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1 Tama

Tama Starclasic Bubinga (Japanese made) absolute best kit for the price. DW Performance Series now comes real close. Pair them with Paiste 2002's or Giant Beats and you're in Rock and Roll heaven. Harware also best for the money. DW Collector's Series way too expensive, but also killer sound.

Tama is the best drums for metal in my opinion great hardware as well

the greatest drumset I've ever played was a tama - this_is_the_worst_website_ever

Cool one. really get it..

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2 Pearl

1-You can use Pearl drums in all styles & genres, it always sounds great!

2-The hardware is the best you can find, it's strong, solid, reliable and it looks good too!

3-Very good price/quality rate

No matter what Pearl kit you pick, the quality is amazing. The Export has the hardware which never needs replacing. The hardware is durable, reliable and has a stunning finish. The shells also are brilliant and the innovation for the price makes Pearl the best kits you can buy personally. (Leave the Pearl Roadshow), otherwise Export (which is amazing), Vision all the way up to Masters has fabulous finishes, hardware, quality, shells and sound amazing. What more can you ask for? A quality kit for a budgeted price.

Great feel. Used by most pros. Best overall kits sold by Pearl!

Pearl has the best hardware.,great drum sets.

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3 Craviotto

UnREal Sound from steam rolled one piece shells - Listen on YouTube Craviotto drum set Maple at Memphis Drum Shop - these drums are second to none.

Toms have a resonance and sustain unlike any other. And the snare drums have been famous for years for their great sound and playability.

This is the best and you could not ask for better. If you want the best sound get a Craviotto drum kit.

I've owned great sounding drums from DW, Yamaha, Pearl, Ludwig... I also have owned a vintage 67 ludwig kit in great shape. However, my Craviottos are BY FAR the best quality in craftsmanship and sound that I've every played. Beautiful and yet so incredibly pure sounding. No doubt they are expensive, but totally worth every penny.

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4 Sonor

Maybe not as well known as some of the others, but great attention to detail. Great sound and stay in tune!

Amen to that brother, all one needs to know is SONOR...

Great drum set! Just love the sound, can't be beat.

Best Drums in the World

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5 Noble & Cooley

I'm not familiar this drum brand until tre cool used this. They started since 1854. I know dw, tama, yamaha, gretch, sonor. They made great drum sounds but nothing beats the original.

Nothing beats the original and traditional sounds

Not famous, just perfect sound

Love my N&C kit! Fantastic in R&B, blues, pop, jazz and rock.

6 Ludwig

I've played on Ludwig. Then I've gone and tried Yamaha and Pearl. After that, I knew I'd do everything possible to always play on Ludwig. There was such a big difference... Yamaha sounded dull, and Pearl sounded normal. Ludwig had a sharp, clear sound that I'm SURE will never be found in anything else.

Have a vintage 1970's 4 piece, marine marble Kit. They still sound amazing. Parents paid $760 over 40 years ago. Maple shells. Made in Chicago at that time, and all ordered. Still can't beat that old Ludwig sound. Hardware over the years has definitely improved. Drums have not...

Ludwig needs to be at the top of this list. You don't know what a drum set is until you've played one of these. With quality and sound, these are the best.

Greatest sound and beauty!

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7 Yamaha

I play Yamaha rock tours and they sound great... Much better than my pearl kit and a little better than my DW kit... Much cheaper than both... Bought my Yamaha as a road kit... Now I use only it studio and road!

Yamaha always produce great product in various product line. Deep bass and nice snare sound.

Best kit for your money period. I was in a band where I lit my drums on fire and kicked them over at the end of every show - for YEARS! Started shopping for a new kit and I gotta tell ya that my 12 year old Yamaha Stage Customs still blow away everything I've tried so far. My old Yami's still sing and the sustain is re-dics! The bearing edges and the shells themselves are made to perfection. I looked and played some Sonors (With all the hype about being the best quality)and it was close, but my totally trashed Yamaha's had better bearing edges than some brand new Sonors I looked at. The bearing edges on my old Yami's are comparable to acrylic as far as the precision. I am convinced that no one makes a better shell until I see and hear it.

I totally agree 💯! I to have played a lot of kits over the years some cheap ones and some crazy expensive, but my 12 yr old yami custom out performs most.

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8 Premier

Premier Signia's will wipe the floor with the TAMA, DW and Pearl Kits Mentioned here. Literally no comparison. They are no longer made so the only way to get one is to buy a used one. People walk, not run when these things go up for sale 5-ply maple with undersized shells so they hit the sweet part of the drum head every time. This is the kit that made all the other up their game in the late 90's.

Premier make premier gear. The best by far.

Simply the best kits ever made.

