Best Devin Townsend Albums


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1 Epicloud

Epicloud is a double album and is the most epic music he ever did! I love Devin he's awesome and tireless genius musician!

2 Ziltoid the Omniscient
3 Ocean Machine

Ocean Machine is easily the best album ever written. Ever. Deconstruction and Terria are right behind, as well.

4 Terria
5 Addicted


6 Deconstruction

Hard to order these works, but none have captured me like the crushing melodies of Deconstruction - Dev not only writes the music, but puts the audience into the music.

7 Ghost
8 Infinity
9 Accelerated Evolution

This is one of his most consistent and focused records. Every song is top notch stuff. I don't know why it's sitting here at 10. Deserves to be top three at the very least. - cjWriter1997


10 Ki

The Contenders

11 Transcendence
12 Synchestra
13 Devlab

This album was when I realized there is nothing he actually wont do!

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14 Casualties of Cool

Iiiih OGGY OGGY OGGY *oink oink oink"

15 Sky Blue
16 Dark Matters

Hi Captaim

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