Top 10 Best Miraculous Ladybug Couples and Ships

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1 Marinette and Adrien

I love all four love sqaure ships. However, Marinette and Adrien seems to be the most popular one. Also, Marinette and Adrien are officially dating in season five. So it's kind of the first official ship. Yay Adrienette!
Season five has a lot of adorable Marinette and Adrien moments. I'm so glad they're dating now! I haven't seen the whole season yet though. As of writing this it's April 25th 2023. So, all the episodes haven't aired yet. At least, I don't think they have...
I can't wait for the miraculous movie! It comes out in July! Right? Will they also release the English version in July? If not I'll just have to watch the French version. I don't speak French. But, it'll be fine! It's a musical! I hope we have more Adrienette moments in it!

A lot of people say that this ship is unhealthy because Mari has such a HUGE crush on Adrien, but I feel like they would both benefit with each other in their lives. As we saw in Chat Blanc, Adrien and Mari got together and Adrien seemed so much happier and Mari seemed way more confident. Of course they only got together because Adrien found out that Mari is Ladybug, but if Adrien someday realizes that Mari is wonderful and has a crush on him, she would help Adrien be more like Chat (his real self) instead of just Gabriel's son that has a very limited life. Adrien can also help Mari because Mari would stop being head over heels for him if they are together.

AMAZING. This ship is like- The exact focus of the show. Even though Marinette goes crazy around Adrien and loves him like crazy, That's signs of affection and love! And being ladybug and Marinette are the same person, Constantly we are seeing the couple, even if Adrien doesn't show it.

This ship is wow. This is a thing and every time Adrien says Marinette is "JuSt A fRiEnD" it breaks my little fandom heart. If you put them both inverted then they are wearing each other's clothes. Everyone knows that they like each other Master Fu, Alya, Marinette's uncle in the Shanghai movie. So many people know. In the Puppeteer 2 episode he spends most of the time with her like Alya and Nino planned to do so. But when Marinette was in the car talking to Adrien she was going to say she loved him but he cut her off. I was so mad but he likes her no matter what even though he says she's "JuSt A fRiEnD" to cover it up. Ok byeeeeee.

2 Ladybug and Chat Noir

How can you not love this ship?! Ladybug and Cat Noir are so adorable!
Although, Ladybug treats Cat Noir horribly in season four! She replaced him with all the other miraculous holders!
I'm glad Hawkmoth/Shadowmoth/Monarch stole the miraculouses at the end of season four. Now it's just Ladybug and Cat Noir again! As it should be.
Ladynoir forever!

My absolute favorite ship! They make a perfect couple! But I fear that Ladybug will only like him when she finds out he's adrien. She likes the perfect adrien who looks perfect and does everything perfect! She doesn't seem to like him as cat noir, the real him, who jokes around and flirts with her. Everybody in miraculous just likes the perfect adrien which I find really sad, since he doesn't like it. He is locked up and only as cat noir he can be his true self, which I find far more interesting. If only Ladybug would see:(

THE BEST SHIP EVER! They're always teasing each other and they're just chill and cool with each other. They have those funny moments you DON'T have with the other ships (and also you don't have those moments with the other love square ships)! And in the same time, they have serious and cute and romantic moments... I'm pretty sure Ladybug DOES have feelings for Chat even if she denies it. The trust they have is also WONDERFUL and AMAZING and I also love how they're really close and.. just WOW!

This ship is SO CUTE! Ladybug denies her feelings for Chat, but we all know that deep down, she really likes him, but her feelings for Adrien overpower her feelings for Chat. And in one of the episodes, she said things would be different between them if Adrien wasn't there. Chat keeps trying which shows he rlly loves her. They would be such a cute couple and I hope it happens in the future!

3 Marinette and Chat Noir

I love this ship! Why did Andre have to ruin their perfectly good date?!
What's great about Marinette and Cat Noir is they can just be their goofy selves.
As Ladybug, she has all the burdens and responsibilities that come with being the guardian. As Adrien Agreste, he has all the burdens and responsibilities that come with being a teenage model and son of Gabriel Agreste.
But, as Marinette and Cat Noir they can just be themselves.
Go Maricat!