Premier has gone up and down over the years, but at the time of their Signia range they were at the top of their game, and the Signia kits are one of the best kits ever made, and still outclass many of the best available today. Of all my kits, my Signia is in the top 2 of my favourites

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9 Gretsch

I am a drum teacher and I tune drums Professionally. I have tuned practically every major brand of drums out there from entry level to top of the line with various heads and have owned something from almost every major brand and to put it mildly, Gretsch is without a doubt the best sounding drums you will ever play. I now own 2 Gretsch sets both of which are in the intermediate price range and I'm still waiting to tune any set from any other maker that sounds any better, and that includes any other makers high end sets.

I've played DW, Yamaha, Pearl and Ludwig, and I still pick Gretsch. They're high quality, great sounding, sturdy and reliable. Great for any type of music. The best set I've ever played, and probably one of the oldest drum companies out there. They now how to make drums!

Everything which is made of German technology & science is so quality & reliable. In the drummers' world these instruments existed long before the Japanese instruments came. Ludwig, Gretsch & Sonor share the same professional sweet vintage sound. I love its sound, the power, the attack. I salute these quality products. the Japanese drums are also good. Its because of their constant research & study but personally, I prefer the German names in the drum category...

I have 3 Renown kits-2 in different practice studios and one smaller jazz kit for playing with a trio and in smaller venues. All 3 kits sound great-as good as my primary gigging kit which is a DW performance. Love that great Gretsch sound!

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10 Mapex

These drums are some of the best drums money can buy. Yes there made in China, but the quality is excellent. Their finishes are excellent and beautiful as well. Sound' with a walnut maple shell is unbelievable for the price and they cut wonderful with a deep rich tone' that's unique to Mapex. If you want to not spend 4000 on a kit and get a kit that can stand up against DW Ludwig, yourself tons of money' and get these drums, your wallet will greatly thank you.

Always can rely on this make of kit makes a rich sound and always does it's job properly

Mapex are the absolute kings of top quality low-priced kits, their rich sound and easy tuning makes me feel like I am playing clouds every time. Best drum company in existence

Great finishes with an awesome eye for detail. Mapex is definitely the best bang for your buck. I have personally owned the V series, Pro M, Saturn and Mars Pro series kits and they all played well, tuned easily and stayed in tune. The one thing that was the same with all of the Mapex kits I've owned is the awesome bearing edges...clean, smooth and true!

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11 Dw

DW offers much, much more than other drum manufacturers. Their kits can be completely customized to your liking. Their quality control is absolutely outstanding as well. I've never seen a bad shell from DW. I definitely can't say that about any other manufacturer, except maybe Sonor, but DW has them beat on customization (definitely a preference between the two brands). The only drum kits that compare to these two brands would be some of the vintage Ludwig, Gretsch, Rogers, and Slingerland Kits. DW has these companies beat on overall quality and hardware however. No other company offers so many different shells (and NONE of DW's shells sound bad or even average, it's just a preference thing). PDP by DW also makes some GREAT drums at perfectly reasonable prices too.

DW is the best by far just due to the specific selection of their shells. At Drum Workshop, the hand pick, and hand test each shell to match it to the other shells so you don't have that one faulty tuning tom. They also stamp the note of each tom on the inside so you can easily tune each tom to that note and get the best tone possible.

I picked DW for the following reasons:
1. I own a DW
2. they are the best sounding drums I have ever had the honor of playing
3. the 1 & only king, Neil Peart, plays 'em!
that is why I picked DW.

How is DW so low? Tama is great, but they don't have the warm, crisp sound that DW offers. Plus, Neil Peart plays DW drums, so that automatically changes things! - Medmac

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12 Ddrum

The d is for dangerous.

I've got three nice maple kits one being Ddrum and I love it pocket configuration,its not as good sound as my Sleishman but Sleishman are the best in the world and I just love the Ddrum set I got my most enjoyable drum kit I've ever played and looks great too

13 Pacific

I've just bought pacific drum, it sounds awesome, the toms hit perfectly it is like DW little brother when you cannot afford DW drums you ought to buy this drum, the sound just like DW

14 PDP

Love pdp drums because I have a pdp drumset at our church. It is black

PdP X -7 FAST Tom toms sing.
Bass drum 18" DEEP comes with damping pillow. Easy to tune.
The key to all drums is your drum heads.
love the quality of the finishes. will love the isolation TomTom mounts.
DW drum technology. love their hardware.

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15 Pork Pie

Excellent craftsmanship. Sound amazing.

The best sounding snares you will ever play

16 CB Drums

Ill be playing my cbs when I'm famous

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17 Crush

The wood is the best ever and love the hardware

I love crush drums because of the different type of colors

18 RJ

Because I feel fine.. So keep calm and shut up..

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19 Peavey

The Peavey International 2 drum set is a great sounding drum set. They're not made anymore, but if you find a good deal on a used one, snag it!

Suprisingly, these are very decent sounding drums, very good for the money

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20 Dixon

Dixon is one of the most underrated drum brand. Doesn't spend much on it's marketing, but delivers quality that's equal or better than tama

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