in the bible so I don't know I should know since he is my husband laugh out loud I wish. :-)

I'm not Christian but I LOVE this song. It tells a bible story so personally.

"For every king that died, oh they would crown another."

By far his single best song, the background music was honestly excellent!

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13 Haunt

Definitely one of the most beautiful songs by Bastille, it should at least be in the top 5!

This song gives me shivers every time I listen to it. It has stunning lyrics and a chilling message and is extremely underrated.

Pompeii is not the best song by Bastille, it is the most popular. THIS is the best.

Beautiful and haunting melody, a must listen

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14 Sleepsong

I LOVE this song! The first song I heard by Bastille was Pompeii, but this is the one that got me hooked. The words and tune are so emotive and soulful, very meaningful and catchy.

Sleepsong is seemingly deep in lyrics and beautifully artful in sound. It is an amazing song that I think is very under appreciated!

This song is one of the most meaningful

This is something that every one of us can relate to at one point in our lives or the other...beautiful.

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15 The Driver

This song is one of the best songs ever! Why isn't it in the top 10?

Underrated. One of my fave Bastille songs - Tom_R2

Shout out from the bottom of my lungs

Really underrated,my favourite song is oblivion, but this should be so much higher

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16 Remains
17 Falling
18 Requiem for Blue Jeans

I could cry every time I heard this song, it's too perfect! Seriously, I can't express it in words, just listen to it and fall in love. It's insane how their covers are thousand times better than the original, I adore this band.

This song makes my breath away every time I'm listening for it. Could honestly say that he made this song way more popular than Lana Del Ray, but would love to hear them singing together though.

Such an imaginative version. This song really captured my heart and is severely underrated. Dan Smith's voice is so heavenly and just suits the emotionality of the song perfectly.

The chorus in this is simply heavenly. Dan Smith has one of the best voices I have ever heard!

19 Overjoyed

This song really speaks to me. Its a very emotional song for me and makes me think of the relationship between me and my mother. Its a wonderful song and it really speaks to me.

The bittersweet melody is amazing. This song is awesome, the melody is out of this world.

It's the most underrated Bastille song... Should at least be top 10

Most beautiful song ever... great lyrics and the voice of the Dan Smith great as favourite song of all time

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20 No Scrubs

This song is simply amazing! It should really be in the top ten.

This is easily top ten worthy!

This song is so catchy and surprisingly I've never heard any like it!
The meaning is cool too> This has got to be up there> its well worth listening to so well done Bastille!

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