Best Decyfer Down Songs

Decyfer Down is a Christian rock band. Vote for their best songs.

The Top Ten

1 Fading
2 Crash
3 Fight Like This

Official video song it every day's BEST.
AWESOME lyrics and good song it and greatest hit song it.
It. Very too much nice song all time.

One of the best song it and greatest hit song it.
Very too much Awesome band it...
Top 1. Amazing song it all time.

Should be #3. - LarkwingFlight

4 Nothing More

This song is special to me. The music is catchy and the chorus brings me alive. This is from their new album and that's the reason its taking time to reach the top 5.
My Top 5:
1. Nothing More
2. Fading
3. Vanity
4. So In Love
5. Believe In Me

5 Wasting Away
6 Best I Can
7 Desperate
8 Walking Dead

Best Song it and good song it all time.
Very too much great song and so beautiful song ever.
Awesome song it and best lyrics this song.

9 So in Love
10 Over My Head

The Contenders

11 Forever With You
12 Beautiful Lie
13 Ride With Me
14 Burn Back the Sun

This and Forever WIth You are the best. - Alpha101

15 Vanity
16 No Longer
17 Life Again
18 Bleeding Lies
19 Believe In Me

A slow song with in-depth faith. I love it.

Simply marvellous

20 Say Hello
21 Anchor Me
22 Now I'm Alive
23 Moving On
24 Break Free
25 Some Things Never Change
26 Here to You
27 I’ll Breathe for You
28 Lifetime
29 Rearrange
30 The River
31 Fight To Win
32 Dead Skin
33 The Life
34 Worst Enemy
35 Scarecrow
36 Memory
37 Don't Walk Away
38 Other Side of Darkness
39 Westboro
40 Never Lost
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