I love them they are so cute together. I can't even begin to explain how in love I am with this ship. I also love their mutual caring friendship towards each other. It's a way for them to get to know their crush without knowing so when the reveal comes they will relies they were already so close to each other. This by far is my number one ship and will stay that way. I think they should have more episodes together. They become so close even though they don't know it. I don't understand how anyone can not love them. I mean just look at them. They are perfect for each other. They are also each others support system when they have no one else to talk to. Like none of there other ship alternatives are as open with each other. This ship should number one. In conclusion I love they are perfect and deserve more episodes together. They could team up again or just talk to each other again. Either way they need to get their Marichat kiss like Ladynoir.

My first choice is Lukanette, but this is my favourite love square couple.
Chat noir is Adrien's true self. He hides behind the mask of "perfect son adrien". Marionette is her true self in both forms, except around Adrien. When she's with chat, this true self really shines, and Adrien (as chat) gets to see it.
They trust each other. They're friends first, without obsessive crushes in the way. And the attraction is definitely there.
When Adrien eventually falls for Mari, and he will, then Mari will finally question her insane devotion to a person who isn't even real, just a mask. They will finally have a healthier understanding of each other and have a solid foundation for romance to blossom.

This is the best ship ever! They are so open with each other, Mari isn't that open even with Alya! And Adrien/Chat Noir has never opened up to someone like that! They feel like they could trust each other with anything ( except of course their identities) and they cheer each other up when the other one is feeling down. Like in the episode Glaciator, Marinette and Chat were sad because their loves had not loved them equally and only saw them as friends or partners. Chat cheered Mari up by showing her what he had planned for Ladybug even though it made Marinette sad when she realized how much Chat loved Ladybug. Mari cheered Chat up by just by being open with him and comforting him when he needed it. I think MariChat would be the longest lasting relationship because they are truthful and honest with each other and they trust each other so much that they tell each other secrets they probably kept from their best friend. I just wish that they put more of this ship into the actual series ...more

4 Ladybug and Adrien

This couple is a little unhealthy, because they have HUGE crushes on each other but I can't help it! I really want them to be together because the whole show is about their feelings for each other and I want them both to be happy. You can say this is an unhealthy ship because they are overwhelmed with their feelings for each other, but that's also why they're perfect.

I get why the pairing of Ladybug and Adrien is underrated, but to all (Especially Marichat fans) please at least stop with the Ladrien slow burns...? I love this ship and you can't change my mind. They're the classic lovey-dovey pairing where they both have a crush on each other. Oof. Goodnight, ladybugs and cats. Goodnight.

Adrien is so boyishly charming. Yeah, he can be super dense, but... his love for Ladybug is so innocent. He looks up to her as well. He said she is a woman of class, constantly says that she is the love of his life. I love that for him.

Okay so the good part about this ship is that they like eachother. When adrien is cat noir Ladybug acts like she doesn't like him bc she doesn't know he is adrien but when she is around adrien that isn't dressed up as cat noir she blushes a lot.

5 Plagg and Tikki

"Hey sugar cube!"-plagg "Plagg I have already told you not to call me that do you ever hear me call you stinky sock?"-tikki "No but you should that would be delightful sugarcube!"-Plagg the way they talk to each other wants me to ship them so badly. I want the to kiss but how to kwami's kiss?

I have never seen this ship happen but I would love to see it happen. But it may be kinda awkward to see them being all lovey-dovie with there owners in front of them. But I got to admit, they are pretty darn cute.

Like LasyNoir, but the Kwami's instead of the humans are showing affection towards each other. Even if it seems like all those memes about Tikki killing Plagg for almost telling Adrien Ladybug's true identity can be surprising at times, its still a really good ship. TEAM PLAGGIKKI/PLIKKI FOREVER!

