Top Ten Best Bryan Adams Songs

The Top Ten Best Bryan Adams Songs

1 Summer of '69

Really a very nice song which fill everyone's heart with joy the feeling of nostalgia is immense yup best Bryan Adams Song ever...

Its too nostalgic.. when I listen to that song anytime, I think about my college days and all.. even though am not a 1969 thing... it is simply the best nostalgic song ever..

This Is The Best Song Of Bryan Adams Without Any Kind Of Doubt. If Anyone Haven't Heard This Piece Of Beauty, They Are Definitely Missing Something Must Heard.

This is my favorite song that I love and reminds me of my very very beautiful days I spent with my friends. It give me all feelings of that childhood sometimes I really go on crying when I listen to this song, The days with me and my friends play cricket, football and every games that were played at that time... It's The best nostalgic songs I think... Sometimes I think that Everything go back on those days that were the best days of my life but that never happen I'm go on older and older... Anyway, please please please vote this song on 1 on best songs of all time people please...

2 (Everything I Do) I Do It for You

A very good romantic song!
It makes me feel the song!

Bryan Adams' best song by far. The slow rhythm and beautiful lyrics make it impossible to dislike.

Love it Makes me feel it. My girl friend started crying.
The voice reaches the HEART

One of the most under rated songs of all time, when I think of love songs, this, "can you feel the love tonight" and "Your song" are the three most perfect love songs in history, according to me anyway

3 Heaven

I like this song really,
i think bryan sang for me...

awesome song.
Especially the acoustic version, really touches the heart and it just feels good

this song should be much above than where it is now

Such an awesome song. Reckless was full of tunes like this. The guitar work is awesome.

4 Run to You

Same! I agree completely. This is my favourite
Run to You is an excellent song.
I suggest at least 7th.
And the beginning is just so good.

oh my god I don't believe this song is so low here

The guitar riff is nothing short of ICONIC! Gives me chills, especially at the bridge where the music strips back to the guitar, then blasts into the final chorus. Phenomenal - definitely number 1 for me!

How dam this could be here please vote make it to the top al least under 5
This is ultimate song please listen before you vote

5 Please Forgive Me

It's very nice songs for the best singer all over the world, wishing him all the best and more progress

great song if youre trying to say sorry to someone

I love this song, bryan adams's voice so sexy in this song.. You have to vote this one! He's the best singer all over the world.

The text is wonderfull. Bryan Adams can write so good lyrics.
And this song touched my heart. When I heard this song, I cried. And I've never had cried when I heard a song before.

6 Here I Am

one of the best melodies songs I have ever heard in simple words it is a mind blowing songs of any decade the best song one can use to convey his or her loved ones

I believe this one is the best! Summer of 69 just stands out for its popularity but HERE I AM is truly a marvel! Awesome is the only word that can describe it!

It can be a long song or a short song it you make it shorter. It makes me feel I am happy. A truly marverlous song. What a really good singer. It is a magnificant son

Here I am is truly Awesome!
Summer of 69 is better at its place...
But if you are looking for a soft one;
This is what you get from Byran Adams
The sing just lets you flow away and this is truly
Best of BA...

7 Cuts Like a Knife

One of the early songs... Early Hits...
Great song and should be higher... Really much higher

Love this song I wish I could have it because I don't have it

This ain't my Fave Bryan Adams song but this is a Classic so I'm stunned this isn't Higher!

Top 10 song for sure.

8 All for Love

Because this is a really good song I love it very much

I love this song superb x

Great love song, also great wedding song

This track just plain rocks. It's brilliant in concert.

9 Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?

Come on you all,...
This is one of the best love songs ever
What the hell is this song doing this low on the list

This song needs to be at the top 10... This song makes you learn what true love is... It should be heard by each and every man in the world...

I ordered the dvd of the movie that features this song and realized much of what made the movie special was the music. The movie is "Don Juan de Marco" starring Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp, and Faye Dunaway. Worth seeking out!

Being a woman I'd say if you wanted to romance me this one of the most beautiful songs to do that with the other is "Can't Live" if living is without you. Remember Johnny Mathis, when he sang I melted.

10 Somebody

I'm not sure why this song isn't listed higher here. What a wonderful tune.

This is only ranked #25 why? Give it a listen to people.

Amazing song, why is it not in the top ten

Absolutely amazing song, love it with all my heart

The Contenders

11 Can't Stop This Thing We Started

I really like that songs it touch area of your life thanks bryan adams I have been listening to your songs since I was 10 years old and doing the same thing today love you your fan

Love this Bryan Adams song, always cheers me up when I am feeling down

KIller song to play live!

Love this song

12 Try to See It My Way

An early example of what a phenomenal singer songwriter Bryan is. All his songs showcase his talent and his band members.

13 Do I Have to Say the Words?

This is good song & has a great meaning

I'm on cloud number 9. I could not stop humming it. once I heard it.

Even such old songs make sung by Bryan Adams can getting moving the youth...

