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1 Blackout

This is my favorite album. She came back from all the insanity and B.S. in her life and put all her energy into this album. I would have to say my favorites are "Gimme More" "Piece of Me" "I Got a Plan" and "Get Back" (off the Japanese edition). This album is so underestimated but this is an amazing album. I never get tired of listening to it. Britney forever

This album is so underrated. To me, this is the best album she ever did! No boring songs at all and I never get tired of listening to it, I think most fans would agree that this is the best album Britney ever released.

I have never been disappointed with a Britney album, but this one definitely was underrated and overshadowed by her personal life at the time. She executive produced this album and it showed immense growth into a completely new and exciting sound. She started a new trend with this one, following in Madonna's footsteps.

Best album...Songs like Gimme More, Piece of Me, Break The Ice and Heaven on Earth is fantastic.

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2 In The Zone

The sexual innuendos and blatant lust that splurges into your ears is just unreal! Not to mention how ahead of it's time this album was. Britney was doing "Rihanna" before it was 'cool' or 'acceptable. '

Every song is sensual and fabulous! Very cultural and each piece makes you feel sexy, fierce, and able to get lost in the music!

This album has the ballads we need from her and has all her sexiness shine through. It shows her talent as a singer and makes you really feel good while listening to it! I always end up dancing to it!

This will always be her best album. I love Blackout too but In The Zone had me shook to the core when I first listened to it. "Britney" was her transitional album from teen pop princess to being an adult artist, and In The Zone perfectly captures that Ms. Spears is now all grown up.

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3 Femme Fatale

This album doesn't have any songs like Hit Me Baby One More Time or Toxic, but it just has so many great songs. Not just singles. How is Femme Fatale so underrated?

Every song on Femme Fatale is charged with dance tracks that sparks anyone's body to move on the dancefloor! - LukeP26

There are SO MANY underrated masterpieces like "Seal It With a Kiss", "Trouble for Me", "Drop Dead Beautiful" which should've been singles. The singles are amazing as well! - toptenqueen

Has the most of my favorite Britney songs ♥♥ - Brxtney

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4 Circus

The album that embodies her career: it's fun, it's freaky, it's bright, and it's creepy. Filled with double entendres and hidden innuendos, this album is worth a second listen. You might think it's all fun and games but the second you turn around, you'll be hearing the dark side of the Circus. Is she truly the ringleader or is she the tamed animal of the Circus? That's up to the listeners to decide.

Britney takes the center of the ring like no other star can: filled with fabulous dance tracks - like "Circus," "Womanizer," "Kill the Lights," and "Shattered Glass - and emotional ballads - "Unusual You" and "Out From Under" - as well as just as awesome bonus tracks - "Phonography," "Quicksand," and "Amnesia" - Circus has it all! - LukeP26

Its mood, name, cover, songs, videos... Is great

I've Got One Word For This Album... Brilliant

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5 Oops!... I Did It Again

Opps I did it again does not have my favourite song or britney song on it. but it has my 3rd favourite song ever on it. I think stronger has a great beat and sound, What you see is what you get has a chatchy move to it, I can't get no satisfaction is a great copy of the original single by The Rolling Stones and Oops I did it again is a great lead single. I give britney 10 out of 10 on this album!

My favorite off this album is where are you now

Every single song is good, relatable, raw and close to Britney. Each song is AMAZING and totally natural. Lucky is my favorite song! - toptenqueen

People who did not live this album at the time will not probably understand it, but for those lucky guys who did it, it is an outstanding masterpiece.
Every single song could have been a mass selling single.
God Bless the union Brit+ Max.
Where are you now stands as my fave even though it is such an unknown song.

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6 Britney

I can listen to this album the whole way through! I LOVE IT! My favorites are: "Anticipating"; "That's Where You Take Me"; "Overprotected"; and "Cinderella".

I love this album because stared to love britney it seen the album and I thought it looked beautiful. I love overprotced and for a third studio album I think it's FAB!

Her best. It was self titled because it was about her. Overprotected, I'm not a girl not a woman, and what it's like to be me are very autobiographical. Very catchy and addictive, every song is amazing :-)

Best from britney this could easily be her greatest hits album

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7 ...Baby One More Time

This album boosted her to superstardom. - Celestius

This is my favorite album of her's my favorite song by her is born to make you happy and that song is on this album it is a ballad

"This album is truly amazing, and it has it all, and launched her into her music career. It has the hit single "...Baby One More Time" which topped the charts for 2 weeks, which was the true savior of the album, and the best song of her career, and other singles like "Sometimes" which was #21, "(You Drive Me) Crazy" which was #10, "Born To Make You Happy" which topped the charts in the UK for a week, and "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart" which was #14, that is truly amazing.

By far

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8 Glory

I admit I was skeptical going into this album. Her last album, Britney Jean, was a disaster, and some of her newer singles like Pretty Girls and even Make Me were making me doubt where this album could go. But this album was was better than I expected. Britney has more energy and presence in her songs than she has had since Blackout. The majority of these songs are smooth and sexy and don't feel forced like songs on previous albums. Some of my favourites are Man On The Moon, Invitation, Hard To Forget Ya, Change Your Mind and Slumber Party. I can only hope that this album is successful on the charts when it comes out and doesn't get ignored by the public like Britney Jean and Femme Fatale were. - prettyodd

Her latest and most underrated album but the best work she's ever done since In The Zone and Blackout. All the songs in the album are beautiful especially "Man on the Moon" *cough* needs to be a single *cough*. Britney shows her growth and that she's not done with making music, not just yet.

Her best album in nearly a decade. It took her a while to release something as good (or very close to) as Blackout but she got there in the end.

The best album she's had since blackout, the best album ever

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9 Britney Jean

This album has some of Britney at her best, and some of her at worst. Perfume, Don't Cry, Till It's Gone and Passenger have some of her better vocals ever, and Work "Work", Body Ache, and Tik Tik Boom are great bangers and Alien is just a good song. However, It Should Be Easy has WAY too much autotune (even for Britney) and Chillin With You is a hot mess and they drag down the album, along with dated production from


BJ really had some potential. It only needs proper promotion. And proper singles.

I don't think they really "tried" with this album. It was scheduled and it just kinda happened and everyone was probably glad that it was finally done and over with. Passenger and Alien were decent but they also sounded extremely auto-tuned. Work Bitch was a strong club hit and that's that. Rest of the songs were kinda like... what. is. this?

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10 Britney Spears: The Singles Collection

AMAZING! I don't understand exactly why YOU wouldn't think so too!

I don't see how in the world this isn't first. It has all her big hits... it's the best album.

My favorite song by her is BORN TO MAKE YOU HAPPY that song is on this album and that means it is a great hit

I hardcore love this because of 3

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11 Greatest Hits: My Prerogative V 1 Comment
12 The Essential Britney Spears
13 B In The Mix, The Remixes
14 The Original Doll LP

I really wonder why Jive Records didn't allowed this album to go out. judging from the leaked tracks, this album would've been Britney's ticket to win a Grammy or two, and be finally citically recognized by her critics


I wish this was releaed. Britney should offically release, and put a big middle finger up Jive's but.

15 Britney & Kevin: Chaotic...
16 B In The Mix, The Remixes Vol. 2
17 Playlist: The Very Best of Britney Spears
18 Oops! I Did It Again: The Best Of
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