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1 Voice of Truth

I heard this watching facing the giants. It's really good. - Alpha101

2 Praise You in This Storm

"Praise You In This Storm" has become my personal anthem of praise. This song has helped my grieving heart, and continues to do so through the recent sudden loss of my father. The words, "although my heart is torn, I'll praise you in this storm, " has so much truth to it and I can readily identify with it.

This one I heard the most from Casting crown songs.. - paasadani

One of the greatest songs I've ever heard.

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3 East to West

Radio says radio says lol

4 Does Anybody Hear Her
5 Until the Whole World Hears

I think this one should be #1

Sorry Thrive!

6 Lifesong
7 Slow Fade
8 Who Am I

This song changed my life. A very beautiful piece of art.

9 Courageous
10 If We've Ever Needed You

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11 Already There
12 Broken Together
13 If We are the Body
14 The Well
15 Set Me Free

It has a strong message and its music gives it a great feeling

Very deep and soulful. Can hardly get the song off my mind.

16 American Dream
17 Jesus, Friend of Sinners
18 Here I Go Again
19 Love Them Like Jesus
20 Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)

How is this only no. 21, the Chorus makes it their best song.Living He Loved Me,Dying He Saved Me,And Buried He Carried,My Sins far away.Rising he Justified,Freely Forever,One day he's Coming,O Glorious Day,O Glorious Day.

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1. Praise You in This Storm
2. Voice of Truth
3. Lifesong
1. Praise You in This Storm
2. Who Am I
3. East to West
1. Until the Whole World Hears
2. The Well
3. Already There

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