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21 Thumper
22 Quelle Surprise
23 OK, Time for Plan B

About laser quest. When shikari where amazing and didn't sing about politics. This song makes me sing along every time I here it. Want to dance want to scream want to sing. Then this is your song.

Just a brilliant song overall. Everything about it is flawless and in my opinion, I believe it's the best song on 'Take to the skies'!

On my top 10 favorite songs.

24 Redshift
25 Undercover Agents
26 Hectic

Their best song by far. It is so dramatic, climatic, and heart-stopping, while it is also a great high-energy song that you can have blasting from your car at max volume.

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27 Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here
28 Torn Apart

One of their best songs! I can't explain just listen to it

Amazing song, deserves to be higher

Incredible triumphant section near the end, definitely the best on the mindsweep.

29 We Can Breathe in Space, They Just Don't Want Us to Escape
30 Dear Future Historians

I love the contrast this song provides in the minesweep album, a truly beautiful piece

Once more people listen to The Mindsweep this song should get a higher position.
Poignant, poetic and it's performed very well live.

31 Stalemate
32 Slipshod
33 No Sssweat
34 Pack of Thieves

"Don't be fooled into thinking that a small group of friends, cannot change the world"

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35 ... Meltdown

Just best song ever and live is uncredible :-P

36 Havoc A
37 Wall


38 Labyrinth

I Love all of their songs but Labyrinth deserves a spot somewhere in the top 10.

Why is this not even on the list?! Favourite song from my favourite album. - sheep910

39 Adieu

Such a beautiful song its not something you would expect from shikari, but the lyrics are well thought out and it gets me all emotional every time

Best written song by far. Showing this maturity at that age is pretty outstanding

Proof that Shikari can create a strong and hard-hitting ballad.

Quite frankly a beautiful song. Cokes me up every time.

40 Rat Race
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