Top Ten Best Country Songs of All Time

Out of every country song of all time, what do you think is the greatest?

The Top Ten Best Country Songs of All Time

1 He Stopped Loving Her Today - George Jones

It is rather simple: which of the songs on this list is about the only thing that ultimately matters (love), and which of these songs deeply touches your heart and forces you tonight back tears? Only one song listed here has this power. "He stopped Loving Her Today, " with simple, true lyrics, and with George's perfect phrasing and beautiful, deep, emotional voice, is the best of all time.

Should be number one hands down

I grew up on George, Conway and Merle...Can change my mind with all the money in the world...Best country song ever

There are a lot of great country songs throughout the history of country music. But George Jones as far as I'm concerned has the number 1 and 2 greatest country songs of all time bar none. 1. He stopped loving her today. 2. The Grand Tour.
There can only be 1 number 1, and there is only 1 George Jones!

2 A Country Boy Can Survive - Hank Williams, Jr.

This song should be number one it is the most iconic country song that has ever been written

A country boy can survive is 100 times better than no1 (he stopped loving her today)

This is undoubtedly the Best Country song in every sense of the term!

I live back in the woods you see, my woman and the kids and the dogs and me...I got a shotgun, a rifle, and a four wheel drive and a COUNTRY BOY can survive...

3 Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash

Acid Rock & Country. Do not forget this. From Ribadesella (Asturias-Spain) and in all places, Johnny will always be the best.
God Bless Johnny Cash.

"David el del Rio"

This is a good country song one of my first county songs I liked

Go johnny cash man I love you in all your songs I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere in NSW near a place called wallgett and all my family and friends all know of you your the best johnny keep singing all those song and you will always live on through the world even when you pass

Amazing beat + amazing lyric + amazing voice = Johnny Cash
seriously It deserves to be in the first 10 best country songs

4 Song of the South - Alabama

She is now... Unfortunately, but Wheres Charlie Daniels at? Devil went down to Georgia!

I love Alabama! Taylor Swift is not even in the same universe as the other's on this list.

Can't believe Taylor Swift is even on this list. I like her as much as the next guy but even SHE admitted that she isn't country. Now Alabama... Well, Alabama is true country!

Alabama is the first band I ever listened to and I was 3 I'm now 16 that says a lot. And one more thing those of you that think Alabama is racist just because some of their songs you are a bunch of posers because you think the south is bad.

5 Hurt - Johnny Cash

Country music can be hard to define, and at the risk of sounding blasphemous, I never considered Johnny Cash purely country, more kind of a mixture of country and folk, and definitely his own style. If you listen to the music of Cash and maybe Kris Kristofferson and compare it with Hank Williams or George Jones, there is a noticeable difference.

Even though it's a cover of a Nine Inch Nails song, I still really love it. It is a masterpiece of country music. Definitely a landmark in music.

I play guitar at a restaurant near where I live every Friday night. Thankfully I know how to play this song, because it's requested nearly every night.

I don't think Johnny Cash is worth the hype. Sorry if he is your hero. This doesn't even sound pure country. Too metallic. Even Jim Reeves is more country.

6 Love Story - Taylor Swift

This song is amazing it's actually based on the true story (Romeo and Juliet) but she wanted to give it a happy ending and she did by saying (He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring And said, marry me Juliet
You'll never have to be alone I love you and that's all I really know I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress It's a love story baby just say yes) awesome song it's my favorite from taylor I wish it was number 1 help me swifties

Taylor is so amazing and such an inspiration to everyone who listens to her. She puts on a show at every concert and always leaves us waiting for the next. Taylor writes all her songs, plays them, and even has the most amazing band! I love her

The fact that Taylor Swift and George Jones could ever share a top ten is baffling to say the least. This song is sappy, stage, bs, performance, generic, and quite frankly lack of any true emotion. Truth is this generation will never truly understand real country music and it is a crime to let this song appear on a list with anything George Jones has ever written.

It's rather annoying when people say 'Taylor Swift isn't country' just because they think of her as pop. But if you listen to her first album, yes it country. And so are most her songs. Love story is amazing and so is Taylor!

7 I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash

It's way better than the crappy country music they play today!