They are like Ladynoir and is just so cute my heart explodes every time they are together, even if is just Tikki threatening to kill him if he tells Adrien the truth right?

6 Alya and Nino

This couple is so good. I saw it coming from the start! Not to mention they are some of the best friends the protagonists could have! Alya and Nino are so supportive, loyal, reliable, and honest. They have a really good dynamic and seem like the most genuine couple on the show, in the sense that they have wholehearted feelings for one another.

They may be the sorta-antagonists in this story, but they have a great relationship that is worth the love. I speak for everyone that when they first saw Nino and Alya, they shipped them completely at first sight. So congratulations on this being TOP 6#!

Alya and Nino are like the BEST. If I didn't know how much of a meme they were before, oh boy do I know now. They are like the embodiment of the miraculous fandom and that can make me feel comfortable and feel like I can imagine walking in someone else's shoes without having to hassle and complain about how interesting it would be.

Healthy, cute, and clever. Nino and Alya go good together. Both are confident, well-meaning individuals and underrated heroes. In my opinion this deserves higher than LadybugxAdrien and CatNoirxMari.

7 Rose and Juleka

Honestly I love this ship, but to that person saying negative stuff about the ship just because it's gay - I can understand if you don't like the ship and I can respect that, but that isn't an excuse to say stuff like all gays should die. There's nothing wrong with being gay and it's people like you who make REAL people who are gay scared to simply hold their partners hand in public in fear of getting yelled at or beat up. I don't mind if you're not a huge fan of gay people, you don't have to be, but that's not an excuse to say stuff like this. Again, I respect your ship, just don't go bashing other ships and DEFINITELY don't go bashing gay people just because you don't like gay people or a gay ship.

I live for this ship! Rose is such a sweet and kind person which shows at various times like sacrifising herself to help chloe in the episode zomibzu and juleka is a sweet nice girl who just wants to be acknowledged. Their friendship is so well balanced and their personalities work so well together with rose's sweet padhun and juleka's shyness I would not be surprised if these to lovely character become an item

It's one of the only non-toxic ships in the show. Rose cares a lot about Juleka, she has a great bubbly personality that contrasts nicely with Juleka's.

I love it! They should get more screen time together, they are the most likely to be gay. I am personally a Demiromantic Lesbian, and I think that Juleka might be too. She doesn't tend to show feeling-feelings unless she's with her close friends and family. She is close to Rose constantly, to the point of almost always cuddling. I think it's sweet that the two of them are close, and they are so cute together. I hope they could get more background, even if it is a filler episode if they could give a bit of time with just those two it would be the GREATEST! I love them so much.

8 Gabriel Agreste and Nathalie

They are so cute tougher! This is the only ship that I care about. If they don't end up tougher I will be really mad- Gabriel needs Nathalie and Nathalie needs Gabriel. Like come on forget about your DEAD that's right DEAD wife Gabriel and move onto Nathalie you can tell that she loves you!

I think if Gabriel is starting to see Nathalie differently and he obvious cares about her. He's gotten rid of so many plans in order to save her and literally called her 'my Nathalie' in the last episode. I love this ship sm and I think if Gabe can stop being blind, get over his dead wife, and date an alive person who blatantly loves him then it would be *chefs kiss*

These two are perfect for each other so that is why I voted for them. But there is just one thing. Gabriel does not want anything to happen because he wants to bring Emilie back and wants to still be with her since they are still married. And you will be able to see that in the episode "Felix."

I voted for this just so I could say this: I really like this ship, but Gabriel just loves Emilie so much, that I don't think it's time for him to move on. I want him to move on, but I don't think he can bring himself to give up on Emile to be with Nathalie.

9 Hawkmoth and Mayura

This is one of the two movies/shows I can say I like the antagonists more than the hero(s). But yea, I re-watch episodes with lots of these two all the time.

Honestly as villains they are good together! They protect eachother when in need and Mayura puts her all just for him. You can even see the sympathy in his eyes when Mayura/Nathalie was sick

Hawkmoth cares for her. Keeps telling her to stop using the peacock miraculous because he cares.

