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41 Cotton Candy

I sooo love the cotton candy, please make it year round I got a lot of people to try it, it was in the Walmart super store for a short while, I bought it every day until it was over, please bring it back pleeeze

I LOVE This even as much or More than the Cherry Garcia, it is the BEST Cotton Candy icecream I've tasted. I could not find it at Walmart for 3 weeks now and have been craving it, I tried the Great Value cotton candy icecream and it is Not as Good as The Ben & Jerry's icecream plus Ben & Jerrys is healthier compared to the Great Value cotton candy icecream, I hgope that they Keep it coming cause I am Addicted to it!

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42 Chocolate
43 Oatmeal Cookie Chunk

I can't find this flavor anywhere. I miss it so much. Can't go wrong with a vanilla ice cream cinnamon cookie raisin swirl. Ugh!

BEST FLAVOR EVER - cinnamon, oatmeal cookies and chocolate!

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44 Imagine Whirled Peace

I like the ice cream flavor but hate how Yoko Ono is exploiting John Lennon's memory for money. I feel guilty liking this flavor.

45 Fairly Nuts

Why is this down here? I love nuts!

46 Willie Nelson's Peach Cobbler

Gotta get this local

Mr. Nelson would be pround of this flavor with his namesake. He could 'Go on the Road' with gallons of it.

47 Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch

Why muddy up perfection... It's a perfect combo... And timeless

Love it -- but often they don't have it in the store.

48 Magic Brownies

You forgot the Dave Matthews Band part. It's "Dave Matthews band magic brownies"

The best ever. Last year, we bought out the remnants from last batch ever from the Vermont store in Waterbury. Fingers crossed that they bring it back some day.

49 Mission to Marzipan

What could be better than marzipan in ice cream?

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50 Blondie Brownie

Best ever! Not too sweet with lovely blondie AND brownie bites! Core - amazing!

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51 Schweddy Balls
52 Boston Cream Pie

It is really good... I don't understand why they stop making it.

53 What a Cluster

The dogs bollocks - but tastes better as the original, 'Clusterfluff'... Not sure why

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54 Dublin Mudslide

Chocolate? Yes please. Brownie? Yes please. Irish cream liquor? YES PLEASE!

55 Pumpkin Cheesecake

Better than any other pumpkin flavored dessert out there, let alone ice cream. When fall comes around, the shelf is always barren of this flavor. Grab it if you ever see it.

The pumpkin cheesecake ice cream is phenomenal. Not too much cheesecake or cinnamon flavor. Then add in the swirl of graham cracker crumbs.. It's amazing. You can try every other crazy flavor out there. Nothing beats this simple masterpiece.

This should be a permanent, year round flavor.

Best pumpkin ice cream. Ever. Wish it was more readily available--only found it at Walmart. The graham cracker swirls are heavenly mixed in with the perfect blend of pumpkin and cheesecake.

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56 Clusterfluff

How can this not be in the Top Ten!

Marshmallows and peanut butter chunks! Yum!

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57 Scotchy Scotch Scotch

I know this is a limited batch but it should up there with the regular flavors. I buy a pint every time I'm at the store. I have seven pints now. Please don't stop making this.

Just purchased this at Circle K. This is quite possibly the best ice cream I have ever tasted. Only problem is.. It's almost too hard to scoop. Other than that.. M!

The little pieces in butterscotch candy remind me of being a kid. SO good. Love. Love. Love. Would pay top dollar to have it shipped to New Braunfels TX.

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58 Vanilla

The VERY first Ben and Jerry's pint I had and it was perfect! So worth it

Best vanilla ever and I'm 66 years old. Had a lot of vanillas.

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59 Berry White

Wow, my favourite by far

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