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Brent Black is a popular video game music artist who takes old video game tunes and makes them into lyrical songs. Here are his best.

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Dr. Mario with Lyrics Dr. Mario with Lyrics Cover Art

Perverted in every way. However, it's a catchy tune and addicting.

Wii Shop Channel

Look at your face
You'll just think for 20 minutes
Then you'll switch decide,
Where you click for yes,
Do it all again,

Party like it's 2006~

Super Mario Bros. with Lyrics
Mario Kart 8 with Lyrics
Zelda: Ocarina of Time With Lyrics Zelda: Ocarina of Time With Lyrics Cover Art

Simply flawless. An epic 9 minute song that tells a story with a good message, with clever lyrics that brilliantly segway into various themes from OoT.

This should be way higher

Gotta Run / Be the One Gotta Run / Be the One Cover Art

His classic full-fledged rock collaboration with The Megas. Mixed with Josh, from The Megas, the vocals in this song are spectacular. The guitar makes it, however. Even through it is not 100% Brent, it is a song collaboration he posted on HIS channel, so I consider it as much his as much as it is The Megas's.

How he got the Megas to his place, I'll never know. But who cares? TWO FOR ONE, BABY! When you have a band singing with you, you KNOW that you've made your coolest song yet.

Why isn't this at the top when HECKING DR. MARIO WITH LYRICS DID!? This is the most intense of Brent's creations.

Luigi's Mansion
Mega Man 3 with Lyrics Mega Man 3 with Lyrics Cover Art

A piano rock ballad that crescendos into a near-metal song that is almost better than Gotta Run/Be The One. Being able to combat that is definitely something to be proud of. The instrumental meshes perfectly with Brent, vocally. Plus, it's a catchy, addictive song.

Donkey Kong Country with Lyrics Donkey Kong Country with Lyrics Cover Art
Zelda II With Lyrics

A long, adventurous song that is a combination of the Zelda tune and the Hyrule Temple Theme. The lyrics are spontaneous and hilarious, as usual for Brent.

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Mii Channel
Super Mario Land 2 With Lyrics Super Mario Land 2 With Lyrics Cover Art
Contra With Lyrics

A metal remix of the famous Contra tune. Done very well overall. I enjoy the song. It's a fun listen.

Super Mario Land Piano Rendition

Brent's best instrumental. He remixes the famous Mario Land tune on piano. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's fun and happy. And, for the first time, it's a family friendly song. But, then again, it's a piano instrumental, but, oh well... it's still very good!

Baby Mario and Papa Yoshi
Super Mario 3D World With Lyrics
Miitomo With Lyrics Miitomo With Lyrics Cover Art
Star Fox: Space Oddity

A rising song on this list. It's best song from his more recent ones.

Super Mario Land with Lyrics Super Mario Land with Lyrics Cover Art
The Truth About Toad
Super Mario Bros. 3 With Lyrics

A collaboration with who I think is his brother or friend. They both do very well, singing wise. The lyrics are fast and make sense of each other, which is rare for Brent.

Classic Ending Credits With Lyrics

Definitely explicit and offensive, but it's catchy and fun, like a lot of his songs.

Tetris Theme with Lyrics
Super Mario Bros. 2 Ending With Lyrics

It's unique and done very well for one Brent's ballads.

Shadow of the Colossus With Lyrics
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