Imma just say this they seem like they like each other because they care about each other.

10 Mylene and Ivan

Mylene and Ivan have opposite personalities, which we've seen work well with couples in this show. Ivan is confident and can help Mylene come out of her shell, and Mylene can help Ivan show his caring personality, but without being awkward about it.

They are already together but I just love them together they are really cute.

This ship is so cute. Watch that one rock episode, and you'd see what I mean.

Ivan gave wrote a song for Mylene and gave Mylene a skull pin.

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11 Hawk Moth and Nathalie

Nathalie wants to help Hawkmoth/Gabriel even though he is doing it for his dead wife. On top of that, when Nathalie was sick, he threw away his plan for her to get better.

I honestly could see how they fit well together I mean Nathalie likes him sooo, and they both work amazing with each other even though they are villains.

Ok, So Hawkmoth and Nathalie obviously care about eachother. Nathalie always cares about Gabriel even if it means getting hurt. She always is there for him.

This shows the most in the episode "Ladybug". Where he ruins his own plan to help her.

12 Duusu and Nooroo

I just think that I they would be really close companions, because now Nooroo is not alone! Although Duusu isn't really being held captive...

They are very close when hawkmoth found the other miraculous. They now have the same Stuggles, but can get through together. Soon enough they will be saved my LB and CN together!

Duusu and Nooroo are so cute. And now Nooroo has a friend!

I wish I could see more of them but they're cute together.

13 Penny and Jagged Stone

Jagged seems to really care about Penny and Penny really cares about Jagged I think they are a perfect match. They make me just think they perfect for each other.

Yes! If you look at the episode of Trouble maker, at the end jagged says: "Oh Penny! You're the best! What would I do without you?" This proves he loves her!

I have seen the episode which clues at this the most, Troublemaker, and that kiss just gets me every time! Definitely one of my favorites!

It's obvious Penny has really strong feelings for Jagged and Jagged cares for Penny with everything. This ship is hands down AMAZING!

14 Marinette and Luka

When I started watching the show, adrienette just made me somewhat uncomfortable because of Marinette's unhealthy obsession with the guy and how she just lost it every time he was around. I couldn't stand it. Luka was like a breath of fresh air. He genuinely cared for Marinette and was super supportive while Marinette was very much like herself around him. It was very harmonious. Alas, he will forever be the second lead...

In my personal opinion, Luka and Marinette is a much more natural and overall better ship than Adrienette with far more chemistry. Let's be honest, Marinette and Adrien is more one-sided if anything, with Marinette harbouring an obsession with Adrien and Adrien constantly friend-zoning her.

Luka and Marinette have a more balanced relationship. Marinette likes Luka - which is much better and healthier than a borderline obsession - and Luka likes Marinette and wants her to be happy.

Of course, the series will probably end with Adrienette only because Adrien/Cat Noir has a crush on whoever is behind Ladybug's mask (which is Marinette) but Luka genuinely loves Marinette for who she is. Adrien only really likes Ladybug when her positive qualities are amplified (more confident, social, etc). I would actually consider Adrienette a good ship of Adrien's crush on Ladybug faded away and he started liking Marinette for her true self instead of Ladybug. But, that hasn't happened so ...more

I like the thought of Marinette and Luka being together. I just love how Luka is so kind and caring towards her, and all he wants is to see her happy. I also absolutely love the love confession he made when he got acumatized, it just warmed my heart so much. Marinette can open up and talk to Luka more than anybody else in this show. The only reason I don't ship Marinette with Adrien is that he is always friend-zoning her all the time, and I understand why Adrien/Cat Noir likes Ladybug, but I feel like he should love her for who she is under the mask. I will ship Lukanette forever, and you cannot stop me. Case closed.

