Best Carly Rae Jepsen Songs

The Top Ten Best Carly Rae Jepsen Songs

1 Call Me Maybe

It is so entertaining song that anyone want to hear this song millions times it has really good and amazing meaning... Love it!

I love this song. From the day I had first listen to it, from that day it is my favourite song till now. Even if I will hear this song hundred times than also I will not get bore from this

The coolest song ever... My favorite by beautiful carly rae jepsen!

Hands down her best song. I love it. I got lucky and saw her live on Hedley's hello world tour and literally everyone sang along to this one with her. My favourite song of all time. Her and Hedley are awesome.

2 Run Away With Me

Call me maybe has it's good stuff to it, but this is so good. I listened to the emotion album by her everyday (I'm literally not kidding) It's also very underrated but we Carly stans love it.

A song with a different feel to it. Loved Carly in the video.

Honestly one of the best pop songs I've ever head. Extremely underrated and pretty damn amazing.

This song is so underrated.

3 Good Time

1. Good time
2. Sweaty
3. This kiss
4. Call me maybe
5. Curiosity
6. Bucket
7. Beautiful
8. Sour candy
9. Tug of war
10. Both sides now
11. Talk to me
12. Picture
13. Turn me up
14. Sunshine on my shoulder

Freaked Out
Dropped my phone in the pool again
Checked out of my room
Hit the ATM

Hands up if your down to get down tonight
Cause it's always a good time

This is the best song it is a really good song good time rules!

Literally can't live without hearing it everyday, so made the alarm tune. GOOD TIMES heh.

4 I Really Like You

Love this song it's stuck in my head this should be #1

This should be in the top 5!

It should be number 1 or 2

I like this song

5 All That

Her most beautiful song. Reminds me of Prince. - winner333


I like you

6 Emotion

Same thing. Just something about it than gets to me, deep down. Love it.

Of all her songs, this one gets to me in some magicsl way I can't explain.

7 Sweetie

This is an awesome song it is so catchy I an doing a dance to it and all of the people that I am teaching the dance to love it

I really do love this song

The song is beautiful


8 This Kiss

I love this new song! It has a good beat to it. I'm sure it will be up in the top 10 eventually. I love you Carly Rae Jepsen!

Okay first, Justin Bieber didn't find her first. Josh ramsey did... Second, this is her best song with tonight I'm getting over you after it... And third how isn't this number one?

I think its very sweet and cute song that everyone should vote for...

Listening to it since the day I downloaded. it should be in TOP 5.

9 Tiny Little Bows
10 Your Type

I can really relate to this song, strongly deep meaning and excellent vocal performance

It is such a cool song

Her best song other than boy problems and everything else on her other albums. :))

It's so relatable to me... Lovely song

The Newcomers

? Let's Be Friends

This was her start to 2020 a.k.a. the new decade & she started her 2020 discography with a BANG! Yet it has a powerful heartwarming lyrics & of course the title. Yet it's really catchy & fast-paced, like literally one of a kind. It puts Kiss & even I Know You Have a Girlfriend to shame in pace & unlike pretty much all her other songs. I've listened to so many songs from her & pretty much none have the style or pace of this one other than I Know You Have a Girlfriend. It reminds me more of Bad Guy by Billie Eilish but with even more love & friendship. She REALLY needs to consider making more songs of this pace or higher & style knowing so many of hers sound more slow-paced compared to this. She should make a variety of such fast-paced songs with any kind of rhythm & balance out the variety instead of relying too much on slower or medium-paced songs like Call Me Maybe which is excellent & her biggest hit. She should consider making a better variety of songs that are slow-paced, ...more - SamanthaRosie

The Contenders

11 Tonight I'm Getting Over You

We're not lovers
But more than friends
Put a flame to every single word you ever said
No more crying
To get me through
I'll keep dancing till the morning with somebody new
Tonight I'm getting over you
Tonight I'm getting over you

Awesome song...

This song could be at least Top 5, or must be Top 3! Vote this people! Make it number 1.

This song describes exactly how Carly can't get over her crush of someone... Best song ever because of how first its more or less sad (sort of) but then it gets exciting at the chorus...

This is better than Call Me Maybe. Trust me. This song, it's rock, quite sad and it produced by Max Martin! Don't ask me who Max Martin is.

