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1 Grenade Grenade Cover Art

Correctly in the #1 position...!
I just love it and had listened to it more than a 1000 times...
Just listen to the song and try to derive the meaning and you will love it too...
Also check out the video on youtube...

Its kinda ironic... this song is amazing, beautiful and is very emotive. On the other hand Just the way you are is an Awesome song by the same singer talking about a different emotion... But both of them are in a different class. I love them both.

Grenade is so much better than all his other awesome singles because of his very strong and effective vocals and also the great rhythm this song has, I am so glad that this awesome song hit number one in the music charts.

The first time I heard the song and watched the video, my friend showed me on her iPod and I cried my heart out for Bruno Mars. He looked so sexy and sad at the same time I felt for him. That girl, I'm keeping an eye out for her. Breaking Bruno Mars's heart. I love you Bruno Mars and your work.
Oxoxo Aqsa

2 Just the Way You Are Just the Way You Are Cover Art

Grenade has a stupid moral, because I think it's dumb that someone would say all that stuff about saving a woman. Just twya isn't about that stuff and it has a good lesson: stay the way you are. The lazy song just isn't as catchy as this song! I love it!

I let my mom hear this song while she laid in her bed. 85 years old (her last month of life) to hear this beautiful song. I told her I wanted her to hear the song because when it comes on the radio I turn it up and image my daughter Chelsea. She smiled when it was over and said it was absolutely her... Thank you. My mom passed on July 21, 2012...

This song just touches my heart every time I listen to it.

I always thought this song was the dream of every woman. Because, women always try to be pretty and Bruno Mars here says that you don't have to change, you are perfect that way. I personally always get excited when this song appears in the radio.

3 Locked Out of Heaven Locked Out of Heaven Cover Art

I love the chorus! It's so catchy. Actually, every part is catchy but that part's is super catchy. In many songs, it's the same tune over and over but this song has a lot of different tunes and I love that. This actually isn't my favorite song by him, but I think it should be in the Top 10.

Bruno did it again! Every time he composes a song, it would definitely reach the top 5 list... The beats are simply awesome, apart from all this is his voice which would melt one's heart! This song should be in the top 10 list... If you have not heard this song, please do hear it!

Hands down; best Bruno Mars song, both meditative and you could dance to it. Surprised it isn't higher up the list, figure its because its relatively newer than the rest of the songs on the list anyway changes nothing... This is an iconic song... A classic already!

Please people out there it is one of the best songs of the year 2012 topping many charts in many countries please vote for this song guys you won't regret it am putting my precious vote on this song out of many precious songs of Bruno Mars because this song deserves to be in top ten!

4 It Will Rain It Will Rain Cover Art

This song is amazing and most definitely the "Grenade" of 2011! The chorus is extremely catchy and the versus to great with there awesome meanings. Bruno Mars sure showed off his talent and creativeness in this song. He is definitely the top new artist and will be remembered for a long time for his awesome songs!

Think it is better than grenade! Catchy tune too! It just shows that a person can love someone so much that it would pretty much break them if he lost her. Lyrics are great, and the music is phenomenal. If I had to pick one song from Bruno Mars to keep and everything else had to go away, I would pick this one. This song is one to remember forever.

The song is really musical, I must say that the song created a deep impact over me as I totally got lost in the music which creates a enchanting effect over the listener, believe me, you'll really sway and swing with melody, it catches on to U.. you should really listen to it
Feel bruno mars...

WOW this is Bruno Mars' newest song and it is definitely a smash hit! It is no my favourite (1. Grenade 2. The Lazy Song) but I am really determined to get this into the top 10 because it really deserves it. Bruno Mars never disappoints.

5 The Lazy Song The Lazy Song Cover Art

I love this song... its rly funny with the monkeys and everything! It is actually lazy and I just really love the song. as soon as I heard it on the radio I ran to the computer to look it up on YouTube! I think that anyone even adults would love this song... and in my opinion it is the #1 bruno mars song!

This song is indeed great!
Sounds like funny but it's the reality!

Its indeed LAZY!
Specially the setting

That's unusual because that song sounds like my personality. Laugh out loud. LOVE the beat and music. By the time it got to the second verse, I laughed my a off. Bruno Mars is indeed my favorite male artist.

