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Pompeii Pompeii Cover Art

I love Bastille so much! This song is so catchy. I am Bastille's biggest fan and I love Woody the drummer he has long hair I love guys with long hair. They are literally perfect their logo is a pyramid which is my favourite shape and I literally share a birthday with the bass player. They are meant to be.

Of course this is a brilliant song but I think it's like with Imagine Dragons... it's their most famous and mainstream song therefore people vote for it but there some other songs of theirs that I think are WAY better.

Best Song EVER.
It's about a city built in the wrong place
And the eruption of a volcano torn it to pieces!
Watch on YouTube NOW!
Also please look at the Krazy Kats Remix from
Clouded Sounds

I'm not a big fan of Bastille but this has got to rank among my top 10 best songs of all time list. It's brilliant


Really -. - the only reason that Pompeii is at the top is because it's overplayed on the radio, its good but Icarus is way better

This was the song that introduced me to Bastille and it will always have a special place in my heart. Despite the fact its about a boy who died it's always made me feel so happy, because I know that great music like the stuff Bastille makes is out there.

Best song..! You just cannot match its quality...! Bastille rocks..!

I love Greek Myths and Bastille, so when listening to the album, this song came up I was out. It's so blah (good blah) and indescribable I just can't even.

Things We Lost In the Fire

Amazing song! The vocals are simply amazing and it is soulful and catchy at the same time! It's definitely barely behind Pompeii for me

Brilliant song. I believe it should be in the top three, along with Pompeii and Icarus. Just my opinion though. These are all really great songs.

This is really really good song came out 2013

This song is amazing. Definitely one of my favorite songs, by Bastille. Should be top 3, without a doubt.

Oblivion Oblivion Cover Art

This really is the MOST beautiful song ever, bastille have done an amazing job at this, such a gorgeous melody - voice of an angel Dan

This should be right at the top. It's amazing.

The lyrics are incredibly thought-provoking and simply mesmerising. Oblivion should definitely be at the top of this list.

This song gives me chills, it's so beautiful. Its haunting melodies and quiet message leave you breathless and shivering all over. Perfection.

Laughter Lines

This song would have been no1 if they have put a video on this one.. its way better than pompeii to me so this song became underrated and pompeii become over rated.. This would have also been a billboard hit.. especially that violin part and the spooky tune.. we will sink into this master piece.. GREAT JOB!

This song is everything that make Bastille amazing. The tune, the vocals, the lyrics. You can't find music like this anywhere else. The line just before the chorus where Dan's sings "as you he-uh-uh-uh-eld me duh-uh-uh-uh-own, you said..." literally makes your eyes widen with awe. Unbelievable good.

Sounds like the killers mixed with Coldplay mixed with amazing! I would vote for oblivion but this is more underrated. Plus these are some of the best lyrics of 2013. One of my favorite songs on one of my favorite albums (its on the extended edition of bad blood. )

I wish more people knew about this song. It never fails to brighten my mood. It's my personal favorite because Dan sings it beautifully and the lyrics are so powerful. Amazing job!

The Driver The Driver Cover Art

My all time favourite from Bastille. They have to be one of the best live bands ever ... and the live renditions of The Driver are breath takingly brilliant.

This song is one of the best songs ever! Why isn't it in the top 10?

Underrated. One of my fave Bastille songs

Shout out from the bottom of my lungs

The Silence The Silence Cover Art

Have you? Heard? This song? Flaws is good too and daniel in the den but this song? Cry

This should at least be in top 10

Amazing tune and lyrics

Can't get bored of it.

Best song by them... Should be on the album.

My favorite song ever why is it so low?

Overjoyed Overjoyed Cover Art

This song really speaks to me. Its a very emotional song for me and makes me think of the relationship between me and my mother. Its a wonderful song and it really speaks to me.

The bittersweet melody is amazing. This song is awesome, the melody is out of this world.

It's the most underrated Bastille song... Should at least be top 10

Better than the other songs in this list.

Of the Night

This is #7?!?! It should be #1! Don't get me wrong, I love Pompeii, but Of the Night is a much better song and video! The buildup is perfect and Dan Smith's voice sounds so emotional and real! The video is gritty and dark and fits the theme of the song perfectly! Get this to #1 ASAP!

This Song is awesome! I simply love its starting.. should be in top 3 at least

This was good I love this

Honestly, I like this song almost as much as I like Pompeii. However, this is way better. Every time I think of Bastille, I think of Of the Night


Definitely one of the most beautiful songs by Bastille, it should at least be in the top 5!

This song gives me shivers every time I listen to it. It has stunning lyrics and a chilling message and is extremely underrated.

Pompeii is not the best song by Bastille, it is the most popular. THIS is the best.

It gives such a vivid tale from a deceased man and his alive lover. Underrated.

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Absolutely amazing song, the tune and the words-Enough said my absolute favourite song, should be number 1!

By far one of the best, better then Pompeii should be #1

Amazing song.. Amazing Lyrics.. Much better than Pompeii

I love this song and in my opinion is way better than Pompeii ( I like Pompeii too, but not that much)


I LOVE this song! The first song I heard by Bastille was Pompeii, but this is the one that got me hooked. The words and tune are so emotive and soulful, very meaningful and catchy.

Sleepsong is seemingly deep in lyrics and beautifully artful in sound. It is an amazing song that I think is very under appreciated!

Come on, it's so amazing! Everything about it is amazing

This song is one of the most meaningful

These Streets These Streets Cover Art

These streets are yours, you can keep 'em! Such a good song. I love their consistency in keeping the beat up while the lyrics are always kind of down.

