Best ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) Songs

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41 Sweet Is the Night Sweet Is the Night

This is an awesome track!

42 Roll Over Beethoven Roll Over Beethoven
43 Nellie Takes Her Bow Nellie Takes Her Bow

Jeff Lynne's story songs are amongst the best ever written.

Brilliant song. Improves with age.

44 Alright Alright
45 Eldorado Eldorado

Love ELO, have for years and years. Mr Blue Sky, Sweet Talking Woman particularly great. So many others, too. But for sheer power and musical transportation (not talking cars, here), you can't beat "Eldorado."

46 Latitude 88 North Latitude 88 North
47 21st Century Man 21st Century Man
48 So Fine So Fine

Upbeat great song never tire of this song still sounds great typical seventies sound doesn't get played enough

49 Kuiama Kuiama
50 Mister Kingdom Mister Kingdom

So underrated!

51 Boy Blue Boy Blue

This song is on a whole different level from all others. Nothing else they made compares to this. It probably doesn't even belong in the same genre as the rest of these. It is just amazing

The arrangement and words of this song are beyond belief. The greatest example of what the world knows as "the elo sound".

52 It's Over It's Over
53 The Lights Go Down The Lights Go Down

One very under rated song

54 Don't Walk Away Don't Walk Away

Great song off the Xanadu album. Possibly their best

55 Lonesome Lullaby Lonesome Lullaby
56 Hello My Old Friend Hello My Old Friend

This was an out-take from the planned double album of 1983, which due to the bands record label's lack of backing became the single album "Secret Messages". "Hello my old friend" is a haunting ballad about what happened to the English Midland Black Countries Industrial Heritage following the closure of the the Mills and Factories in the late 1970's and early 1980's due to Thatcherism. It is a beautiful song with straight from the heart lyrics by Jeff, showing how he felt about the desolation of the West Midlands where he was born and grew up in. You will find this song on YouTube. I think this is Jeff Lynne's best composition and a true hidden gem, hope you agree.

David MacGregor.

Halifax, UK.

It is a complex composition to create, only few really gifted artists could do that. It is like Eldorado album in one song. You listen it once, then soon you want to listen it again and again. It is something what is not possible to forget. Should become a classic. Probably this is the best song written since 80s, and one of the best written in the history of music.

57 Across the Border Across the Border
58 Secret Messages Secret Messages

The video of this song became the main topic of conversation on YouTube thirty years later. Conspiracy theories, illuminati, aliens and new world order. Just watch it.

As a kid I had this on a 45, which I played non-stop on 33 to better enjoy every little nuance in this wall of sound.

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59 Standin' In the Rain Standin' In the Rain
60 Above the Clouds Above the Clouds
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