It's bull crap that a Taylor swift song is above I walk the line if somebody switches from country to pop in terms of genre like Taylor swift did than she never ever counts as a country singer and Johnny cash is the best country singer to ever live and in my opinion this his best song so it should be bumped up a lot more

It is a very catchy melody, Johnny Cash's vocals, when he was in his prime like he was in this song, were excellent. The lyrics are also very powerful.

i love walk the line...even though the dance is the greatest song.

8 Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash

This song is so catchy like you couldn't move unless its over if you were to hear it playing in a shop while walkin down! Amazing guitar and Cash Rocks.. 'enough said!

Folsom Prison Blues is Johnny Cash

This is one of the best classic song ever made!

I am in love with johnny cash and I know that he is dead now but he. Was this lovely Man who. Had so many great Hits. And albums The ring of fire is the best one. !
Enough said!

9 Amarillo by Morning - George Strait

Can someone tell me why mediocre artists like Luke Bryan, Carrie underwood and taylor swift have beat this. Country music was doomed a long time ago.

This is a top country song should easily be number one take the king of country, take one of his best songs, what do you have, Amarillo by Morning

Brilliant tune should be higher up the chart

Country music isn't like the country I like to listen to. They it's country but it's not. George strait one of th greats! Love him

10 Friends In Low Places - Garth Brooks

Hands down one of the best country songs of all time, can't believe that it made only ten!

I had a friend of mine tape this song over and over on the same tape for my daughter who was 4 at the time. We have videos of her dancing to it... That's why the tape was a helpful tool to keep her busy while I got things done around the house

Thought for sure the top ten would be owned by Garth Brooks. Surprised to this one wasn't at the very least, on the top five, let alone NE absent from the top ten!

Garth is amazing and it is one of his best!

The Newcomers

? Ocean Front Property - George Strait
? Sink the Bismarck - Johnny Horton

The Contenders

11 Blown Away - Carrie Underwood

Carrie really rocks that song! I've always knew she is an amazing vocalist.

I believe Carrie is the most decent entertainer there is. She is absolutely the best.

This song is like life

This is a wonderful song Carrie knows hoe to sing! The music video is great

12 I Will Always Love You - Dolly Parton

This song totally great. This song make my spirit alive and dolly parton's voice is so strong. It is an awesome song

Without question, the most beautiful country song ever written, and its performed amazingly as well.

This song is easily better than every song in the top five, except for He Stopped Loving Her Today. He Stopped Loving Her, The Dance, and this should be one, two, and three.

Dolly Parton is honestly the Queen of Country. Aside from Patsy of course! But not many people realize that Dolly is true country and at heart, she's never left home

"You make me sad, so be it. COME PATSY! " ~ Graham Chapman (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

13 Fancy - Reba McEntire

The story is haunting, and she sings with athe perfect amount of emotion. The lyrics, and the way she sang them, can bring tears.

Fancy is Reba's most famous song. It is a true country song that was created by country music's Queen.

It really shows you how to keep moving with your head held high

One of the worst country songs of all time!

14 Where I Come From - Alan Jackson

It doesn't get any better than Alan Jackson!

Alan Jackson grow up listening to him, he one of the best around

I Love You Alan Jackson! Country Forever! You Are The Best! I Adore All Of Your Songs And Musics..

It makes me think we should be proud of where we come from

15 The Devil Went Down to Georgia - The Charlie Daniels Band

This is the song my husband and I request at every wedding reception we go to. It is great and fun to dance to.

That was one of my favorite country songs I listened to back when I was little.

Great song, both versions are excellently sung, and the story is superb.

It's a classic, deal with the devil style song, definitely deserves a place in the top ten.

16 Crazy - Patsy Cline

Too much gender bias on this list (being recognized here by a male voter). Don't understand "Song of the South" being on this list at all. Country music belongs to all areas of the country, not just the south. Plus the song doesn't represent country well at all. "Country boy can survive" is one of my favorites. Also, more recent songs like "Kiss my country ass" should get a vote, and what is Taylor Swift doing on any country list, and where is "Give it Away" by George Strait. And Patsy Cline's She's Got You" deserves a vote.

Such a beautiful voice and such a classy lady... I miss and love patsy cline to death no other artist today posses her class... She will never be forgotten... Rip patsy cline.

Patsy Cline was the best country singer of all time. No one else even comes close.