They are adorable together. I kind of expected the couples to turn out the way they did in season 3. I will say that I really like Kagami's character but I feel her and Adrien lack chemistry unlike Luka and Marinette. Luka is very genuine and sincere in his feelings for Marinette and you can see that in the way he acts around her/even if shes not around. His love declaration was so pure too. He is supportive of her through everything and doesn't push it when it comes to the fact that Marinette loves Adrien - he tries to understand her.

15 Kim and Chloe

I am voting for this ship because, even though I don't watch the show, I am laughing at the fact that y'all are shipping characters in a show for children, and nobody has written an explanation for this one, so yeah. *cough*

CHLOE sometimes look likes she likes Kim and we know kim likes chloe

I respect the fact that you ship the 2 but I don't they make me cringe

16 Marc and Nathaniel

I love this ship ! I think all good shows should have one gay ship. At least in this time period they should, (sorry Atla) I love Julieca and rose more only because Marc is my fictional crush and I want him to myself

It's a really nice ship. It endorses gay rights, the two have a lot in common, they complement each other's characters a lot, and the show is one step away from making it cannon. They had a scene of showing couples and groups and they were one of them. I'm sure this is or will be cannon.

I really like this ship because I just think they're perfect for each other, just like Marinette said in the episode Marc was introduced "he draws ladybug and you write stories about her." It's my OTP and nobody can change my mind.

This ship is adorable. If you look in the episode of reverser, you can see when they look at each other they both turn pink. This proves they like each other!

17 Tom Dupain and Sabine Cheng

In this website we stan a supportive and functional married couple. No dead moms or emotional unavailable and abusive fathers in their household! ...GABRIEL.

They are married, so why would you ship them with anyone else... You can see Tom really cares for his family, and Sabine, and how understanding and joyful Sabine is to Tom! They share a loving marriage and bond no one can ever break!

Well they are married, and they both are loving and caring, they always give each other loving looks, they care for each other.

The fact that they still look at each other in a caring and loving way throughout the show makes me wanna have them as my parents, they are always so forgiving and that is the cutest thing I have ever seen in the show other than all the other ships.

18 Kagami and Luka

Ok, I'm just shipping these two just so they don't get in the way of Adrienette. Well, that's not the only reason. I will be really sad if Adrigami or Lukanette happens, though. I don't really like Adrigami because they have too much in common. I know, that's not the best reasoning, but also, Adrien is just convincing himself that he likes Kagami so he can he can get over Mari/Ladybug. In my opinion, I don't think Adrien would be happy with Kagami. I don't like Lukanette for the same reason, they're too much alike and they don't have an opposite personality to encourage each other to show their true self. That's why Adrienette is so good because they can help each other. I also feel the same way about Lukagami, they are opposite personalities so they would be great. Luka can help Kagami be competitive but also less aggressive and Kagami can help Luka still be chill but also more competitive.

I don't ship this because it makes room for adrienette. I ship it cause I feel like Luka and kagami will meet and become good friends soon when Adrien X Marinette are dating I think Luka Could help kagami except the fact that Adrien doesn't love her. Like he did with Marinette

Because both of the people they are dating love someone else. And they do not deserve to be treated like this. I ship them because they have been through the same toxic relationship.

I don't ship them because they'll stay out of adrienette. I ship adrienette so they'll stay out of lukagami. Luka and kagami are both great characters who really actually love marinette and Adrien respectively, but they take luka and kagami for granted. Luka and kagami deserve better. They deserve each other.

19 Lila Rossi and Nathaniel

Lila can't have Adrien, No, So I would advise her to go move on in the arms of Nath.

I see them in the future, together.

They seem like a good match.

Nathaniel is a good person. He can change Lila. But I saw some fanarts and there is Lila and Felix(double trouble)...

20 Sabrina and Chloe

I think this would make sense Sabrina is a kiss butt and adores Chloe. Chloe doesn't really know how to express her love and how much she appreciates her.

I know that Chloe can sometimes be pretty rude to Sabrina, but I think with more character development this could work. Sabrina clearly cares for Chloe and would do anything for her. Sabrina's one of the only people Chloe is seen be nice towards in a lot of episodes. In Style Queen 2 she even let Sabrina hug her and seemed happy that she did. Chloe and Sabrina both equally care for each other, but Chloe is a bit more hesitant to show it.

