Top Ten Best Bryan Adams Songs

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61 Reckless
62 Nowhere Fast
63 Never Let Go

I definitely love this piece. As a Veteran of the US Coast Guard I was proud to hear this song featured in the closing credits of the film The Guardian. This piece had a powerful message "Can you lay your life down, So a stranger can live? " Very strong and powerful question. Which every Coastie would answer yes to. Semper Paratus

64 I Wanna Be Your Underwear

I just love this song...

65 The Only One
66 A Little Love

One of the best songs of Bryan Adams... Should be in top 30 at least

67 Fits Ya Good
68 How Do Ya Feel Tonight

I had been searching for this song the last four years.. Found it today.. Nostalgia at its greatest...Was my favorite song when I was 16.. Listened to it today, and its back on top... I can't believe this song's not even in the top 5... I mean, it has the pain, the love, the anticipation, the euphoria, everything... This song is just Genius! Just give it a listen y'all.. SERIOUSLY!

Seriously! How is even this one not up there?

Nobody commented on this song?

The ultimate ear-orgasm?... what's wrong with you guys

69 She Knows Me

One of his best songs. How is it ranked so low?

70 Lie to Me

The Best Song Ever Sung By Adams

71 House Arrest
72 Right Back Where I Started From
73 Fearless
74 I Was Only Dreamin'

This song was included on his 2004 Album, Room service

75 Get Off My Back
76 Victim of Love

"One goodbye was really all it took, now you thumb through the pages of your little black book"

77 Wastin' Time
78 Brothers Under the Sun V 2 Comments
79 The Best Was Yet to Come

How on earth can not this song be top 5 for everyone? Without a doubt the best song he as ever written! Just listen to the lyrics and you all will be sold on this superb lyric!

80 She's Only Happy When She's Dancin'

Not top 5 worthy, but should definitely be placed higher! There's nothing better than driving in your care while the sun is shining and listening to this absolute feelgoodsong!

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