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61 Liquor & Love Lost

So much for living forever. So much for death do us part.

62 Fifteen Fathoms, Counting

There is literally nothing else like this in BMTH's discography. There are so much deep feelings penetrating your mind when listening to it.

Ok, why is this 60? This should be 1! This is the most different song BMTH has ever made. This song actually calmed me down when I was stressed out, funny thing is this song doesn't have lyrics, just an acoustic guitar, a flute, and drums.

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63 Dragon Slaying
64 Join the Club

It just is a catchy song were I always want to hear it again till I'm just listening to it on repeat.

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65 Memorial
66 Bite My Tongue

This song is only featuring oli sykes, even though it is a good song it shouldn't be put in the bmth top songs

Not a BMTH song. It's a You Me At Six song featuring Oli Sykes. Doesn't count.

67 Re: They Have No Reflections
68 Run
69 Throne

I'm a new fan of the band and this is the song that got me into them. In my opinion, this MUST be in the top ten. The vocals on this track are just amazing.

Favourite from the new album, such a memorable song

Thrones, thrones the song with the actual title (throne) is much lower down

Gives u goosebumps...lyrics is totally rocking and makes u bang your head infinitely... one of the best songs I'veIheard...

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