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21 Blame

I absolutely love this song! It's lyrics seem to resonate in my soul and have a very deep meaning. The song itself is underrated, but stays my favorite anyways! It basically tells you even if you have power you don't have to blame other people (or one person) for everything that goes wrong. This touches my soul and I am so enthralled by this song!

22 Died In Your Arms

This song must be in the top5

23 No Angels

The song is so beautiful and not only the voices but the background music as well. I'm glad that I was able to find a song like this to take the part as the calm breeze in my crap storm of a life!

This song is beautiful I listened to it on repeat for days! If you haven't heard it yet you are missing out it is PERFECTION

This is probably my most favourite song by Bastille. It's a beautiful song! And I can't really explain how this song makes me feel, but its such an incredible song that's so touching and amazing!

Combining a modern song to excerpts of a cinematic masterpiece (Psycho) is no easy feat but Bastille have nailed it. Beautiful song.

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24 No Scrubs

This song is simply amazing! It should really be in the top ten.

This is easily top ten worthy!

This song is so catchy and surprisingly I've never heard any like it!
The meaning is cool too> This has got to be up there> its well worth listening to so well done Bastille!

25 Good Grief

After pompeii good grief is second most in my bastille list

Simply the best.

Just the best

#25? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? - ZeroBlaster

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26 Send Them Off!


27 Killer
28 Glory

All the words sounded empty before this song came out. I can't believe someone hasn't voted yet for these amazing lyrics, melody and voice. HAVE YOU LISTENED TO 3:06? IS HEAVEN! I get very apprehensive and emotional because I think Glory and The Anchor are the best from the album.

This song should be under's a amazing song..its lyrics,music,Video...all are Awesome!

29 Durban Skies

I love this song, I love how it is about Dans parents wedding in South Africa, it shows so much emotion and passion

This song legit makes me want to cry! It's so sweet being about dan's parents and all and I love it with all my heart.. It's so low down the list:(

Why has no one even mentioned this yet?

Good song. Good chorus. All-around good band.

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30 Forever Ever
31 Lethargy

Love the intro and overal riff

32 Adagio for Strings
33 Poet

Such an awesome song. I had to write a poem for school and was so uninspired, but listened to this song and felt motivated and excited! This should be more popular!

It's so good I love it so much I sang it to my college and they love it

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34 Hangin

This song will remind you of a thousand lovely things!

What? This song is absolutely amazing! The vocals cause orgasms

Best song on earth!

A perfect song

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35 Weight of Living, Pt. II

I like this song because of multiple reasons. First of all, you may disagree if you want, but I think that the way the drumming and all the sounds are so put together. I also like how it teaches you about how people will grow up, and to appreciate what you have when you have it.

36 Skulls

So deep and meaningful, a must listen to! You will regret it if you don't! By far THE BEST SONG EVER!

The song every single bastille fan should listen to. Simply Amazing

The most beautiful love song I have heard so far.

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37 Fake It

Just listen to it.

I love it!

38 These Streets

Ay I'm with you on this one, it's amazing yes it's not very popular but the tune is so great. I can here it on repeat. People of Earth- this is true sweetness to your ears, you've got to listen to this.

I don't get how this song is not in the top ten, It's one of the best in my opinion!

One of my favorites, but it doesn't get enough love!

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39 Christmas Mashup
40 The Currents

An amazing song with a great message.

It's better than people say it is it should be top ten!

Great song and with some catchy beats

This song is underrated as hell

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