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21 Born to Make You Happy

This song gives me chills when I sing the chorus
This is one of my favorite older song from from Queen Spears

My favorite song from Britney's debut album "Baby One More Time" - sweet, beautiful and just lovely track. Oh and very underrated too - Irina2932

This is her best song by far. It actually has meaning unlike the rest.

Love the piano Intro...

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22 Inside Out

"So Come On! " This underrated song not only has an insane, grinding mid-tempo beat, and incredibly catchy melodies and harmonies, but in this song Britney even references two of her old hits, "Baby One More Time" and "(You Drive Me) Crazy". "Hit me one more time it's so amazing, how you shook my world and flipped it upside down. You're the only one who ever drove me CRAZY! Cause you know me inside out... " Seriously one of my all time favorite Britney Songs, and songs period!

It's hard to say which song is the best because Britney Spears is an angel. This song is sexy and my current favorite. :D

This really should be one on Britney's next singles!
It's not only catchy but it's also slighlty different from her more recent stuff.

Work perfect in inside. I undarstand the song, work for universo. sometimes work how need and mind. all familys in the universo, paz, love, busines whatever.

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23 Sometimes

Don't care if it last or first I just wanna hear these song again and again and I don't care what peoples say and complement this song just the importance is it always be the song and lovely sweet young britney spears is always be the favorite of anyone THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE

How could it be on no. 22...? It should be in top ten... Its such a beautiful song...! I seriously can't believe that its on no. 22... And the lyrics are just awesome...! Specially this line :-
Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide...

Somtimes when I hear these song its making me cry because I'm inspired all the song of her when she was young.. Could she be write a song that fit the childs heart and like these... Britney is so beautiful inside but everything change. Coul she be more careful when she is making a music video. I really like everything since19s till 20s and like these song that it touch my heart so deeply. Love you britney forevernomatter what

Best song for me.. Soft melody lovable.

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24 Touch of My Hand

I love this song so much one of the best britney songs ever she ever made

Really Catchy song... It really stays in your head, especially the beginning!
It has really good background music>>>IT'S AWESOME!

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25 Scream & Shout

Though the main lines are by Will.I. am but she added the vocals by her sweet voice...

This is an epic song and can turn your boring day upside down!
Deserves a better spot.

Great collaboration with!

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26 My Prerogative

This song rocks! I don't care what critics say about it, I ADORE it! It describes Britney so perfectly. Her freedom desire, her vision of the world. Everything. I wish people would listen to what she says. She is such a talented artist. She CAN sing and she also can write beautiful songs. Too bad they're often unreleased. Just look at Peep Show, Guilty and Rebellion. Even though she writes the lyrics of a song, that song is still amazing. Alien is the perfect example. I don't doubt she wrote 90 percent of its lyrics.

Love this song. It is so great. Britney's re-adaption of the song is awesome. I only recently found it. Love it, love her and wish this song was number one.

Aww.. This song is so sexy and dark yet.

Is lock what happens my in the world, inside, I have millons the things for to work perfect. and sometimes lock angry. and lock change perfect work for universo perfect.

27 Radar

This is the only song I like by Britney. She really has some fun lyrics in there and the song actually sounds like a tracking device. This should definitely be up higher on the list. Two thumbs up. I got this song on my radar. Ooh, a pun! Anyway, well made song. Should be number one.

Britney at her best. Would've been number one if she'd released it off of her Blackout album. Using it as a bonus track on Circus was a bad idea. Why? Because it was old by then.

It's enough to say that I spent the whole evening looking for this song... Blah blah

This song definitely deserves a better place please do vote people once you start listening you would not want to stop

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28 He About to Lose Me

O boy! Means really what the hell? I'm sorry this song must be a hit in HELL also! Its something very different from britney's song and just love its beat!

One of her best bonus tracks

Best song on FF! Yes, I said it. Its beat, its vocals, everything. I love it isn't a pure pop song. FF is gorgeous but there are a lot of pop songs. I love HATLM is a little different.

29 Boys
30 Breathe On Me

This poor song should've been a huge hit worldwide if she didn't get the injury...

"it's so hot and I need some air"

Only 1 line of truth 'britney dances godlike when this song is played on her tours'

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31 Kill the Lights



32 Cinderella

LOVE IT! Absolutely AMAZING! Seriously, you should listen to this song... It is better than you might think...

This song is should be released as a single

33 I Will Still Love You

This is the best love song by brit I get burrs when I hear this song
This is the song which I used to hear at times of my break up

34 Perfume

Her best album Britney Jean will be released as the Best Female Songs Of The Year

Her voice is so pretty in this song, I love it x)

Best vocals, good music and remix, is one of the best songs of Britney Jean, love it

Strong heart touching song that deserves to be in the top 5

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35 I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

This song should at least be in the top 5, it is in my opinion the best song by Britney, the lyrics and everything, I think most girls out there can relate to its meaning... What's wrong, people? VOTE IT UP!

Awesome song! It should be on the Top 10.. The beat and lyrics are amazing!

I Cannot imagine a greater Brit song - MatrixGuy

This song describes my own feelings..
This girl will always find her way... :( :(

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36 S&M (Remix)

Finally. A good remix.

Awesome remix

S&M (Remix) is a surprisingly good remix. Usually, remixes aren't very good. But RiRi and BritBrit were qvle to pull it off.

37 Get Naked (I Got a Plan)

How is it possible that stupid songs which are actually just demos, like Telephone to be higher on this list. Are you sick? Go vote that stupid song on Gaga's list... Not to say about flop songs like Scream & Shout. I love Brit but I hate this song as well as I hate Will.I. am. Why songs like Alien, Get Back and Breathe on me are after this stupid "song". Britney doesn't even sound like her, for me. And that I've already begun, I have to say it : Why, in the name of God, creepy remixes like S&M is on this damn list? This is the worst collaboration I've ever seen although I love Brit and I also like Rihanna. Again, go on Rihanna's list ant put it as number 1... Not to mention that ones of Britney's best songs like Scary, Toy Soldier, Phonography, Passenger, Freakshow, Ooh ooh baby have lower spots. Why don't you bring and Till The world ends remix alongside Kesha and Niki Minaj so you can be happy. Someone said that Scream and Shout it's an epic song. In yours greatest dreams. ...more

38 Gasoline

This song is so catchy! Not a lot of my friends know it though!

This song is hot like a gasoline!

This song is so catchy! Best FF songs!

What bad did she do to make you hate her. She has not killed you or anything or tried or has never harmed you so please do not say, you know stupid things like this because if you do your a sick pervert whos going to get raped hard in hell... Eat that

39 Ooh Ooh Baby

Awesome! Dirty lyrics but catchy it!

40 From the Bottom of My Broken Heart

This song is beautiful

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