Best Bohemia Songs

Bohemia is the first one to rap in punjabi. His songs are amazing and great to listen. He is truly the king of punjabi rap. Vote for your favoraite bohemia song.

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21 Ride with Me
22 Faqueer

That must be number 1... !

10/10 must be in top 5

This should be in top 5!

My favourite singes I love you

23 Subha Hone Na De

Best rap songs of BoHeMiA

Nice song bohemia

Bohemia Propular Song subha hone na De in 40000000

Honey sing phlop bohemia hit

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24 Desi Put Jawan

Desi put jaavan mera geet vajan

25 Jaguar

Why this song is at 35th rank? It should be at the top.

Short but excellent rap in this song

Awesome track best rap India ka

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26 Lela

This song should be in top 10, awesome lyrics, bohemia at his best

I thinks this is the songs which truly suite's me

It was ok bohemia the kng of punjabi rap but not better than Eminem

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27 Kali Kali Ayenka
28 Sahara Lab De

Best song with awesome lyrics

29 Koi Nai

Short one but nice, also the video is awesome

One of the best..

Fastest rap ever by bohemia

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30 Mahi Re Mera Dil Menu Modh Ja
31 Chordo

That must be on 1

It should be nmbr 1. no words foor this song because if you listen you'll realiz.

32 Bumpin My Song
33 Yaad Anah

One of the finest

Apa Chad dita sajna nu yaad anah

34 Desi Munde
35 Veera
36 Patola

That's one of the best flow verses of Bohemia with cool beat and lyrics.

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37 Adhi Raat
38 Dunali
39 Saheli

That's also a best rap song

40 Kala Doriya
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