I live the meaning of this song

14 I'll Always Be Right There

Amazingly emotional song. Hard to pick a favorite Bryan Adam's song, but this one is so powerful in its simplicity.

What a shame that this piece of love art was not more known.

The best song by Bryan Adams

Awesome song!
Lovely lyrics.. Just not very much publicised.. I would reccomend everyone coming on this page to give it a listen.

15 Cloud Number Nine

Very very very good song i loved it and very smooth song and nice voice bryan adams is a very professional singer I love all his songs I also loved his (Everything I Do) I Do It for You, Do I Have to Say the Words? , Cloud Number Nine, Here I Am, All For Love, and Heaven were the best song I ever heard he is so handsome.

It is an amazing song. It really makes you feel on cloud no 9 you're flying high and you just keep flowing along with the sog

You can have a favorite musical taste, as everyone but one person who truly understands the meaning of music really know that, this song is different. They are songs that appeal to everyone. I hope you belong to this glorious gift.

This is a very underrated song-i love this song, it is the second best of adams after summer of 69, it definitely deserves second place

16 Heat of the Night

So old and so good...

17 Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven

The most underrated song of Bryan Adams, this must be clearly at least in top 5


Most definitely top 5 all time. Great lyrics aND tune. If you don't're tone deaf!

Excellent song. if you love this song, youll love adams

18 The Best of Me

its really a vry lovable song..

When he says "This is love and I've learned enough to know... I'm never letting go.. " you know that you are now in the presence of something which is out of this world. It's incredible really... He embodies love and with it everything that is worth living for with this simple song. It's sad really that it gets lost amid all his other songs (which are undoubtedly great too). This one though just stands out for me.

This track should have been at number 4... It has the best lyrics and seems as if it comes directly from bryan's heart...

Awesome, really heart touching and enough to dedicate one's feeling to other

19 Back to You

Takes you right into the year 1999. It is good to feel 20 year back with this song.

This song hit mind blow up...
Amazing song

This song makes me Back To You, Bryan!.. Simply wonderful!

Very good

20 One Night Love Affair

26... Absolutely ridiculous. This song is awesome but I suppose he just has so many good songs

This song is awesome and it makes me think of Real Genius

One of his best. Waaay too low on this list.

21 Room Service

One of best songs of recent years, a UK number 1 hit in 2004. Probably very underrated it's a great modern Rock song, about the 'road', which is the 'road of life', full of ups and downs. Lyrics: "Life is greatest story ever told". We often forget this.

This song is really good! And so was the album!

22 It's Only Love

Another case of an artist having too many well-penned songs. This would be in most artist's top ten I'd imagine...

How is this not top 10? Him and Tina Turner make magic on this track!

My Bryan Adams favorite, especially the live version

Underrated Classic

23 The Only Thing that Looks Good on Me is You

One of the best songs Bryan has ever played live, especially with his scream at the end.

Should be much higher

Best bA song

too true

24 Straight From the Heart

I really love this very because its really touch the heart.

Simple song with a wonderful melody, first Bryan Adams song I fell in love with in 1983

Really Really Melodious, the tune after the second chorus makes me nostalgic.

Should be top ten, guys really need to listen to this

25 Let's Make a Night to Remember

I view this song as one of Bryan's signature songs. It's so romantically beautiful. It should be in the Top 5

I love this song but I don't why it is nowhere on the list.. Add it to the top friends. Lets make a night to remember january to december... Umm

Most romantic and exciting song without any direct word use. simply awesome

Why is this song not in the Top 1-2? This is one of his best songs ever!

26 There Will Never Be Another Tonight

I love this song so much! It's a great rock song, especially when he plays it live (not anymore sadly) I'm definitely born in the wrong generation!

What a dishonourable place for a song like this...! This song easily deserves to be in top 15.. #salman_porag

27 We're Gonna Win

Definitely the best pump up song to listen to before playing sports or a big game

I love we’re gonna win I listen to it all the time

28 You Can't Take Me

Steely determination and "go get it" attitude. Everything you want in a song to bring you up when your low. Gotta love this.

This song is really good and it give you a strong feeling, just brilliant.

How is this so low on the list? Look this up on YouTube people! And for those who work out to Eminem, try this one, it's easily one of the most motivating (while staying positive) songs out there

Amazing, I love bryan a lot

29 I Will Always Return

This barely known song was in the movie "Spirit, the Stallion of Cimerallon"(or something like that), a kids movie about horses from 2002. Yes, THAT horse movie! It was easily one of the best movies if its decade, and as someone who was a kid in that era, it stuck in my head well into my twenties, particularly because of this song! This song brings back so many memories and feelings I had as a kid! Should easily be on the top ten list, it is right at #1 for me, with Here I Am right behind it at #2

Such a beautiful song. Very powerful. Shame how underrated it is. It deserves more love.

One Of the best songs ever please vote for it... It should be among top 5

30 18 Til I Die

Great song! I'm not 18 yet but I really think I'm gonna sing this song everyday next year!

