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Christina MarĂ­a Aguilera is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer, best known for songs such as "Beautiful", "Genie In A Bottle", "Fighter", "Hurt", "Dirrty", "Your Body", "Lady Marmalade", "Reflection", "I Turn To You", "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)" "What A Girl Wants" and more.


Christina is "The Voice" of her generation and that it is a fact.

Christina Aguilera is my idol. The wickedly talented, one and only, mezzo soprano who can do 4 octaves (C3- C7) so clearly and beautifully. She has a very nimble and dexterous voice that allows for incredible vocal runs and for her to able to jump between the different parts of her range with ease. She also has the stamina to hold notes for extended periods of time, with or without vibrato. She held a 20 second note at her "At Last" live performance! Linda Perry and Christina Aguilera's "Hurt" was my favorite by far. "Candyman" was just so catchy, I couldn't get it out of my head for days after I first heard it. She is the ultimate voice of our generation, and I think she should be the best female singer of the 21st century.

Christina is such a great singer, I become addicted to her award-winning songs. I love her vocals, especially when she do belting. She is, I think, one of the best singers who do belting in the music history. Her personality changes consistently, and everyone loves it. No wonder she is an award-winning singer. I can consider her as a diva.

I don't really agree with any of these old ladies, but I would have thought Beyonce is hands down no. 1 outta all these chicks. She acts like a diva, sings like a diva and is a diva. Christina is the only one here that deserved to be in no. 10. And Shakira? what the hell? she would be the best dancer outta any of these girls but best singer? oh noway. where is Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston? - Hummer09

She is just FLAWLESS! Her voice is just amazing! It is BREATHTAKING! I just love her! She is so pretty too! Haters gonna hate but I think she has on of the best voice of the generation! She is just so damn beautiful and perfect! Christina Aguilera! I LOVE YOU!

Christina is the singer of this generation. She has raw talent ever since she was a kid. Not to mention no playback or auto tune. Go and check out her live videos and find 3 where she isn't singing live. May take you forever.

No one can Beat Christina Aguilera! She is a Legend. I really love her since I was a child and when she sing, Like, how did she do that? Where that voice came from? I wish I had that voice too! Her songs is so beautiful even her Personality =))) She is a Goddess! I really really love her so much

THE VOICE OF THE GENERATION. She has the greatest voice of this generation, no wonder she's the voice of this generation. She is a great vocalist. She is not just singing, she express he emotion, the pain, and the soul of the song which is impossible for those singers nowadays such as Beyonce, Ariana, and Demi lovato. Her range is 4.4 octave, She can whistle. She can belt out a note. Her voice is strong that it can slap those singers nwadays. She is a legend. Legendary singer. A liveing legend. And I think she needs to be in number 1 greatest female vocalist of this generation.

She is way better than that boring taylor swift that thinks she's the queen. The real queen here is Christina Aguilera, she's has a powerful voice so beautiful, no one could do that. Her music is interesting cause of her voice and far better than that taylor swift girl so many people like.

It's true that great things comes in small packages, because she is by far one of the best singers to every grace the stage in modern times! She sings all over her songs with conviction and meaning, there is no other.

shes the best singer ever! I believe that music nowadays is trashy and people has been easy to please, while Xtina focus on making good music with real talent; lyrics, vocals, etc.

christina aguilera is a very good performer..,,she sings from the heart,,,but in terms of vocality she is fantastic,,,can reach the high notes,,,all in one,,,,,powerful voice,,,,superb!!!!

OMFGG! Christina as showed to the world her abilities! She is the best.
And by the way, why the hell is Shakira over Aguilera?! At least, you could vote to Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston...

Christina is one of the most talented singers of today, and she has amazing songs (Fighter, Beautiful, Hurt, You lost me, I turn to you, Candyman... ) Please, vote to Christina, she's AMAZING!

WHAT! Christina should be the number 1 she is the greatest and best singer of all the years. There is no one compares to her. How can she be in number 4. It's insane

I won't say that Christina is better than her contemporaries, but she is definitely of the same caliber. She will be remembered for many generations.

Taylor swift shouldn't even be on this list. There are such more talented women that can sing example.. Carrie Underwood and Martina Mcbride, try singing along with them.

Christina Aguilera can hit notes that many people can only dream of. A true artist who puts her soul into her singing. She deserves to be on top.

One of the most beautiful prodigy singer in this world, a lot of singer try to learn from her. Iron lungs and really good at belting high notes

Christina Aguilera is the voice of a generation, a versatile and powerful voice, she is one of the best singers that has the music industry.

It all started with Hurt; a deep meaning song with a great combination of angelic voice. Absolutely crazy awesomeness overloaded! Yay for christina - our diva!

Her voice is just... Amazing. So agile and she CAN control the notes. I like her music, except when she does commercial songs like Your body or Genie in a bottle.

She is the best! How is she even just a number before shakira, shakira doesn't know how to sing and christina has an amazing voice.

She's the best and we all know it!
She's got talent, a voice! She has it all! come on!
Don't be a fool by ranking the others!

Christina deserves to be first! Charice isn't that good! Have you seen her vocal range? Her lungs are extremely powerful.