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21 Banana Split

It is easier than making a banana split at home. The only thing you need is a spoon. I love banana splits. YUM

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22 Everything But The...

I love Ben and Jerry's ice cream and I've had lots of different kinds but this one is my favorite. Full peanut butter cups, white chocolate, vanilla and chocolate ice creams, fudge covered almonds... What's not to love!

Best flavor of ALL time. I'm devastated when my market is sold out!

There is NO second favorite flavor for me, so if Ben n Jerry's decides to send this one to the 'graveyard', I won't be buying anymore Ben n Jerry's at all, there goes their stock price's!

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23 Chocolate Therapy

Perfect for chocolate addicts like me! A great go-to for the slight overdose of sinfully indulgent chocolate ice cream!

I think this must be a gateway drug to marijuana.

This Ice Cream taste like a smooth chocolate moose.

24 Turtle Soup

Delicous the chocolate turtles are cool and the caramel chunks and the mint leaves are quality - cameronbrown

25 Neapolitan Dynamite
26 Clever Cookies

WHY THIS LOW? Vanilla ice cream with lots of cookies

27 Dough-ble Whammy
28 Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon is delicious in many things, such as buns, but nothing can beat cinnamon ice cream. A true classic

This tastes like heaven! It tastes more like a Snickerdoodle dough in caramel ice-cream than Cinnamon buns - there is absolutely nothing yeasty about it (that's a good thing).

Yes this is my favorite ice cream flavor I have tried it before it's awesome.

Who ever thought cinnamon and cookies went well together? well, ben and jerrys cinnamon buns makes that look like it was made by a five year old!

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29 Coffee Heath Bar Crunch

It just really hits the spot after indulging with some of my favorite herb.

Can't believe this isn't #1

Coffee and Heath Bar, what a great combination. Love it!

Should Be In The Top 5.

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30 Chubby Hubby

I really love chubby hubby. Just one thing were I live its hard to find in stores the closet place to find is about 15 miles away. I really want have it again and again and again I've only had it for about 5 or 6 times

Chubby Hubby is sometimes difficult to find in stores, which makes it that much more delicious when you find a pint. My long-time favorite.

Agreed. Just might be one of the best flavors & I'm surprised it's so low with votes..

I love Chubby Hubby but we can't get it in the UK. My family are mourning the death of Chubby Hubby please sort it out Ben and Jerry x

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31 Peanut Butter Cup

BEST FLAVOR EVER! I've tried so many flavors and nothing beats this one! The best part is the peanut butter ice cream! I always hate when the ice cream is just chocolate or vanilla in a peanut butter cup mix. The ice cream is so good it could stand alone and still be my favorite! But the rich peanuts butter cups are out of this world! And there's usually a generous amount which doesn't hurt one bit!

When our time is up on this earth, and the robotic archaeologists of tomorrow research into our lives, this ice cream flavour will be known as the greatest thing we have ever produced.

Easily the best flavor out there! The Ice Cream is absolutely delicious and the cups only add to the great taste! A must for all peanut butter lovers, I would really recommend this one

Best thing in the history of Ice Cream

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32 Late Night Snack

Simply the best. Fell in love with it while on holiday in the states and an just gutted that I never will get the chance to eat it again. Hate Fallon himself-much prefer Stephen Colbert-but adore Fallon's ice cream-and hate Colbert's ice cream, it tastes like cat droppings, but at least the proceeds go to charity, unlike Fallon's. Long story short, this ice cream is amazing!

YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM! This should be #1! I love the chocolate and the potato chips together!

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33 Red Velvet Cake

This is by far the best flavor of B&J I HAD YET! This should be rated in the top 10! It tastes just like a red velvet cake. A nice creamy texture with chunks of delicious red velvet cake. You need to try it ASAP!

I love this flavor because, well, who doesn't just love red velvet cake? It's a southern favorite- now in the form of a delicious ice-cream flavor!

Mm one the best mixed with red velvet cake so amazing

34 Chocolate Macadamia

The best, only thing to fight with my girl

35 Cake Batter

Can't even believe its in last place! They need to sell it more as it is my absolute #1 flavor!

36 The Tonight Dough

Finally caved in and tried it, loved it. The peanut butter cookie dough was as amazing as I imagined and the cookie swirl tasted just like an Oreo pie crust.

This ice cream is heavenly, all of the different flavors just melt in your mouth and I could honestly eat this every day (if I didn't get too fat).

I love the tonight dough that's one of my favorite ice cream flavors of all time hands doen

37 Pistachio Pistachio

Took a bite of a friend's and ended up eating half of it. I don't usually like nuts with ice cream, but this worked.

I just finished the whole container and I feel great! I agree 100% it's the best! Very few ingredients!

The best Pistachio ice cream ever. Sweet balanced with salty.

You Don't Even Know! Heaven!

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38 Cotton Candy

I sooo love the cotton candy, please make it year round I got a lot of people to try it, it was in the Walmart super store for a short while, I bought it every day until it was over, please bring it back pleeeze

I LOVE This even as much or More than the Cherry Garcia, it is the BEST Cotton Candy icecream I've tasted. I could not find it at Walmart for 3 weeks now and have been craving it, I tried the Great Value cotton candy icecream and it is Not as Good as The Ben & Jerry's icecream plus Ben & Jerrys is healthier compared to the Great Value cotton candy icecream, I hgope that they Keep it coming cause I am Addicted to it!

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39 Oatmeal Cookie Chunk

I can't find this flavor anywhere. I miss it so much. Can't go wrong with a vanilla ice cream cinnamon cookie raisin swirl. Ugh!

BEST FLAVOR EVER - cinnamon, oatmeal cookies and chocolate!

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40 Chocolate
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