One of my all time favourites. The words are just amazing. Fantastic song. And its just so true.

It's a Petrol Pump. If you ever need fuel just listen it. I swear it will work.. (Cites from my own experience)

Love this song I enjoy and sing at 71 years of age

31 Kids Wanna Rock

This song shows his rocker side!

This song is just way too good! The live versions (especially 1992-1994 ones) make me want to get up, smash a chair, charge out of the house, and dance in the street!

Great album track from his 1984 breakthrough album "Reckless" it criticized hearing New-Wave music on the radio and no Rock calling it computerised crap and claims the kids wanna Rock!

Lyrics say: Turned on the radio, Sounded like a disco Musta, turned the dial for a couple of miles. But I couldn't find no rock 'n roll! This computerized crap ain't gettin' me off

Everywhere I go the kids wanna rock. London to L.A, talking' 'bout the New Wave, for a couple of bucks you get a weird haircut and waste your life away. Around the world or around the block. Everywhere I go the kids wanna rock. Get me my D.J, I got somethin' he's gotta play, wanna hear it I can't wait.So turn it up, turn it up...

Kick down the barricades, listen what the kids say, from time to time people change their minds, but the music is here to stay. I've seen it all from the bottom to the top. Everywhere I go the kids wanna rock! "

This song should be top 10, easily. it still rocks today!

32 When You're Gone

Great song... The first time I heard it I was like... Wow. Totally pumps me up... Bryan at his best. This song is definitely one for the lovers.

Total kick ass song... I hear this song everyday!

I can't really believe that this song has been ranked 65

Such a great song should be in top 5

33 Flying

2004 UK Top 40 single, a slow beautiful Rock ballad.

34 Open Road

Song for the rodeo. No comparison with other, simple genius.

35 This Time

It should definitely be in the top 20 in my opinion every time I hear it and they play it a lot on XM Radio it sticks in my head for quite a while! MSB.

Should be at least in the Top 20

I like it should be top 15 or maybe even top 10

36 She's Only Happy When She's Dancin'

Not top 5 worthy, but should definitely be placed higher! There's nothing better than driving in your care while the sun is shining and listening to this absolute feelgoodsong!

37 Bang the Drum
38 Nothing I've Ever Known
39 A Little Love

One of the best songs of Bryan Adams... Should be in top 30 at least

40 When You Love Someone

Great song for yesterday, today n tomorrow.. This song complete me

How CAn Anyone Miss This MAsterpiece?
THis one Is ONe of the MOst Mesmerizing SOng Ever...
BRyan Adams At Its Best

To many people have covered this song and its very hard to look it up on utube with Bryan Adams actually singing it, it is very frustrating.

I'm a's a nice song..i like

41 I Thought I'd Seen Everything
42 Inside Out

This is one of the most romantic song I've ever heard. This is a really nice song. Should be at least in the top 20. I can't believe this song is not even in the list!

There are lot of songs out of which I found this one of the best. If it's my list it will be in Top 10 for sure.

Great song must be top 10

43 Sound the Bugle

Your right it is so underrated.. At least a few know about this.. This song helped me to cry when I couldn't stay with the person I loved

This song has the emotional makings to make a grown man cry.. Bryans voice and the lyrics truly touch you deep in your heart.. It should be in the top three if you ask me

Bryan Adams most underrated song.. Truly emotional song

44 I'm Ready

One of the Bryan Adam's I just recently discovered. This is absolute and pure magic. No other words to describe it. Having heard and loved all the other songs in the top 10 list at one time or the other, I'd say that this is right up there with Please Forgive Me, Best of Me and Heaven and Everything I do among the most lyrical songs from Bryan, maybe even better cause this song never seems to get hold. He's the best no denying it. I hope in the future as more younger generation gets to listen to this song and its deep but simple meaning, it'll be voted up there to the top 3.

I was surprised when I found that it was not even in the list//

Oh what an amazing music it is... Still green.. Still young.. Still fresh..

I'm just hurt seeing this song on the bottom of the list.
To those who ever hear this song, is the 2nd best song of Bryan Admas.
Can't count how many nights I passed listening this song.
It must be on #2

45 I Finally Found Someone

Should have been in top 10...

46 Star
47 House Arrest
48 All I Want is You
49 Lonely Nights

Classic Adams - Awesome!

Best song he has done.

This is his best song, in my opinion.

The best song ever!

50 Tonight in Babylon

Superb! Awesome! It should be among his top 10s. Gotta nice warm feeling around it!

Trance music at its best. The video is amazing. Words come from the heart. What else do you need?

2012 Floorfiller with a very modern sound like Calvin Harris or David Guetta. Produced by the London underground dance music group Loverush UK!, it was well-recieved in bars/nighclubs in London, but never charted in the Top 100 in the UK, due to lack of airplay, except on 106.9fm WHCR. Great song, under-rated and not well-known enough. Listen to this you'll be suprised how good it is?

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