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Gordon Ramsay Gordon James Ramsay is a Scottish-born British chef, restaurateur, and television personality. He is famous for being the host of shows like Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and Hotel Hell. He tends to have a fiery personality on television.

This man owns 16 Michelin stars. The second most Michelin stars ever achieved (followed by Joel Robuchon). He has precise, perfect recipe. He is so great, but however, he is always modest, compared to his pride and achievements, and he's still reaching for perfection searches for magic in food. Yes. He swears, he gets angry a lot, but this guy does this, because he wants young chefs to know, and he "doesn't like what he doesn't like". Which is absolutely convincing. This man is absolutely fantastic. The master of food. He is amazing. He mastered dozens of cuisines, and he makes them perfect. 16 Michelins stars aren't random, nor common. It takes years and years of work.

I have friends who dined at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. They were really looking forward to it but were extremely disappointed. They said the food was very ordinary.

My father is an excellent chef. I know from firsthand experience. Every Sunday morning he would finely craft our favorite dish. With such expertise and precision. Each meal more exquisite than the last. Truly the best chef on this garbage-can we call a planet. Love you papa.

Gordon behind bars was the season of inspiration to me, from kitchen to business, this man is a genius and he does wonders, things that the norm would not be doing since it was never committed to. The special episodes of kitchen nightmares like "Mike the Microwave" simply got me hooked on his passion for real cooking, it's never just to do things for food with this guy, it's for business, passion and family. He is, Gordon J. Ramsay.

Jamie Oliver

I LOVE Jamie Oliver. He's not like Gordon Ramsay who screams & hurls abuse at people. He's very encouraging & generously gives helpful tips. Furthermore, he's done a lot for schools & the underprivileged, educating people regarding food & encouraging people to cook.

Jamie Oliver is the BEST CHEF for anyone who cooks, and for those who want to learn to cook, and he's such an INSPIRATION, unlike Gordon Ramsay who treats people like dirt. I've dined at Jamie's restaurants and the food was DELICIOUS. Furthermore, he's a very caring person who's helped and given jobs to many kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, some of whom are now chefs around the world. He has so much enthusiasm about everything he does and his T.V. shows are a joy, not to mention his cookbooks which are FANTASTIC. I also love the cooking tips he very generously gives. I cannot praise Jamie enough - he's by far the BEST in the culinary business.

Gordon Ramsay has the foulest temper of all time. He screams & hurls abuse on the show. You couldn't pay me to watch him. On the other hand, Jamie is such a delight to watch on every show he's ever recorded. His enthusiasm about the ingredients he uses & how best to use ingredients is extremely helpful. Plus he's not all "cheffy" unlike other so-called chefs. He has received many awards including an MBE when he was only 28.

Jamie is personally my favorite chef, because he always lays influence on how to cook quality food from very few things and still feel great. He has been preaching the fact that the food should be home cooked, so that the nutrients remain intact, which I quite like.

Emeril Lagasse

Always a very flavorful dish and experience.

Someone who does cook wow

Youngest ever head chef at Cafe du Mond.

He's Great!

Anthony Bourdain

A famous Chef of the Brasserie Les Halles is a French brasserie style restaurant in NYC.
He reflected that his love of food was kindled in France, when he was young and tried oyster for the first time and that on one of this famous oyster fisherman's boat, during vacation in the fabulous country named France.

I travel and taste the world through Chef Anthony's eyes.

Chef Bourdain you're definitely in my top five.

He is great

Rocco DiSpirito

Italian riots and talent? Come on? Italians are the best lovers(so my trampy sister says😘) and Rocco puts that in his cooking. And he’s hot.

Who's that? Even not on wikipedia!

Todd English
Thomas Keller

Opinion not needed! He is the best. That's it, that's all!

He is simply the best

Wolfgang Puck

His so so famous, guys. He's the first chef to be so famous that he became a celebrity.

Remember Spago's?

And he did so many charities including AIDS charity during the time when AIDS was the most dreaded desease!

He should be number 2 behind Gordan Ramsey not 11th

Should be right up there next to Gordon Ramsay!

He's clearly the best chef ever!

Marco Pierre White

I voted Marco #1. He rocks, but this list is really a who's the most famous chef list. Gordon worked under him. So he absolutely had influence on him. I hate that Gordon never cooks competitively so as to not tarnish his name. But I'd put Gordon around #5.

Just remember, this man TAUGHT gordon ramsay, and heston.. Look in marco's cookbooks and you'll notice some very familiar dishes to what Gordon now claims he made up... This man is God when it comes to culinary excellence

He is the artist of food, godfather of modern cooking, philosopher, who was the youngest chef to achieve 3 michellin stars, then threw them away... Amazing, who trained ramsey, heston, curtis etc. Ramsey is also amazing but he is second to marco...

