Top Ten Best Country Songs of All Time

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181 Rock This Country! - Shania Twain
182 How Do I Live - LeAnn Rimes
183 Life Is a Highway - Chris LeDoux

74th Place. REALLY! Chris Ledoux should be higher in the Top Tens. No other country musicians can beat his songs, except for George Strait. But Life Is A Highway can never be beaten by any other country songs out there.

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184 The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia - Reba McEntire
185 Highway 20 Ride - Zac Brown Band

Song should be way higher and Taylor swift shouldn't be on this list. This is a Beautiful song.

No father should be able to listen to this without getting a lump in the throat.

Come taylor out of this list make room for songs like this! It should be higher

186 You Just Can't See Him from the Road - Chris LeDoux

A damn good song. Makes me dream of the old country, before technology changed it all.

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187 Anything Goes - Randy Houser

Anything goes, when everything is gone, You ain't around to give a damn, whether I do right or wrong, So bring it on... Anything goes, when everything is gone.

188 I'm Sorry - Blake Shelton
189 Last Name - Carrie Underwood

Oh, yeah. This is one of my most favorite Carrie Underwood songs of all time.

This is a powerful song and I love the lyrics and the energy Carrie has when she sings it. God, I love country music <3 so, so much.

190 Come Back... Be Here - Taylor Swift

Has a pop beat. Amazing!

191 Real Gone - Sheryl Crow

This is pop rock - absolutely nothing to do with country music. This list is no good - I'm at no. 167 and no mention of Trace Adkins, Tim McGraw or Tanya Tucker - or many others whose voice and instrumentals are true country

192 You're My Best Friend - Don Williams

He is very underrated because of his innocence

Doesn't matter if it isn't on the list.

193 Round Here - Florida Georgia Line

These two are plain garbage. I got cancer listening to their newest album. This should belong in southern pop.

I love this song I get to a concert to them

194 Country Sad Ballad Man - Blur

Cool song from a legendary band. Same singer in Gorillaz

195 I Like It, I Love It - Tim McGraw
196 Kentucky Rain - Elvis Presley

Obviously one of the better song by the king... !

197 Hicktown - Jason Aldean
198 The House that Built Me - Miranda Lambert
199 Amazed - Lonestar
200 Highway Don't Care - Tim Mcgraw
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