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21 Empire - Broken Bones
22 Lost Behind the Wall - Back for the Attack

Very underrated song. Criminally low at 26

23 Too High to Fly - Dysfuncional

How is this song not on the list? Kiss of Death number one?!?!?! I always skip that track.

24 Prisoner - Back for the Attack

Another catchy song with a great hook. Tight musicianship and it rocks!

Such an overlooked classic, buy such an underrated band

I agree with the comment about this being a very catchy song. The chorus will get stuck in your head quite easily:
"Baby, I'm a prisoner
Chained by love
It's so easy to see I can never be free
I'm a prisoner chained by love"
The lyrics aren't that impressive, but the music is pretty good. - Element119

25 Maddest Hatter - Erase the Slate
26 Standing On the Outside - Lightning Strikes Again

I feel you inside while I'm standing on the outside!

27 Only Heaven Knows - Long Way Home
28 Sunset Superstar - Lightning Strikes Again
29 Cry of the Gypsy - Back for the Attack

Probably the best mix of everything that dokken was good at. Back for the attack was their peak.

30 Will the Sun Rise - Under Lock and Key

Truly melodic song, includes acoustic and electric guitar tone, light speeding solo amazing vocal harmony, this track off of under lock and key is definitely one for the books

31 Seven Thunders - Breaking the Chains
32 The Maze - Dysfunctional
33 Erase the Slate - Erase the Slate
34 From the Beginning - Dysfunctional

Better than the original

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1. Kiss of Death - Back for the Attack
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