I love the songs Grenade and by Bruno Mars... But I like this song more than Grenade as it is very energetic and the video is very much fun to watch
But what is it doing on 3rd? It should be at least on 2nd I guess?... What do you think

6 When I Was Your Man When I Was Your Man Cover Art

It's amazing to consider that his most powerful, specific and brilliant song is mainly done with a piano and raw vocals. He even said himself that he can't fake this song, he really experienced this heartbreaking story. I think this deserves to be on top because the combination of pure emotion, straightforward message and simple emphasis on being alone and guilty with a piano gets me EVERY TIME I listen to it..

I absolutely love this song. My favorite. I must have listened to this song over a hundred times... I play it over and over and over... It just gets me.
You guys out there... Really listen to the words to this song. Pay attention. You might just save your relationship.
My name is Marilyn and I'm a big fan of Bruno.

This song is sad but it cheers you up. I think Bruno is just a very talented person. This all must just come to him like the wind. He is amazing and I loved his big comeback even though I never stopped listening to him. Everybody just loves him. This coming from a ten year old.

This song is AMAZING not it's more than amazing...when I hear has passion.. I love it. Bruno Mars should make more songs like this. It brings back memories about my exes and boy best friend and it hurts losing someone you love...

7 Uptown Funk Uptown Funk Cover Art

The lyrics are so cool and confident. In the song it seems like Bruno would rule the world. Besides his voice fits amazing for this song and he really shows of his talent. I also really love the music video it shows pretty much all I described before. So this is my favourite song and Runaway Baby is in the second place! (sorry if I made any lamguage mistakes I'm from Germany)

This deserves to be #1! This song is so catchy, and you could listen to it forever! I'm actually singing this with my friend for Dessert Theater. It's such a great song!

This song can make me dance in my chair in the library when I'm studying. Now that's saying something. Absolutely love this song...

By far the best Bruno Mars song, brings up so many memories, is upbeat and lyrics you can sing your heart out to.

8 Treasure Treasure Cover Art

This was my and my girlfriend's favorite song, and this song was played over 1000 times with the windows down screaming it driving down backroads.

Such a fun song. The whole science faculty at my university learned the dance to this, and it was EPIC dancing with 1000 other frosh. I love the vibe this song gives off. Whenever I hear it I just want to dance!

With this 70s-80s funk resurgence in 2013 from Daft Punk to even Chris Brown, I'd have to put this at the top of my list above all else this year. I treasure this song.

A great funky song which feels very retro. Complete it with a great beat which makes this song a more than enjoyable normal Bruno Mars release and I for one enjoy it extremely

9 Marry You Marry You Cover Art

I love this song so much. I wish Bruno sung this to me. He is my everything! I Love him so much! If I could talk to him I would say "ear Bruno, You are so cute and I love your voice, You are a very good singer and I would love to marry and go on a date with you and all the other good stuff! I love you and will always love you and you're music, Love, Prestyn" That is what I would say. I love how his music relates to everybody in someway, like I just listened to one of his songs called Long Distance! It is a very good song and the lyrics are so Strong. You also need to listen to Lighter By: Bad Meets Evil (Eminem and Royce the 5'9) ft Bruno Mars. I would imagine why everyone wants to collaborate with him because he has a good voice and It is perfect for any song! I love Perter Gene Hernandez!

What a lovely song... I want to keep listening this song all the day. Thank-you bruno for giving us such a wonderful musing. Very euphoneous to hear this song. Oh my ears feel great when they listen to you. Love you so much. God bless you bruno.

I love this song because it's really creative and relaxing. I can never stop listening to this song no matter how hard I try... I'm just confused as to why this song is so low on the list? I love you, Bruno Mars! Keep doing what you do

Better than many songs listed here. Personally my favorite songs are Marry You, Just the way you are, grenade and the lazy song. And this song deserves to be in top 3.

10 Count on Me Count on Me Cover Art

I loved this song so much. It was so catchy I couldn't get it out of my head for over a week! I also love how the song is so upbeat and happy unlike some other songs. If you never listened to this song you better go look it up right now because you won't be able to stop listening to it for at least a day. I'm my opinion this is the best song ever!

My friends and I did this song for a talent show and we actually won. If this song was not here we couldn't have won. But of course our great singing voices helped us too :D. Love this song. Thanks to Bruno Mars. Me and my best friend are in love with him! He is such a good singer.123-432 he does so well!

