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41 Never Say You Can't

Very emotional song, its about his dad

This song really touches me, it must be on top 5... guys you should try this out.

42 Don't Give Up

Are you nuts
You didn't listen it
Just listen it
Then decide where it stands

43 One Love
44 Before It Explodes

Not on the top 10? Try this with headphones and read the lyrics

45 Versace on the Floor

This list should be updated, his new songs are pure gold compared to his older songs. Yes, the old songs are great, but songs like this, are sent from god. This song in particular is on another level when it comes to musical mastery

Best song on his new album!

Bruno Mars at his best.


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46 Show Me

This is a cool song. Listen to it and you'll feel like you're in a beach with Bruon Mars. :D

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47 Again

One of Bruno Mars greatest song ever! "all I went through led me to you so I'll do it all over again" I truly would do it all over again if given the chance!

This song is the most heart-touching song ever! It really reflects bruno mars's amazing style!

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48 Rest of My Life

This is a beautiful song, where every women in her life wanted to listen from the lover, and I really loved the lyrics and the way he tuned it and conveyed it... Too good

My husband played this song for me at our wedding. I had never heard this song before that day. It had both of us in tears. Beautiful lyrics and melody.

Needs to Sing this. On his tour on Orlando fl! This. Is my all thine favorite song!

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49 Chunky
50 Long Distance

When I missed my girlfriend, I just love this song, but it's so sad

Beast Song love everything bout it can relate 2 it

This song made me cry. It's just underrated.

Make me cry every time I listen to it.

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51 Girl I Wait

This song is superb.. Just superb.. Could listen to it for hours and not stop. One of the best slow songs of bruno mars!

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52 Girl In the Window

Very nice song can be the best song Bruno mars ever made in the world. Very very vet vey Ben ebb bug bydg jhbb gdfvbhd hfcb best song ever

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53 On Fire

I don't know if anyone knows this song. Found it on YouTube. It's a decent song. One I could listen to.

54 Tonight

The best Song it should be in top 10 a very good beat and johnny angel rocks.

55 Watching Her Move

This is the most different song of bruno mars from all others. I think he did it very well. Bruno mars

56 She Got Me
57 Turn Around

Epic I can't stop hitting replay!

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58 Bubble Butt

I really like the song

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59 Where Did She Go?
60 Only When You Are Lonely

I don't know... I just like it

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