Best Emerson, Lake & Palmer Songs


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1 Tarkus

Great epic! I especially love the way the music modulates during the second part, "Stones of Ages" and, of course, Emerson's incredible playing- that Hammond going for 20 minutes is orgasmic to my ears! - Led_Rush_Floyd

Tarkus is basically the ultimate prog rock epic. Contains all that an incredible song should have. Especially part IV: Mass. Tarkus is up there with Echoes, Octavarium, Close To The Edge, 2112, and Suppers Ready. - Beatlesboy9

1971, just amazing, mind blowing. 2015, just amazing, mind blowing.

"Have the days made you so unwise, realize you are! "

Listening to this on the original 1971 vinyl right now, in a quiet place with headphones in. Legendary albums!

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2 Karn Evil 9 1st Impression, Pt. 2

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends

3 Hoedown
4 Lucky Man
5 Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Pt. 1

I'll Be There!

6 Trilogy
7 Fanfare for the Common Man

This is truly epic and my personally favourite - FredTheGooner

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8 Knife-Edge
9 From the Beginning
10 Bitches Crystal

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11 Toccata

Toccata. The truly innovative and versatile being the most underrated song ever. I can never get tired of hearing this. - Beatlesboy9

12 Nutrocker
13 Still... You Turn Me On
14 Jerusalem

This song is amazing. - SammySpore

15 Take a Pebble

The song of my life...

16 The Endless Enigma, Pt. 1

Great work, Mr Emerson R.I.P

17 Benny the Bouncer
18 Peter Gunn
19 C'est la Vie
20 The Only Way (Hymn)
21 Blues Variation
22 Karn Evil 9: 2nd Impression
23 Abaddon's Bolero
24 Tank
25 The Barbarian
26 Karn Evil 9: 3rd Impression
27 The Sheriff
28 The Three Fates
29 Jeremy Bender
30 Infinite Space (Conclusion)
31 A Time and a Place
32 Are You Ready Eddy?
33 Fugue
34 Living Sin
35 For You
36 Piano Concerto No. 1
37 Oh, My Father
38 Drum Solo
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