Ay I'm with you on this one, it's amazing yes it's not very popular but the tune is so great. I can here it on repeat. People of Earth- this is true sweetness to your ears, you've got to listen to this.

I don't get how this song is not in the top ten, It's one of the best in my opinion!

One of my favorites, but it doesn't get enough love!

Get Home Get Home Cover Art

Almost all of Bastille's songs cause this sort of melancholic and bittersweet feeling in you. They inspire so much emotions. Get home is another one of their beautiful and bittersweet songs.

I always have one particular playlist I only listen to; sometimes I remove a song, sometimes I add a song, but 'Get Home' is the only one I have never removed.

Bad Blood

Fantastic song of all

It has all the amazing elements needed for a good song, plus it has seamless transitions; the beginning sounded like EDM, Bastille turned it into rock. Plus it just sounds great. Can't stop listening to it!

The best song by Bastille! Wicked bass line, awesomely simple yet perfect drum beat to compliment the vocals n bass, and the wicked little mini-roll puts it WAY over the top.

This is a good song which was their second single album

Laura Palmer

Such a good song especially since it's about the character Laura Palmer from the show Twin Peaks. Brilliant show and song to go with it. watch the show!

Absolutely great, it made my day

This needs to win. Icarus and Flaws were my favorite and then I heard this and I don't even listen to anything else

This was really nice

Daniel in the Den Daniel in the Den Cover Art

Not many artists can turn a well known bible story into a song so hats off to the boys for that. This song is so heart warming and should not be eighth

It's crazy because people say dan is not Christian but he's writing songs in the bible so I don't know I should know since he is my husband laugh out loud I wish. :-)

I'm not Christian but I LOVE this song. It tells a bible story so personally.

"For every king that died, oh they would crown another."

By far his single best song, the background music was honestly excellent!

The Draw The Draw Cover Art

PLEASE JUST LISTEN TO THIS SONG WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED AND WAIT FOR THE BUILDUP AT 2:37. I feel like this song is very underrated- it is one of the only songs ever to give me chills and is my absolute favorite Bastille song. Maybe it's because of how incredible this song is when preformed live. I love Dan's deeper voice during the "don't listen to your friends..." part and his almost whispering during "just listen to your friends.." - it gives me literal chills. And the intensity at 2:37 is SO AMAZING. IF YOU haven't LISTENED TO 2:37-3:00 PLEASE DO. IF I COULD SHOW THE ENTIRE WORLD HOW AMAZING THIS SONG IS I WOULD.

The buildup is so intense in this- watch it live and when the actual drums come in, Daniel goes crazy. His dance moves make my life. It's so underrated; I swear everyone just knows Pompeii and that's it. Pompeii is great, of course, I love it too, but Bastille has some insane tunes that few people pay attention to, The Draw included

This song is the best. I really really love it, cause I hear in them a bass guitar. It's amazing!

This song has a huge buildup, it's very dramatic. The lyrics are great, too.

What Would You Do? What Would You Do? Cover Art

Wow, this song is very underrated. It makes me want to cry every time, and it disappoints me such a beautiful song is only at 14. Deserves to be somewhere in the Top 5 at LEAST.

Such an awesome song with a great message. Needs to be more popular!

This song tells such a great story that really asks the question, "What would you be willing to do to protect the people you love and yourself? "

Hopefully people know that it is a remake of the original song "What would you do" by City High. But I believe the parody was way better than the original.

Quarter Past Midnight Quarter Past Midnight Cover Art


Good Grief Good Grief Cover Art

Best of Bastille after Pompeii, sad to see it languishing in the mid 20s

I think the Good Grief will be the most excitement to hear this music and I hope this music can bring of my life

After pompeii good grief is second most in my bastille list

Simply the best.

Durban Skies Durban Skies Cover Art

My favorite Bastille song. Tons of nostalgia. Great song. Great lyrics.

I love this song, I love how it is about Dans parents wedding in South Africa, it shows so much emotion and passion

This song legit makes me want to cry! It's so sweet being about dan's parents and all and I love it with all my heart.. It's so low down the list:(

Why has no one even mentioned this yet?

Weight of Living, Pt. II Weight of Living, Pt. II Cover Art

Weight of living teaches a lesson and the feelings that come along from that lesson. I love part 1 and 2 so much. Part 2 has this upbeat and electric sound that distracts you from the emotional lyrics--- Kind of a metaphor that you distract yourself in life to keep on going at times--- "Do you like the person you've become? " Is one of my favorite lines from the song.
This song is so fast just like life-- just like the lyrics in it.

I like this song because of multiple reasons. First of all, you may disagree if you want, but I think that the way the drumming and all the sounds are so put together. I also like how it teaches you about how people will grow up, and to appreciate what you have when you have it.

No Angels

The song is so beautiful and not only the voices but the background music as well. I'm glad that I was able to find a song like this to take the part as the calm breeze in my crap storm of a life!

This song is beautiful I listened to it on repeat for days! If you haven't heard it yet you are missing out it is PERFECTION

This is probably my most favourite song by Bastille. It's a beautiful song! And I can't really explain how this song makes me feel, but its such an incredible song that's so touching and amazing!

Combining a modern song to excerpts of a cinematic masterpiece (Psycho) is no easy feat but Bastille have nailed it. Beautiful song.


Such an awesome song. I had to write a poem for school and was so uninspired, but listened to this song and felt motivated and excited! This should be more popular!

It's so good I love it so much I sang it to my college and they love it

I don't understand how any song is better than this.

Poet is amazing:) So sweet!

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