Best Bodybuilders of All Time

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21 Paul Demayo
22 Eugene Sandow

Well, After all it is called the Sandow

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23 Serge Nubret
24 Jim Cordova
25 Jason Genova

It politics

26 Rich Piana
27 Kai Greene

#26? What's the predator doing here? Definitely deserves a much higher place.

Kai greene 26th.. what a joke

Why is John Cena above Kai Greene?

Best mass of all time

28 Zyzz


The god

29 Dexter Jackson

He is the blade... What an awesome muscles...he shuld be on top 5. He is known for his chisel cuts

30 Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov at number 34? He has the most aesthetic and proportional body ever! Every muscle is cut and defined. I would even rate hum above Arnold.

Should be number 1. lazar has the best physique among all human beings!

Lazar angelov #27?! Seriously? He has the best physique achievable by any human being. people like him deserve to be in the top ten, not the steroid and synthol fueled bodybuilders.

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31 Steve Kuclo
32 Lance Dreher
33 Mike Mentzer
34 Chris Cormier
35 Suhas Khamkar
36 Reg Park

Strong and aesthetic. The best. Some of the other guys around here should be at the top too: Bobby Pandour, Draper, Gironda, Sipes, even Maxick who was a master of posing and muscle control

37 John Grimek
38 Tom Platz
39 Bob Paris
40 Boyer Coe
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