Why do the best die young?

Yes on top ten, but what about "Good old boys like me," What happened to Hank? Conway Twitty had ten or more songs better than most of this list. No use bleaching the issue it's your list.

17 Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood

Amazing for any girl who has ever got cheated on. I know I have and I heard this and it made things some what better. Carrie Underwood has a great voice you will love this song from the start if you have never heard it before.

The best vocalist in country music history completely delivers with this bluesy song about revenge.

The best vocalist in country music history? Really? So this song is actually a duet with Carrie and Patsy Cline?

This is an amazing song about what you do when a guy cheats

18 Little Red Wagon - Miranda Lambert

Miranda is so diverse in so many of her songs. Glad she is back after a rough period.

19 Country State of Mind - Hank Williams Jr.

This is my best song


20 Red Dirt Road - Brooks & Dunn

Love Brooks and Dunn. Saw them perform many times and they really put on a show. Wish they still toured.

Should be on the top. Way better than song of south. If your looking to download some country music, its this1

I didn't mean to vote for this I meant to vote for Live Like You Were Dying because it's the only country song I can stand.

Perfectly describes the country life in words we all feel but cannot express

21 Old Town Road - Lil Nas X

This was a great, catchy country track to begin with and Billy Ray came in and made it more fire

This isn't country music. It is hick hop.

Get this number 1 ASAP

Worst than achy breaky heart.

22 Where I Come From - Montgomery Gentry

Million of people want to here your voice good

It so awesome I feel it

I just love this song

23 Mama Said - Metallica

One of the best Country songs ever and its by Metallica LOL

Absolutely Beautiful.

What is a heavy metal band doing on a country music list...?...

I know this is by Metallica, but it’s definitely the best country song ever.
LET MY HEART GOOO -Great line in the song

24 The Dance - Garth Brooks

This will always be my favorite song. The melody and piano brings tears to my eyes remembering my daughter.

What I think this song means is that you can't have the good without the bad. "I could of missed the pain, but I'd of have to missed the dance." After the dance he had with that girl, she later broke up with him. He could of missed the pain of her breaking up with him, but he would of had to miss the dance he shared with her. He's glad that the dance happened. We should apply this to our lives. If something bad happens there will be something good happening, or if something good happens there could be a bad. It keeps going around and around. I'm not so sure if this is the real meaning of this song, but this is what it means to me.

This is perfection in song writing and delivery. Rarely, if ever, do the two come together. It's a heart breaker and I just started to be able to listen to it without a little tear welling up until Garth sang it to mark the passing of my hero, Dale Earnhardt. The only thing that comes close is 'Highway 20 Ride' by Zac Brown Band.

Great song, great singer. As far as I'm concerned, this is the only song that mounts something of a challenge to He Stopped Loving Her. As much as I like Garth though, I think I'd still go with George.

25 Concrete Angel - Martina McBride
26 Coat of Many Colors - Dolly Parton

This songis very underrated because it is full of emotions and many nostalgic references to the simple, innocent and optimistic past that people had years ago.

My favorite Dolly song.

Probably the best song ever appeared, irrespective of country or otherwise

This song should so be higher up the list and more of Dolly's songs should be on this site E. G: Jolene, 9 to 5, Here You Come Again etc.

27 Take Your Time - Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt is not real country remove this from the list immediately.

Worst Pop song ever. Sam Hunt makes rap music worse

Incredible, a masterpiece. He will go down in history. No one on this earth has had a first album half that magnificent, except for Eric Church. But nothing will touch Sam Hunt, except for a lil bit of old dominion.

Takes a new form to country music. Unique, but a strong masterpiece.

28 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Hank Williams, SR

Why is Taylor Swift even on this list?

I can't believe Taylor Swift is over Hank Williams, come on guys, this dude is a pioneer of Country, a legend!

Hank is Best. None besides, Hank were one of the greatest songwriters of our time. I Think it's sad that you don't value this great talent more. From a European contry boy!

This song has to be number one. Hank Williams made the listener feel the way he felt when he sang. Bob Dylan said it best when he said, "I've never seen a robin weep, but Hank made me picture it in my mind". His conviction and emotion makes this the greatest country song of all time.