Best song ever! First time I heard it I didn't even know who Bruno mars was! And I thought wow this guy has an amazing voice, that, combined with the words, tune, and subtle music make this song at least top 5!

Fabulous friendly forever song..

"You can count on me like 1 2 3
I'll be there
And I know when I need it I can count on you like 4 3 2
And you'll be there
Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah"

so nice. I very like it!

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11 Talking to the Moon Talking to the Moon Cover Art

Actually, if you ask me, I'm not really a Bruno Mars fan. He's a talented singer, evidently, though as a songwriter I'm really not too entertained by many of his releases (*cough* I can see how "The Lazy Song", "Marry You" and "Just The Way You Are" might work, but they really aren't my cup of tea; in my opinion "nothing' on You", "Grenade" and most of his other stuff is OK to good).

"Talking to the Moon" is very well done, if you ask me. It's fairly straightforward, and shows off his vocal prowess quite well. For me it's a tough choice between this and "Count on Me", but I'll go with this.

As much as I love all songs from Doo-Wops, this song to me stands out from the rest and it's a quite breathtaking to listen to with some of Bruno's exceptional vocal performances, the phenomenal instrumental section and that buildup to "cause every night I'm talking to the moon" is so amazing to listen to. Easily one of my favourite, if not my favourite song from Bruno Mars.

This song is beautiful. The lyrics and the melody are just perfect. I listen to it over and over, never get bored. Too bad it hasn't a video clip yet.
I love Bruno Mars and everything he does, but Talking to the Moon is by far his greatest song.

Beautiful, beautiful song! By far one of his best, I feel like it definitely deserves more credit and acknowledgment! The lyrics are wonderful and it's my go-to sad song! Which of course cheers me up because I love this song again it's just beautiful defiantly one if he best, if not the best, songs by Bruno Mars.

12 Billionaire Billionaire Cover Art

I absolutely love this song. It's the best one ever done in the world and the best one Bruno mars has done. This one should of made him a billionaire or even a millionaire or even better trillion air. He's awesome and so is this song!

I am 7 and Bruno Rocks!
I always rock the house singing his songs at talent show.
If you ever need a song to listen to travie and bruno are the ones to look for

Awesome... Just love this song... The guitar is also pretty good... I don't know what people have against travie mccoy and mars...

They both ARE awesome

I think it was a well sang song by both bruno and travie it was just a tremendous amount of harmony and vocal voices blending together. I always listen to it and I always tell my self "I want to be a billionaire so bad

13 Nothin' on You Nothin' on You Cover Art

This song is just so catchy and you can sing a long to it without even thinking about it. B.O. B's voice is just perfect with the rhythm and Bruno's voice is just so hypnotizing, he is just perfect in every way.

I absolutely love this song! Funny thing is, Bruno Mars wasn't really relevant when this song first came out, but now, Bruno Mars is super relevant, and B.O.B isn't really relevant anymore!

I love this song! It's so great and beautiful. This was before Bruno Mars was a solo artist. Now B.o.B isn't making music anymore, and look at Bruno Mars now!

Absolutely superb...
I love this one & this song is fun to listen again and again...
great work from bruno mars

14 24K Magic 24K Magic Cover Art

Best of Bruno mars of course
I'm dangerous man with some money in my pocket
But also slightly lower than uptown funk

Guess who is back again?
Returning with a statement.

I am responsible for a few million views.

Get the song please

15 Lighters Lighters Cover Art

It is one of his brilliant songs, his voice was superb. The combination of bad meets evil with bruno mars is excellent... I love it...

This song is awesome and although he just only sings the chorus, the chorus was definitely the greatest part of the song. He definitely fits this song so well great choice!

This is the best song ever! I just can't get enough of this song. It is so good and so catchy. I love the other songs also but this is the best I think by far
So until the make something better, lance

Really nice song, I just like to listen to the bruno mars part that's the best!

16 Runaway Baby Runaway Baby Cover Art

It's a very good for listening... Although its still new song of bruno mars, but I like this song... This song (MAKE ME MAD)...
To all bruno mars's fans, please listen, listen, listen it. Listen this song everyday, every moment, every time.. And you'll be like me, be a (MAD PERSON)
Finaly, this song is VERY GOOD

This song is a great up-beat tune. Now I'm not a huge Bruno Mars fan but I really like this song. For a While I didn't know that it was by him. Sure he has some other good song but this one wins by far. I love listenig to this song when I'm feeling down.

