Best Eternal Tears of Sorrow Songs


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1 The River Flows Frozen

The most heart touching metal song I've heard! Its just AMAZING! EVERGREEN song!

2 Tears of Autumn Rain
3 Prophetian

This band is one of my favourites & this track is a hell of a powerful composition.

Not really a fan of this band, but this album, and especially this song IS AWESOME. it kicked my head when I first heard it. amazing guitar and keyboard arrangements. this album was amazing. don't really understand why everybody says that before the bleeding sun is the best album

4 Sinister Rain
5 Bride of the Crimson Sea

This is the best song of ETOS! The melodic tunes and the symphonic voice along with the mesmerizing piano... It's just perfect.

6 Sweet Lilith of My Dreams

This is by far their best song! Such beautiful keys, such heavy riffs, this song deserves to be on the TOP!

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7 Angelheart Ravenheart Act 1
8 The Seventh Eclipse
9 Lost Rune of Thunder

Great vocals with amazing Guitar and Drum work

10 As I Die

The Contenders

11 Autumn's Grief
12 The Last One for Life

The gods of melodies with keyboards as their strength, here are accompanied by some improved vocals.

13 Aeon
14 Another Me
15 Baptized by the Blood of Angels
16 Blood of Faith Stains My Hand
17 Nocturne Thule
18 Aurora Borealis
19 Burning Flames' Embrace
20 Dance of December
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