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21 Free the Future

Future Trunks' timeline is saved and is at peace, and it ends with Gregory and Bubbles chasing Goku, much like how Goku chased them in his training. Everything comes full circle. Very touching.

22 Pendulum Room Peril

This is Yamcha at his best.Tien,Krillin and chaos have much better episodes and we barely see Goku in this one.

23 Welcome Back Goku

The Z Fighters finally arrive to face Frieza only to see the mysterious swordsman becoming a Super Saiyan and defeating Frieza and King Cold with ease. - jimmy12lee

24 Nimbus Speed

Where piccolo saved gohan by sacrificing himself to death

25 The Cell Juniors Attack!

The greatest episode. 16's speech, along with the music is the greatest dragon ball moment of all time.

Which music are you talkig bout? The OG or Funimation? I hope it's the OG and if not than Kai, its by far the best English dub even the cast will say so

26 Recoome Unleashed

Recooome Eraser Gunnn!

27 Namek's Explosion, Goku's end?
28 Goku's Alive
29 Gotenks Is Born

The episode where both failed Gotenks fusions are shown. Ha ha they were funny. - SelfDestruct

30 Goku's Arrival V 1 Comment
31 Granddaughter Pan
32 Black Mist of Terror
33 Battle in Kami Lookout
34 Fight with Piccolo
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