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461 Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon)

Wow I didn't expect him to be so far back

He is a harmless viking. - kristyrosepetal4

He deserves to be on the list - Dplover1

462 Simon Seville

He is a genius

463 Sam (Totally Spies)
464 Saddam Hussein (2DTV) Saddam Hussein (2DTV) Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti was the fifth President of Iraq, serving in this capacity from 16 July 1979 until 9 April 2003. A leading member of the revolutionary Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, and later, the Baghdad-based Ba'ath Party and its regional organization Ba'ath Party – Iraq Region—which more.

Not a cartoon character

For those who don't know, 2DTV was an animated satirical series that took the piss out of current affairs and British celebrities. Look it up on Youtube - jezza0

465 Ed (Ed Edd n Eddy) Ed (Ed Edd n Eddy) Ed is one of the three protagonists in the Canadian-American animated comedy television series Ed, Edd n Eddy. He is the strongest and the least intelligent member of the Eds.

Dumb and silly but lovable and funny. He's honestly the funniest and best cartoon character for me. He and Patrick Star are the dumbest and funniest characters there is. - DiogoAttitude

Why Ed isn't number 5 at least?

466 Gleek

That blue monkey from the Super Friends that followed Zan and Jana around.

467 Pacifica Northwest Pacifica Northwest

Sure she was a bitch in season one but shes great in season 2

468 Wendy Corduroy Wendy Corduroy

Seriously she is really cool hip clever and a rebel for breaking into that store

469 Nutty (Happy Tree Friends)
470 Tina Belcher Tina Belcher

Tina is relatable, awkward, and cute in her very own way! She can be funny like when she was out after she sorta crashed the car.

471 Gene Belcher Gene Belcher Gene Belcher is the middle child on the show Bob's Burgers. He loves music and has a Casio keyboard that he uses to write songs and play back fart sounds.

FARTS ARE LIBERTY! From his fart song in the frond files. He's so relatable and you get in touch with his feminine side too! He's cute in his own way!

472 Slade (Teen Titans) Slade (Teen Titans) Slade is a fictional incarnation of the character Deathstroke in the American animated series Teen Titans and is the archenemy of the Teen Titans, who wants them destroyed for his own unknown reasons, and is the main antagonist of Season 1 and Season 2; He appears as a vision in Season 3, returned only more.
473 Gunter (Adventure Time) Gunter (Adventure Time)

He's a penguin, he's adorable, and he's the funniest character EVER.

474 Kang the Conqueror Kang the Conqueror Kang the Conqueror is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.
475 Shawn (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island) V 1 Comment
476 Skunk (Skunk Fu)

Seriously dude? he's more likeable than anyone

V 1 Comment
477 Kimberly (Catscratch)


The unicorn loving little girl who doesn't know that Gordon has a crush on him! ❤ - Katildalover93

478 Panda (We Bare Bears)
479 Maria - Braceface
480 Carl Crashman (Carl2)
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