29 American Kids - Kenny Chesney
30 Dinosaur - Hank Williams Jr.
31 Wagon Wheels - Darius Rucker

If you want to listen to a country version of this, listen to Old Crow Medicine Show

Come on people Sam Hunt is on here about 3 times before song! This should be way higher then this is.

Love love this song! How can it not be in top 20?

How is this not top 20

32 Coal Miner's Daughter - Loretta Lynn

The most country song ever!

She is awesome

#208... this has to be a joke.. this should be in the top 5... if not #1

Loretta Lynn firstly mentioned on a country music list at 188. Gosh, what's happening to the world of country music 😢

33 Ram Ranch - Grant Macdonald

This song is a masterpiece


Please get this to #1

#1 in my heart

34 Ex to See - Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt is alright at country music. I don't think any of his songs deserve to be in the top hundred if even that. It doesn't make since when this song is (currently) beating iconic songs like Devil Went Down To Georgia and The Gambler. Those are just my thoughts.

So true, and fun to listen to. Moving and mesmerizing, smooth and slick, amazing, no doubt my top two favorite music artist! I could listen to him all day, and would love to meat him in person.

Meet not meat shows the literacy we have in America today

35 I'm Not that Way Anymore - Alabama
36 Fast as You - Dwight Yoakam

Love Dwight Yoakam. Love how he sings and how he dances.

37 Take Me Home, Country Roads - John Denver

Why on earth is this so low? All the 10-year-old kids are voting for Old town road?!? This should be 1

This is one of the best songs ever. How are Taylor Swift and Sam Hunt above this? They are not even country.

Sad to see this so low on the list when this is one of the best (maybe the best) country song ever!

You've got Sam Hunt above this masterpiece? Yikes...

38 Bless the Broken Road - Rascal Flatts

This is a great song and Rascal Flatts does a great cover of it, but let's give kudos to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band for writing it.

Not a rascal flatts fan, sorry?!?!

This band is from Columbus Ohio (where I was born) and they went to THE Ohio STATE UNIVERSITY. GO BUCKEYES AND THANKS RASCAL FLATTS!

One of the best songs of Rascal Flatts! Really lovee itt! Such an unique lyrics! Lovee the music! And Rascal Flatts is amazing! He has such an amazing voice! You guys should listen to this one!

39 Rhinestone Cowboy - Glen Campbell

This should be number one

40 Islands In the Stream - Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers
41 Lonely Tonight - Blake Shelton
42 Play It Again - Luke Bryan

Luke your a genius don't listen to the haters and keep hour head high your a legend!

When this songs ends, I just want to play it again.

I said play it again

I wish this song wouldn't never play again

43 Where Corn Don't Grow - Travis Tritt
44 Little Toy Guns - Carrie Underwood

No! Just no to any Carrie Underwood song. Her pop country garbage should be nowhere on this list. And if I have to hear her whine about the stupid injury on her face one more time I may lose it. She is nothing.

45 White is Right - Pink Guy

Very thoughtful and deep lyrics.

46 Made in America - Toby Keith

Remind me of my grandpa #1

47 Live Like You Were Dying - Tim McGraw

A real way to live your life, and a great country sound. Tim McGraw is a genius, 'Don't take the girl' being another good song of his. Who could be more country than Tim, he optimizes what country music is about.

This song has changed lives, and if one song can do that, it shows how amazing it must be.

I heard his song Top Of The World and instantly fell in love with it. This song is just... Amazing...just wow! He has an amazing voice!

This is the best song ever! Listen to it, it is amazing

48 Rain is a Good Thing - Luke Bryan

Needs to figure out if he wants to go the pop, hip hop, or country route. They don't blend.

Rain IS a good thing what would we do without it!

Oh snap! I didn't think HE would sing this.

I can relate the this song

49 If Tomorrow Never Comes - Kent Blazy & Garth Brooks

This song reminds me to never take people for granted... always tell the ones you love how you feel and make sure they know how much you care about them...

What! THIS SHOULD BE #1! And "The Dance" should be way higher up! And why in the hell is Taylor Swift on this list her songs shouldn't even count as country! And she sounds like a dieing RAT!

There's no question a Garth Brooks song had to be on this list, and this was his first number one, and his most moving.

this song grabs my heart EVERY time I hear it. Humbles me.

50 The Dukes of Hazzard Theme Song - Waylon Jennings


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