This sounds like it would be a toxic & emotionally abusive relationship. Chloe tends to be really rude to Sabrina, like when she said that Sabrina would be nothing without her. And she once got mad at Sabrina for not doing homework for her.

I feel like Chloe likes Sabrina a lot. She treats her like she doesn't want her around but that's usually how girls express their feelings, especially someone like Chloe, she's very short-tempered and probably scared of rejection.

21 Max and Sabrina

We always seem to skip over Max and Sabrina when it comes to the ships. However, my love for this ship is unreal. I'm not saying no one ships it, I'm just saying not enough people pay attention to this ship. It's honestly an adorable ship and I think everyone in the classroom should have someone to love, and these two. Seem to make the purr-fect pair. ~

They are both nerds (saying that in a nice way) it's perfect!

Why so I ship them I do not know but I just like to ship them.

I do not know they just seem like the perfect couple.

22 Kim and Alix

I honestly thought nobody else shipped this! They would be such a power couple and I wish Thomas would include it in the show. Alix and Kim would be so cute because come valentines day, Kim would come with something beautiful and extravigent and probably include diamonds, and Alix wouldn't care. She would have brought a pizza gift card and the two of them would go on a valentines date to Little Caesars and so cute!

I ship these two because there both super competitive, and besides, (if I don't get this wrong) Kim is Monkey King and future Alix is Bunnix, and I think the power of time travel and the power to make powers malfunction could be a powerful combination.

They would be so cute together! They would have an adorable competitive relationship. Imagine if they have a competition on who can give the better Valentine's Day gift. It would be so cute!

It just makes sense, they both do stupid stuff like dares, and even though they don't get a long, they'll be able to protect each other.

23 Luca and Adrien

They're just so cute and you can't tell me that they have similar interests and their personalities go together. Luka is definitely at least bi and Adrien as well. I don't know they are just extremely cute and make an amazing adorable couple.

Honestly just wholesome and adorably addicting to watch.

I like them as friends

Yes... that's it just yes

24 Alya and Marinette

Marinette is so fortunate to have a best friend like Alya, truly. I love their friendship because they can lean on each other and give each other advice. Not to mention that Alya is a ride or die for Marinette in civilian and superhero form.

Here a idea for the writers on for new stories to try. Thank you.
On remake of miraculous ladybug season 3, Alya and Nino breaks up and go to stay with Marinette. In time, Alya starting to have strong feeling for Marinette and showing how much Marinette mean to her, even said
"I love you, Marinette."

Alya and Marinette heck no they are friends Adrien and Marinette for life!

Not the best, but they are really close.

25 ChloƩ and Luka

I hope this happens when Chloe finally gets over Adrian and falls for "the cute one that has chlothes from the dumpster " yeah right . And this could be a way Luca could take his mind off of marinette . They need each other. My only question is like how would they meet ? It's not like chole goes to kitty section practice with the other guys

I love this ship because Luka will be a good influence on Chloe,because he is really calm ,and she is a cruel person towards others, so he could teach her to be the better person. And in the episode where Chloe gets akumatized and took over Paris.She said " I don't know this one, he's cute. But he gets his clothes from a dumpster." So that's why I ship Luka and Chloe, not just because she thinks he is cute, but the fact that he will be a good influence on her.

Like have you ever heard of opposites attract well I think Chloe and Luka are the definition of opposites attract. They have like nothing in common. And that's wut make's them so good together in my opinion. Also I feel like Chloe needs some love and care like do u see how her mom treats her she dose not even know her own daughter name. And who is more caring then Luka and if they end up together Chloe will be a better character in the show.

Luka is a sweetheart and chloe is not. Luka could teach chloe so very important life lessons. And could help her be nicer. Ladybug helped chloe become better imagine luka added on. Ya! I can almost taste it.

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