Best Chefs Ever

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41 Nigella Lawson

I Think Nigella Lawson Is A Great cook and i think she is the best i want to be a chef just like you Alex!

42 Masaharu Morimoto

Morimoto is the best iron chef EVER!

43 Carlo Cracco
44 Alton Brown

I see Alton recipes in my opinion he has the best recipes

He uses science and chemistry to make food better. EOS.

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45 My Grandmother

Nobody cooked fish like her. That was in the 80s. She is obviously the best chef ever.

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46 Guy Fieri

His personality may be as fake as his hair, but I have to admit that his burgers are phenomenal

TAKE MEH TO FLAVAH TOWN *hardcore foodgasm* NYAAH

47 Gualtiero Marchesi
48 Jiro Ono

His cooking might be limited to sushi alone, but his sushi is by far the greatest sushi in the world. Making sushi is underrated as it requires much great skill than other thought. He is also a philosopher, every time you eat his sushi you eat Jiro' s sushi you eat his philosophy, he applies philosophy in cooking

49 Puran Singh

He is the new budding chef of the era like the first ray of morning sun

He is exceptionaly a great chef as an artist, a scientific age chef and deep know how of history of food and the techniques and technology there in

50 Chef Wan

Multi talented, funny and approachable chef ever

51 Michael Symon

Next to Morimoto, he's the best Iron Chef.

52 Rick Stein

My opinion the best because he does not mess around as regards a small piece of food on a massive plate and cost a fortune

Rick is the best alround Chef

the best

he is best

53 Rick Bayless

If you've ever been to Frontera Grill or Topolobampo in Chicago, you know what I'm talking about. Best Mexican food ever, if not the best food ever.

54 Laura Vitale
55 Martins Ritins

The most famous Latvian chef!

56 Pier Bussetti
57 Marcus Wareing

The guy should be above many on this list I wonder how many chefs voted for Oliver not many bet it was mums

58 Stevo Karapand┼ża
59 Harley Morenstein V 1 Comment
60 James Martin
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