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41 Long Distance

When I missed my girlfriend, I just love this song, but it's so sad

Beast Song love everything bout it can relate 2 it

This song made me cry. It's just underrated.

Make me cry every time I listen to it.

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42 Girl I Wait

This song is superb.. Just superb.. Could listen to it for hours and not stop. One of the best slow songs of bruno mars!

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43 Girl In the Window

Very nice song can be the best song Bruno mars ever made in the world. Very very vet vey Ben ebb bug bydg jhbb gdfvbhd hfcb best song ever

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44 On Fire

I don't know if anyone knows this song. Found it on YouTube. It's a decent song. One I could listen to.

45 She Got Me
46 Before It Explodes

Not on the top 10? Try this with headphones and read the lyrics

47 Tonight

The best Song it should be in top 10 a very good beat and johnny angel rocks.

48 Watching Her Move

This is the most different song of bruno mars from all others. I think he did it very well. Bruno mars

49 Turn Around

Epic I can't stop hitting replay!

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50 Where Did She Go?
51 Only When You Are Lonely

I don't know... I just like it

52 Who Are You
53 Finesse
54 Killa On Tha Run

Well I see it, only because it's not released! Daah it's the best song ever! I love this song so much that I can't stop listening to it!

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55 Faded

Great 80's sounding song with lyrics many of us night folks can relate to.

Now that I 'm at the end of the bottle she looks like a supermodel

56 Her World Goes On

It's a very nice song... I would repeat this song a couple of times in my mp3 playlist... If you haven't heard of it yet then try to... It's a nice song

57 Trippin Out
58 Dreamtaker

How did the song not here guys?
definitely the best song of bruno mars.

59 A Stranger
60 Circles

I love this song but it's really just because I love love love Bruno mars.

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