Best Cypress Hill Songs


The Top Ten

1 Insane in the Brain

Who you tryin' to get crazy with? Don't you know I'm locoo... - phillysports

2 Hits from the Bong
3 I Ain't Goin' Out Like That
4 How I Could Just Kill a Man
5 (Rock) Superstar

The only song that I like more than Insane In The Brain - CedreticFomento

6 I Wanna Get High
7 Dr. Greenthumb
8 Valley of Chrome
9 Tequila Sunrise

The first song I ever heard, LOVE IT

10 What's Your Number

The Contenders

11 Trouble

Best cypress hill song ever!

12 Lightning Strikes
13 Rise Up
14 Lowrider
15 Hand on the Glock
16 Cock the Hammer
17 When the SH-- Goes Down
18 Get It Anyway
19 Hand On the Pump

The first and favorite song.

20 Can't Get the Best of Me
21 What Go Around Come Around, Kid
22 Break 'em Off Some
23 A to the K
24 Lick a Shot
25 Throw Your Hands in the Air

It's "Set", not "Hands". - JCHOW

26 Legalize It

The ultimate stoner anthem straight from Cypress Hill on there best LP Black Sunday. Perfect song to get high too.

27 L.I.F.E.

Best song ever from Cypress Hill. So underrated.

28 Carry Me Away
29 Pigs
30 Highlife
31 Illusions

Seriously great song, cypress hill at the peak of their creativity

32 Spark Another Owl

Best song to smoke purple kush to at night

33 Strictly Hip Hop
34 Interlude
35 I Love You Mary Jane
36 Real Thing
37 Throw Your Set in the Air
38 From the Window of My Room
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1. Trouble
2. (Rock) Superstar
3. What's Your Number
1. Hand On the Pump
2. When the SH-- Goes Down
3. I Wanna Get High
1. Hits from the Bong
2. (Rock) Superstar
3. Insane in the Brain

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