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21 Nihility - Decapitated
22 Cause of Death - Obituary

Should be higher this is the definition of DEATH METAL.

23 Effigy of the Forgotten - Suffocation

Earth-shatteringly heavy! Seriously this album can cause earthquakes when blasted at Max volume from a large stereo system!

24 Follow the Reaper - Children of Bodom

This should be number 1. Songs like Follow the reaper, every time I die, kissing the shadows, mask of sanity and many more... You just can't stop listening to the music created by Children Of Bodom...

What in the hell is this follow the reaper is 13 that should be 3-1 listed please people listen to that album and say what the hell is mean children of bodom= 1111111111111111

This is more power metal than death metal just saying.

But COB is melodic death..

25 The Erosion of Sanity - Gorguts
26 Crimson - Edge of Sanity

Crimson is an album that contains a single 40 minute song that combines progressive rock with death metal. Picture King Crimson, but heavier and darker. This song is long, but never feels that way. It's constantly evolving and tells a wonderful tale to boot. Belongs in the top 10 death metal albums and songs.

27 The Living Infinite - Soilwork
28 Obscura - Gorguts

Death metal doesn't get more bizarre and twisted than this. - Caleb9000

29 Deicide - Deicide
30 Kill - Cannibal Corpse

Amazing album, well suited production, some of the best riffs, the way the band builds up the songs and add complex structure is amazing, looking forward to their next album they put out.

The only cannibal corpse album I love. EP was good too but that's it when it comes to CC in my opinion

31 Autopsychosis - Katalepsy
32 Monolith of Inhumanity - Cattle Decapitation

Great album but it s grindcore... anyway if you want to give a larger view u can consider it grind death so death - Deako

33 Fiction - Dark Tranquillity
34 Radiophobia - Cytotoxin
35 The IVth Crusade - Bolt Thrower
36 Storm of the Light's Bane - Dissection
37 Impressions in Blood - Vader
38 Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious - Carcass

Necroticism would be on my top ten. - CosmicSea

39 Here in After - Immolation
40 Warpath - Six Feet Under

Best ever!

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