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61 Bite My Tongue

This song is only featuring oli sykes, even though it is a good song it shouldn't be put in the bmth top songs

Not a BMTH song. It's a You Me At Six song featuring Oli Sykes. Doesn't count.

62 Re: They Have No Reflections
63 What You Need

Such a beautiful song..
When the album got released I thought it wasn't that good, but then I got in a depression and the album got a high value for me, because my situation is relatable to the songs.
Although I also love Suicide Season, There Is a Hell and Sempiternal!

64 Anthem

does exactly what it says! this song's an anthem! definitely one of their best! deserves top ten at least! - jbbhammy

This song is amazing. It's one of them songs that you don't pay much attention to, and then listen to it and BAM! So good...

A great song why is this not in the top ten?

This is my anthem

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65 Throne

I'm a new fan of the band and this is the song that got me into them. In my opinion, this MUST be in the top ten. The vocals on this track are just amazing.

Favourite from the new album, such a memorable song

Thrones, thrones the song with the actual title (throne) is much lower down

How is this 67/68? Should be 5/68.

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66 Run
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