12 Curiosity

Love this song you rock m/

Its amazing song and its cool

My favorite at the moment. I've listened to it like... a thousand times!

Really nice, makes you wanna dance.

13 More Than a Memory

Speak to me,
You're walking closer and it's hard to breathe
I should be running, but the heart's naive
And I expected too much
You were good to me
I left a scar that no one else can see
And now you're back here and reminding me
That I lost way too much

And you know that night I almost said I loved you
And you almost said it back

Are we gonna be more than a memory?
No matter how lame my apology
I let go of you, you let go of me
Are we gonna be more than a memory?
Are you gonna just stand in front of me
Pretending I'm not your destiny
I'm not over you, are you over me?
Are we gonna be more than a memory?

I'm not over you, are you over me?
Are we gonna be more than a memory?

One of the best lyrics in the world

I love this song very much

I love this song very much!

Catchy with meaningful lyrics! I love it, definitely her best song. - iCanSeeYourPixels

14 I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance

It's a cute song I love it

15 Gimmie Love

Best Carly Rae Jepsen song ever! That beat just makes me wanna move and sway. Its fantastic and I love it so much.

Wonderful song. My favourite song for about one month.

Great song!

16 Black Heart

Like song

17 Boy Problems

This is best

18 Beautiful

This song is the best song I've ever heard even though its an old song I still love listening to it, it changes my mood and I just love singing the song itself

I just love it a lot despite of the fact that it's a considerable copy of What makes you beautiful but the song's really good! Xx - fatimarizvi

You Beautiful to Me

Superb song! A great tune!
Should be in the top 10 at least! #

19 Let's Get Lost
20 Both Sides Now

I like it a lot. This song gave me strength. I love it.

I don't mind to a girlfriend like you Carly

21 Warm Blood
22 Making the Most of the Night
23 Store
24 Roses
25 Sour Candy

I love her and Josh in this song

26 La Hallucination

By far the best of many beautiful great songs by this artist

27 Cut to the Feeling

This is the best song ever

28 Love Again

This song rocks

29 Tug of War

This is not the usual fast-paced pop songs that many people like to dance to, it's very sweet and is actually a very beautiful song if you take the time to listen.

I remember hearing this song on the radio and until recently, never knew it was her! I love to sing along to it

This song is one of my favorites

30 Almost Said It

This song is amazing! It's ridiculously underrated!

Nice Lyrics & Deep Meaning!

Best song!
So much better than the other crappy songs on KISS

31 Bucket

Oh my god. I love this song. Don't know why? Best suitable for my voice. CRJ I love her songs like bucket, picture. Good time. Call me maybe etc. Her voice is so rocking. Her songs are jawdropping...

I don't know how we're gonna build a castle now
Do you wanna start again somehow?
I'll stay until the sun comes down, down, down
Are you smiling?

32 Fever
33 Picture

One of her best definitely should have been higher up on the list. But I guess it will be after she makes it her next single.

One of the best crj songs ever

34 When I Needed You
35 Turn Me Up

Awesome song one of her best

<usic of this song is awesome and its quite catchy...

36 Never Get to Hold You
37 Party for One
38 Guitar String / Wedding Ring

LOVE IT best lyrics in the song:

If you cut a piece of guitar string I would wear it like its a wedding ring wrapped around my finger you know wht I mean you play my heart strings

Carly I only have one request: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to butler montessori in maryland me and my friends love you!

39 Hurt So Good

Good Song

40 The One
41 Sunshine on My Shoulders

Relaxing and catchy!

42 Hotel Shampoos

This song is gentle and cute! Nice job Carlyle!

I like this song very much

This Song Makes Me Cry Because It Tells About CArly Rae Jepsen

43 Talk to Me

Carly you are amazing and I love you and I am a girl but I am not lesvian, say hi everybody about me, thanks

44 I Know You Have a Girlfriend
45 Your Heart is a Muscle

Love it. Wonder why its not first. Its my fave song.

This song is amazing and so beautiful!

46 Favourite Colour
47 Melt with You
48 Cry

Definitely the saddest song I have ever heard

49 Higher
50 Drive

Cute and playful tune and very cheery and uplifting!

Catchy tune, anyone agree?


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