It's never a good idea to put down other chefs, as we are all people willing to learn from each other. learning their techniques and try to critique the menu to make it their own. How do you think people come up with cookbooks?

Heston Blumenthal

As I read on wiki he is entirely self-taught. What I saw on telly he is totally modest, without unnecessary, showproducerdemanding, stupid, temper outbursts ( as we see in many other cooking shows) and unpretentiously funny, or actually... He is having fun. He is all about food and imagination. He is playing and experimenting with food to create new food. All the others just... Cook.

When it comes to creativity & understanding cooking outside of traditional methods the only person who can move forward is Heston he is amazing & no one can do it the way he does! Complete genius

He is simply the best. Never seen a chef with so much imagination. Just watch his programmes need I say anymore

Totally unique incedible imagination, total genius, and total passion for perfection

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Julia Child Julia Carolyn Child was an American chef, author and television personality. She is recognized for bringing French cuisine to the American public with her debut cookbook.

How is Julia Child down here when she considered one of the greatest chefs of all time?

Worked a party with her and many other chefs. She is a Chef and knows her stuff.

She is really good

Women power!

Paul Bocuse

The Paul Bocuse Institute is recognized as the top in term of school of cuisine, it trains hundreds of future Chefs from all over the world.

Yeah, Jamie Oliver is way better than Bocuse. Please, the only thing Oliver can do is spit in the food when he talks and burn food.

Paul Bocuse or the nouvelle cuisine creator. The Bocuse d'Or is regarded as the most prestigious award for chefs in the world.

I love Anthony Bourdain, but him and Jamie Oliver on the same list as Paul Bocuse and Escoffier is kind of a joke.

Bobby Flay

He has his own recipe for everything and there was even a T.V. show of people trying to beat him with the one dish they spent their whole life on.

The best I used to watch him on worst cook in america, if your looking at this bobby flay I just want to ask you... do you remember carla

I've met him before and he knows his stuff I'm 9 years old

He is the best ever I wonder who he is married two

Gualtiero Marchesi
Rachael Ray

She is so awesome!

Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev kapoor is also known as the king chef of ndian cuisine, other than Indian food he is also expert in fusing other cuisine with indian cuisines. He is simply the best, as he shares his all cookings tips and tricks with the viewers which are incredible

The best chef to bring Indian cuisine in to the modern cuisine. Exceptionally the best chef

He is one of the greatest chef in India, who be probably the best chef in the world.

Chef kapoor is greatest chef of India he gives easiest way n receipies to making testy food

Nigella Lawson

I Think Nigella Lawson Is A Great cook and I think she is the best I want to be a chef just like you Alex!

Makes you feel like anyone can do a slap up feed

Alton Brown

I see Alton recipes in my opinion he has the best recipes

He uses science and chemistry to make food better. EOS.

He is so awesome

HE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN gordon ramsay! His recipes are incredible and he has so many! He should be first

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Top forager, he knows what you can eat from the forest, seaside, country lanes; whether berries, roadkill, snails, seaweed he can make an appetising meal out of anything he finds and he doesn’t waste anything. I think he’s gone a bit healthy eating now but his recipes are still good and always work.

Sophie Dahl

She is awesome

Charlie Trotter
Auguste Escoffier

One of the greatest chefs that ever lived. He did so much to shape the way we eat and appreciate today.
I do not believe that he is listed below the poor excuses for chefs as listed above.

Without a doubt everyone on this list would be nowhere without Escoffier. He created modern French cooking. By far #1. Personalities on T.V. don't stand a chance to this man.

He was the creator of the base knowledge that all chefs follow today.

My idol, the chef of kings and the king of chefs

Jacques Pepin

He was the chef for Charles de Gaulle and two other French Head of State
He is also the writer of "La technique ", the most popular French Cuisine Textbook.
Nobody comes close to his knowledge and technique.

Pepin has no peer in technique and food knowledge. He just keeps getting better.

No other chef has done more for food in USA than him. He deserves a Kennedy center recognition

Sad that this culinary genius is #13. Most ahead of him here may not be anywhere near gis talent or knowledge.

French are the best chefs in the world

Joël Robuchon

Who has the most michelin stars ever? 31 if I'm not mistaken

Ferran Adria

One word "innovation". His restaurant "el Bulli" is probably the best restaurant in history. I've been in a few which are said to be better but nothing like "el Bulli" and Ferran Adria. Unique experience and unique chef!

He is the best chef around the world. If you has sometime the chance to eat his food you can be the luckiest person in the world

Most influencial chef ever, he's like Jordan in Basketball or like Einstein in science.

Perfect is the best word to describe his food

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