Best Characters On Mega Jump


The Top Ten

1 Redford

The little guy that started it all. He's got a long journey to make it back home - but you know he's got heart! - decorulez97

2 Bluto Bluto

This plucky fellow soars as high as his brother Redford. He may have fewer teeth but he's ready to kiss the sky! - decorulez97

3 Buster

He's the sweetest orange monster around. Can you help Buster collect enough coins to grant him his wish? - decorulez97

4 Foxworthy

Foxworthy is so cool because he's short and very unpredictable. I also get a lot more items for some reason when I'm using him.

This tiny but adventurous forest dweller has high hopes of reaching the stars. Can you help his achieve his dreams? - decorulez97

He is so cool with a small head and a big tail

5 Rosie

Feisty and fast, this girl is heading for the top! Rosie is on her way to the galaxies, just like her brother Redford. - decorulez97

6 Rocky

Streak skyward with this boosting bandit. Rocky wants just three things - coins, coins and more coins! - decorulez97

I love this character Streak skyward toward the sky have fun wit

7 Pon Pon

Black and white and fluffy all over, Pon Pon is like a leaf on the wind, floating forever upward! - decorulez97

8 Chippy

He's tiny and adorable, but don't count him out - he's a chipmunk on the lookout for a lucky streak! - decorulez97

9 Koko

This courageous Koala calls the forest his home, but he's always wanted to see how high he could climb! - decorulez97

10 Bradley

No leash can hold this terrier back! Bradley is a puppy with enough energy to jump the moon! - decorulez97

The Contenders

11 Rolf

Rolf is so cute and seems to go faster than any other character I have used so far...

12 Fu Mandizzy

This sensei is a Jump-Jitsu master. He trained Dizzy the dragon and taught him how to fly.

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