I LOVE THIS SONG! It just rocks. It is so fun and catchy and just makes me happy! And how is it not in the top ten?!?! This just blew my mind. People don't know what their missing.

Just love it!
Whenever I think I've found the latest and greatest Bruno Mars song, I find a better one. I just love how upbeat it is and that chorus is so catchy!

17 Gorilla Gorilla Cover Art

Really works in the bedroom. Make love while playing this.
No need to mention that the vocals are amazing.

It accomplishes all the requires needed to be a pop song, making it to certain point cultural.

I just love his voice in this song! He is so talented!

Very sensual... Makes the person who listens to it feel high laugh out loud

18 Mirror Mirror Cover Art

Please vote for this song because it says it has 0% votes but I have voted for this before and I really want this song to be in the top ten. It is a very slow and emotional song that really makes you think about the lyrics that were being sung beautifully by Wayne and Mars.

This song is just AMAZING. And the featuring with Little Wayne is just a type of geniality that I never cold have had. Love this song, I really love it. And you all should just pick YouTube and listen it, understood? Do it NOW!

This song is just amazing! It is not just Bruno Mars' greatest song, but also Lil Wayne's greatest song. This song is also pretty new so hopefully have heard this song and will vote for it because it is awesome.

A very good combination of Bruno Mars and his awesome and catchy chorus and Lil Wayne and his slow and emotional rap. Well done both artists for creating a marvelous single.

19 That's What I Like That's What I Like Cover Art

Love this song so much! It's my favorite. This song should be higher or #10.

Over a billion views on YouTube & an amazing song.

This is his best song yet!
Put this at number one!

I love this song. It should at least be in top 10.

20 Young, Wild & Free Young, Wild & Free Cover Art

A very very catchy song that you will song along to even though the lyrics send a bad message. Bruno Mars is great in this song and I was surprised that worked so well with two rappers.

How do you think that snoop dog and wis kalifa are young wild and free when they are in their late 40's. But who cares awesome song though with the help of bruno mars.

AMAZING! Bruno Mars makes this song. Just kills it. It shows off his talent. With Wiz and Snoop this is legendary.

It's not his song, he's just featured in it but yes this song is AWESOME!

21 Finesse Finesse Cover Art

Why this is so low? It's the best Bruno mars song!

I love the 80s/90s feel.

Love the remix!

22 Young Girls Young Girls Cover Art

All you young wild girls
You make a mess of me
Yeah, you young wild girls
You'll be the death of me, the death of me

All you young wild girls
No matter what you do
Yeah, you young wild girls
I'll always come back to you, come back to you

Great song, great tune. This deserves to be at least in the top 10. An added plus to this song is that it also sounds great live. Check out bruno mars performing this song in the victoria's secret show.

I don't know why this song is number 32, I think it is great. I'm sure many people will agree with me after listening to it. Come on, make it into the top 10 at least. Great song, great voice, great music.

I can't believe that this song is here :S especially demo version is perfect one, not belong this number..

23 Versace on the Floor Versace on the Floor Cover Art

This list should be updated, his new songs are pure gold compared to his older songs. Yes, the old songs are great, but songs like this, are sent from god. This song in particular is on another level when it comes to musical mastery

Why this song is on 25? This song is almost the same level to "Just the way you are" song of Bruno Mars. It is classic and it has a very amazing intro part of the song.This should be the second top of the list. First is "Just the way you are".

Best song on his new album!

Bruno Mars at his best.

24 Moonshine Moonshine Cover Art

One of my favourite songs. Perfect in the summer, driving down a long road. Very chill. Very clean sounding. And that intro. The whole song is all encompassing and also, it's got a damn good beat

This song + driving at night = pure bliss

25 Natalie Natalie Cover Art

It's got the same sound as runaway baby, which I really like. I think this is one of Bruno's best songs, it has a really sexy jazz hook that I know people would like.

Despite its 0.4% reception on this site, I love this song! It's my number one favorite Bruno Mars song of all time.

36! This song deserves to be among top 20!

Best song from him. Why is this no.20?

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