Best DJs of 2013

There are a lot of lists on the web of the best DJs in the world in all sorts of categorys or decades, but here's a list of the greatest mainstream DJs currently active. These are the best selling and the most popular around the globe.

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41 DJ Shadow Dubai

When he mix one song. Its gonna blow your ear dude my name is rohit singh

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42 Carl Cox

The one and only carl cox

43 Fedde Le Grand

Mostly one of the best dj I ever heard, he knows a lot. Don't forget him because he is briliant.

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44 Mehran Abbasi
45 Andrew Rayel
46 DJ Shadow

So different. He's a mixture of darkness and light.

He is
Good dj for every party.

47 Paul Van Dyk
48 Angerfist
49 DJ Khaled DJ Khaled Khaled Mohamed Khaled, known professionally as DJ Khaled, is an American record producer, radio personality, DJ and record label executive. V 1 Comment
50 The Prodigy The Prodigy The Prodigy are an English electronic music group from Braintree, Essex, formed by Liam Howlett in 1990. The members were originally Liam Howlett (keyboardist and composer), Keith Flint (dancer and vocalist), Maxim (MC and vocalist), Leeroy Thornhill (dancer and occasional live keyboardist), and a female more.
51 Basto!
52 Bassnectar Bassnectar Lorin Ashton, better known as Bassnectar, is an electronic music producer from Santa Cruz, California, who specialises in dark dubstep and trap, using elements of downtempo, drum and bass, and ambient; describing his music as "amorphous and ever-changing". Notable tracks include the haunting "Underwater", more.

Bassnectar needs to be at least top 5. Anybody who thinks different doesn't know what the flapjack they're talkinabout

Bassnectar is mind blowing and far beyond this chart!

53 Coon
54 ShyJack
55 Alvin Risk

When he mix one song, its gonna blow your ears dude.. Just listen the new song 2013, mix by him "Designer drugs feat. Alvin risk - Empty hearted" its gonna make you guys going crazy (Y) The best & number 1

56 Otto Knows

Hit bigtime with million voices I hope he can make more of the same sound

57 Mr. Hahn
58 DJ Heskey
59 Solomun
60 DJ Tumama
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